How to View Historical Imagery on Google Earth

you hello learning birdies this is mr. beat this is my sixth video about the basics of Google Earth in this video we're just going to look at historical imagery this is basically how you can view historical imagery to see how places have changed over time by default Google Earth displays the best available imagery so we're going to have to actually activate historical imagery to see it so first of all choose location I'm going to choose Overland Park Kansas my current city of residence quick search the reason why I am choosing Overland Park is because it's one of the fastest growing cities in the United States the second fastest growing city in Kansas and you can see how quickly it changed over time so you want to go up to the toolbar menu click view and you want to make sure that historical imagery is checked what that does is it automatically shows you a satellite view of the area here in the upper left hand corner is a clock icon in the toolbar you can date all the way back to 1990 to see images of what this area look like right now it's automatically hit the current year 2015 so we're going to zoom into an area of Overland Park that has grown significantly in the past 15 years which is the southern part of Overland Park so we're just going to zoom in closer here so you can see the better right in the heart of suburbia okay so this is Overland Park as of June of 2015 we're going to go back to 1991 and then slide it over to travel back in time and then you can go ahead and click this to travel forward in time you you can see how it is quickly changed how all those new subdivisions are built over time there you go so you can do this with any location there are some years that are left out because they just don't have the satellite imagery and it depends on what location you go to but some locations you can go even further back than the 90s let's just try another location here Denver Colorado search yeah in some places like Denver Colorado you can go all the way back to 1937 and you can see what it looked like back then but you can only zoom in so far and it looks like it's only down here that you see so that the green areas that means that they don't have that imagery available all right in the next video we're going to look at the 3d terrain option on Lord thanks for watching learning birdies