How to Talk about the Weather in Irish describing the snow


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Fáilte ar ais Welcome back, welcome to another Irish language video and in this video I'm going to show you some words and phrases to help you describe snowy weather the Irish for snow is sneachta and ag cur sneachta is snowing, ag cur sneachta sneachtúil is snowy sneachta trom is heavy snow, sneachta trom and go leor sneachta is lots of snow or accumulations of snow, go leor sneachta brat sneachta is a blanket of snow, brat sneachta and síobadh is a blizzard, síobadh let's look at some phrases now to help you describe snowy conditions. We're going to have 7 phrases. Here's the first one Thosaigh sé ag cur sneachta - it started to snow the next one, Bhí sneachta éadrom tar éis titim a gentle falling of snow had occurred Bhí sneachta éadrom tar éis titim Our next phrase... The snow was very deep Bhí an sneachta an-domhain = the snow was very deep Tá sé chomh bán le sneachta He is as white as snow Tá sé chomh bán le sneachta Next Bhí brat sneachta ar an talamh a blanket of snow was on the ground - bhí brat sneachta ar an talamh Tá an sneachta ag leá = the snow is melting Bhí sé ag sluaisteáil sneachta den chosán = he was shoveling snow from the foot path Don't forget to let me know in the comment section some of your favourite weather related phrases and don't forget also to hit that subscribe button and you can also hit the bell notification so you can be notified whenever I make a new Irish language video Okay ceart go leor, sin é, that's it. Go raibh maith agat agus slán go fóill. Thank you very much for watching and bye for now