How to Use Cisco Webex Meetings Quick Start Guide Verizon

welcome to another episode of getting to know Cisco WebEx meetings from Verizon in this video we will show you how quick you can get up and running with WebEx meetings during this tutorial we will go over signing in scheduling a meeting starting a meeting join in a meeting and connecting to your audio and video mute audio on and off record a WebEx meeting sharing content and how to end a meeting signing into your WebEx site is pretty straightforward go ahead and launch your company's WebEx URL then select the sign-in button in the top left go ahead and enter in your username followed by your password once that is entered go ahead and select login you're now on your WebEx site first let's select the schedule meeting icon from your WebEx homepage you should see a scheduled meeting pop up the scheduled meeting you will need to enter in the topics that then set a date and time you once you've completed that you will then need to add in your attendees go ahead and type in the attendees email addresses select schedule at the bottom your scheduled meeting will now appear available in your WebEx home page Sardinia WebEx meeting is pretty straightforward you can actually start one directly from your personal room by selecting the start icon at the bottom of your image this will automatically start the meeting and you can wait until your attendees join to join a meeting all you need to do is from your WebEx page select one of the upcoming meetings once there you're gonna select the joint icon and this will start your meeting once you've started your meeting you're going to get prompted to go ahead and enter in your audio and video connections this is simply selecting the audio and video that's preset it for you and then once there you're automatically into your meeting turn your mic on and off is easy simply select the mic button from your toolbar to turn it on and off to record our meetings select a record icon from your menu bar during the meeting you can stop or pause the meeting at any time you may also need to share content simply select the share icon from the menu bar then select the content that you would like to share this content will be then viewable by everybody by all your participants within your WebEx once you're done simply select the stop sharing button at the top to end a meeting simply select the end meeting icon then select end meeting this concludes our quick start guide for WebEx from Verizon if you have any questions you can visit Verizon Enterprise comm / WebEx support