How to Save the Life of a Dog Trapped in a Hot Car

and many parts of the country are dealing with extreme heat it's estimated more than 36 children die from being left in hot cars every single year but it's not only humans it's also a problem for dogs more and more people are breaking car windows to save pooches trapped inside Stephanie Glen is in tears her family was packing for a road trip when her dog violet unknowingly slipped into the car it wasn't until nearly four hours later that she was discovered in the front seat there was no reviving up even if you crack the window the temperatures are still gonna rise veterinarian Katia Lange says there are things you must do to keep a dog alive after being trapped in a hot car place them in a cool shaded area the second thing you would want to do is put either spray them with room-temperature water or just you know pour it over them and then the third thing you want to do is put them in front of a fan but the most important thing to remember is simple never ever leave your dog in a hot car experts say it takes only 15 minutes for a dog to die or suffer brain damage in a hot car [Music] you [Music]