How to be Positive Buddhist Meditation

okay from everybody this afternoon to be positive gives him instructions on how to be positive and so I think it's important to start by clarifying how important it is to be positive because whether or not we're able to to lead a problem-free and happy life depends entirely upon our ability to be positive so it's an important topic we've really got to try and nail this if we are to succeed in leading a happy life a life is free from problems now the reason why it's essential that we develop a positive mind is because life is getting more difficult externally conventionally if you like everything around us is becoming more degenerate although there are a lot more time-saving devices and things that should be reducing our problems if you check you'll find that actually our problems are increasing our difficulties are increasing there are more things to worry about now then there has ever been before such as whether or not someone has left you a message on your facebook these sort of problems didn't exist before you know for example what we've seen recently introduced well in Australia maybe they've been around for a long time but certainly recently in Australia are these Android phones we heard of these Android phones and iPhones so I've got one of these yeah and before I had one I used to check my emails you know that old-fashioned technology email and here's old-fashioned television even my own family my sisters they say we don't use email anymore come on but of course we're part of the modern ages you know modern Buddhism we need to know what's happening in society we need to try and use modern inventions to help us to flourish Dharma to help people to be happy however before I was the owner of an android phone my life is much more peaceful than it is now I'd set aside say an hour in the morning for checking emails and stuff like this and then I would address all the emails reply to the emails and then I just go about my business whether it be distributing some flyers or teaching or doing some work and much more peacefully but then I want to cap your plan and the time came for a renewal of the phone and I got one of these Android phones I thought this is brilliant this is going to solve a lot of problems you know so immediately I set up my Gmail because there's a little icon for Gmail put on my gmail details in there and then I set up my my arty email the center email in there he did all sorts of things and then before long I found my life getting more difficult because the thing would just beep and vibrate and buzz and bounce and all day long so this sort of time-saving problem reducing device actually started to make my life more complicated and difficult so how did I respond to it the way I should have responded to it is by turning the whole lot off but the way I actually responded to it was to try and do things quicker with a slightly more intense mind of course at the moment it's switched off and I'm much happier so in the world that we live in everything is geared up so what if you check carefully to to the experience of more difficulties every new invention seems to invite further difficulties but I'm not just going to talk about modern inventions life in general is difficult like normal life is difficult I think I said earlier that one of the problems we face is just simply waking up in the morning when the alarm goes off it's the first difficulty of the day now look if we can't learn to develop a peaceful positive mind in the face of these so-called difficulties what kind of life have we got before us what kind of life are we going to to have because they're not going to get any these difficulties are not going to dissolve are they they're not going to disappear we know that as we continue through the journey of our life more problems are going to come regardless as to whether or not you've got an Android phone life is going to get difficult you could spit you could avoid like my parents you can avoid technology but it won't make your life any more peaceful and happy because we're kind of geared up this body and everything we bring into this life is kind of geared up to cause us difficulties problems it's one of the functions of our close family as well as now to give us difficulties in problem so in them in modern Buddhism our founder I guess Shaquille saying venerable geshe-la saying yet so he's identified this fortunately for the people of this world and on the preface the first page of actual text he says if we were to respond to a difficult situation with a positive or peaceful mind they would not be problems for us now I explained before it he's not saying if we learn how to be more patient those inherently difficult people will be less of a problem for us he's not saying if we were a little bit more peaceful the problems of other difficulties in life would be less hard to cope with he's saying they wouldn't be there anymore that's what he's saying I mean he's indicating something which I'm going to come to I think he's indicating something problems arise he goes on to say only if we respond to difficulties with a negative state of mind so so just to sort of summarize where we're up to so far we have a life that invites difficulties that's what part of being human is from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed and then when we're dreaming about probably Facebook or Android phone difficulties are coming but whether they are problems or not whether our quality of life is affected or not depends entirely upon whether we're responding with a peaceful positive mind or negative mind conclusion we need to be positive we need to develop a positive mind how will we achieve this positive mind firstly we have to believe what Buddha says when he says everyone can develop a positive mind but we have to believe that we can we can do it we can develop a positive mind and not think I could develop a positive mind if you know this I'll be happy when mind you know I'll be happy when I get this new release of the iPhone and which I don't know what version it's up to now I'll be happy when I can get some internet access because my inbox is going to be full they'll be faced there'll be people out there in facebook world who worried about me because I haven't updated my status for at least 13 minutes sometimes I wondered do people really care I don't know or do they just want you to look at their photos it seems like this is whole online thing where people think everybody else cares about them looks like a kind of creator of more problems isn't it I hopefully I upload all these images and all should receive a lot of comments on how interesting exciting and fascinating my photos and my life actually are and maybe just the ones who feel obliged and under duty respond to them that they were the quick very nice v-v nice pic pic because to actually write real words just going to take far too long isn't so this is got to go this I'll be happy when mind why because our ability to be positive depends upon understanding our mental processes okay developing our wisdom trying to learn a little bit more about what's going on in our mind okay so this is the first point we got to start now all of us can do it and we start now how do we get started second point we begin to observe how our mind responds to the so-called difficulties this is the first point we got to just start to have a look at what's going on so try out tomorrow morning when your alarm goes off tomorrow morning okay I deserve how you immediately feel how do you feel anything anything strange happening any strange feeling are you happy are you one of these morning people he's rare morning people they um or do you think as you start to ascend the various blissful levels of consciousness do you become increasingly unhappy and so you suddenly remember me and all my problems and how wonderful it was when I was in deep slumber and have I got any milk and so on and so forth you know I felt I hang on this is ah this is a this is a difficulty facing the morning is a difficulty how am i responding to this difficulty ah unpleasant feeling there's an unpleasant feeling arising that's my problem okay so this is wisdom this is the beginning of wisdom now it's the next thing we need to do in our journey to being positive all the time is to realize it had nothing to do with the alarm going off it had nothing to do with there being only soy milk and not cow's milk available it had nothing to do with Eddy disturbing people or difficult people in our life it it didn't have anything to do with my my problem was this fear feeling then came up and with it are now in the process of paying attention to what's occurring in our mind we're developing a bit of space between the so-called cause of our problem and the actual experience which we're beginning to think hey maybe it's not my alarm maybe it's not this person my job and so on maybe it's in my mind in how to solve our human problems geshe Cal saying says the most the most these external things can do the most okay like not in some cases the most external things can do is trigger the potential we already have to develop unpleasant feelings that's all they can do he also says that in the process of observing this we start to gain some control over am I just observing we start to realize hang on this isn't the end of the world this is just a feeling that's like it's good or come and it'll go like a wave on the honor on the seafront sometimes it eps sometimes it float is that right herbs and flows that right sometimes it the feeling arises and sometimes it just returns back to the vast space of my mind doing no damage whatsoever in fact if you try to look for it you wouldn't find it anyway it's it's like an illusion in the process of observing this illusion like feeling within the mind whilst forgetting a little bit about what we thought was the problem sort of temporarily we come in a piece again venerable geshe-la says that by observing in this way we start to develop some special insights and positive qualities by accepting in this way observing and accepting these feelings in this way we develop special insight and positive qualities we start to think I'm in control of my mind as a result we can become fearless you know in the beginning we're just accepting the alarm going off our twin annoying person next door whatever but if we get into the swing of this there will be nothing that can damage our inner peace positive state of mind happiness will become so good at observing what our minds doing and controlling our feelings will become free we will be able to live a fearless life anxiety free life in the knowledge that there is nothing that can really damage our happiness of course it's going to take some time but we can start this today taught me gain this confidence what happens we start to look around at the things in our world in a whole new way we think is that a bad thing or is it a good thing again geshe describes the mind that's able to accept this way as as being as stable as a mountain and as calm as the depths of an ocean if it took a difficult person to get that experience of mind then we have to appreciate that they came into our life if the mind of acceptance is as stable as as a mountain and as calm as the depths of an ocean then I say we need something to cept we need something to show us what's happening in our mind so that we can be free fearless and without anxiety so now we got the basis of being able to transform anything into that which makes us happy anything of course in the beginning we're learning and I only have a few minutes but you can see that what we have know the beginnings of a dynamic and enjoyable and powerful spiritual life spiritual path that will lead us to everlasting happiness that's something to be positive about isn't it imagine waking up thinking today there will be nothing that has the power to damage my peace and happiness it will be a good day it opens the door to so much to so much we begin to think well you know what whatever is happening in my life I can transform by changing my mind in universal compassion subtitle inspiring solutions for difficult times geshe says adverse conditions are mere imputations by conceptual Minds that label them adverse they do not exist inherently difficult person conventionally difficult person good thing or bad thing well if we want a mind as stable as a mountain unless and as calm as the depths of an ocean very good thing when our understanding of this becomes firm the difficulties we meet will no longer cause anxiety and frustration excuse me in frustration or interrupt our practice our spiritual practice for example suppose there are two people who suffer from the same disease one transforms the affliction into a positive spiritual practice while the other does not as a result of his or her positive attitude the former will remain calm and cheerful over the time even when in severe pain and this may even help him to recover from his sickness but the latter will only become depressed and anxious and this attitude may worsen his condition okay so the the basis of this ability to be able to transform everything that's occurring in our life is to realize that I need to think in ways that keep my mind at peace you understand becoming an inner being like this so just to summarize how to be positive one everybody can be positive because it's not about what we have or don't have it's about understanding our mind - what do we need to do increase our wisdom by observing the ebbing and flowing of our feelings when facing different situations in order to get some equilibrium equilibrium some space and instead of becoming like a puppet on a string we become more aware of what our mind is doing rather than what external things are there then don't panic if an unpleasant feeling comes it's an illusion we can't even find it as a result of seeing this it will rejoin the vast space of our mind our heart will fill with joy at how we solved our own problem and then and only then if necessary we can solve the external problem as well if it still exists okay thank you very much thank you