How to Plant and Grow Dutch Iris Bulbs

Here we've got some Dutch iris bulbs, the botanical name is Iris hollandica, they're a wonderful spring flowering plant and the bulbs can be planted any time from autumn right through winter. These bulbs we're putting in a little bit late, and if you look very carefully you'll see that some of them are already wanting to shoot, so we need to get these into a pot as quickly as possible. You can plant them in the ground or in our case we're going to put them in pots. They are a bulb that do like full Sun, and they don't like soggy wet soils. You can leave them in the ground, or in a pot for a number of years. If you are going to dig them wait until the foliage has died right back. In a container you can plant these bulbs fairly close together but they do need to be about five centimetres deep so planting is fairly easy. Simply dig a hole with your fingers, get the bulb place it in the hole backfill around it. We'll do that with the rest of them. Dutch iris come in a range of colours, there's blues there's purples, whites and yellows and within that there's a range of different blues as well. Once you've planted the bulbs you will need to water them in, but you'll only need to do that once really, and remember that Dutch iris don't like to be in wet conditions. So after you've watered them in, assuming that the planting them in autumn through winter, you're probably not going to need to water them again until you see really good signs of foliage growth above the soil level. After the flowering is finished this is the best time to use extra fertilizer on your bulbs, this will get them ready for next year's growth. So immediately after flowering, apply some blood and bone or bone meal, or you can use any sort of plant food, and that will really get the foliage going, it will put energy back into the bulbs, the bulbs will multiply and you'll have great bulbs ready to plant again next year. In wet soil Dutch iris will rot so don't plant them in poorly drained soil. That's it for growing Dutch iris for more information on a whole range of bulbs visit the website and remember subscribe to the YouTube channel for regular updates on all aspects of gardening