How to Keep Your EcoFriendly Water Bottle Clean

it's that time of year for barbecues and backyard get-together lifestyle expert Barbara majeski is showing us the perfect tax to give you more time for fun in the Sun tomatoes are really popular this time of year a great way to slice a tomato is using this fresh unused comb so what you're gonna do is just take it and carefully pierce it through the tomato okay then it holds it in place you take your knife and it creates these perfectly even slices like so next up how to save time on the perfect hard-boiled eggs what's a summer barbecue without egg salad or deviled eggs and sometimes we all make a little mistake in the kitchen see what's happening here is the egg is coming out of it's shell so don't let one cracked egg splay of the whole bunch a great way to save a cracked egg is by adding just a little bit of vinegar into the pot of boiling water to speed up the peeling process first stick the eggs in a pot of ice for five minutes and voila perfect easy peels right off we don't want to waste any time cutting and slicing so we're just gonna grab this rack and we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna press it down and our perfectly boiled and peeled eggs just applying a little bit of pressure and wiggling it down and check that out so perfect don't forget to stay hydrated and eco-friendly by cleaning and reusing your water bottle just pour some rice into the bottom of the water bottle and what the race is gonna do it's gonna act as like a little scrubber and do the work that no sponge can get to and just like that it's fresh and you can use it all over again happy hosting you [Music]