How to add Subtitles to your videos Movies Tv Shows Anime etc


Muhammad Amjad


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Hi. This is Amjad. In this video, we are going to talk about: How to add Subtitles to your videos, whether it is a movie, tv show, anime or anything else. There are two ways to do that. One from a website and other from an app (that’s available for both Mac & PC). I’ll show you both the ways. So, let’s get started. I’m taking this video of Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice as an example. It’s not an actual movie though, just a test video. Let’s go back to our browser and go this [link is available in the description]. Once you are there, before searching for the movie. Select the language you want. In my case, that’d be English. Just type in the name of the movie and click on the search result. Then find the subtitle you want to use for your movie. click on it. uncheck the ‘Use Open Subtitles Download Manager’ and click download. Once downloaded, just place the subtitles in the folder with your movie. Make sure name of the video file and name of the file matches. You can rename the subtitle file to the name of the video file. That’s all for the method number one. Let’s talk other method. Another method: There’s one paid app, called subtitles. Go to It’s available for both Mac and Windows. Download it and install it. I have already installed it. Open the app and drag the video file to the app and it will download the subtitle automatically for you. That’s it :) if you like this video, please like and subscribe my channel and leave the comment on what type tutorials you would like to see in future and I will make the video for you guys. Please leave the comment down below Thank you very much.