How to find the best keywords for your mobile app ASO

hello this is Vanessa Streck welcome to this module called how to find the best keywords for your app where I'll explain you the importance of keywords for App Store optimization when you're done when the app engine is in the store I'll have the answer there are more than two million apps in the stores and you don't want to be lost I suppose that you all know are wondering can I really do something to stand out and make money with my abs the answer is yes oniony to achieve is exposure and conversions took strange words that will help you get downloads and earnings from your app in the store let me explain your meaning exposure is how many times your app is visible in the store conversion is out of them how many people have downloaded your app how can improve your app exposure without good communication and how can improve your app conversions without good design and you can only get exposure and conversions if you invest in promoting Europe one way of promoting your app is by doing App Store optimization that means improving your app name up icon app screenshots app description app reviews and app keywords you can also promote your app outside the store with a web page social media strategy vert icing or PR campaigns today we are going to focus on the app keywords and you'll see why keywords can improve your app findability and improve your app exposure which means the drunk also improves so in people searches your app appears in the first results the higher the ranking of your app the more downloads it gets so keywords help you to boost the downloads and sales of your app let's see where we can use the keywords so we can achieve better downloads first of all we use them in the store on one side the Apple store only let you introduce 100 character of keywords on the other side we don't have such a nice base in Android store so we can use keywords in for example the app name introducing keywords in the app name can improve your position in average from 80 to 100 spots so instead of calling for example an app documents to go we should introduce also the keyword office since many people will look in the store any app that can be used as the desktop Microsoft Office in Android stores only we can also use keywords in the app description and it will affect positively enough in Europe rank improving from 1 to 20 spots don't repeat more than 5 times the same keyword in the description thinking that this strategy will help you Google punishes this action use keywords in description without abusing so we've seen that we can use keywords in the store in the app name and in the app description and if these keywords are standing keywords our app rank will improve considerably and so the downloads and sales of our mobile app will increase let's see how we can find good keywords it is recommended to start by making them up use your imagination and think about the words that people may use to look for your app then brainstorm with some colleague since group creativity always bring us surprises don't forget to do some research and benchmark among your competitors to see if there are using interesting keywords that you may also use don't forget to use professional tools to find the best keywords why because we search in a different way in mobile than in our desktop I like add codes application because they should just relevant and useful information however they are only available for the Apple App Store if you have Android apps you can use mobile dev HQ instead let's see how we can use app codes application to improve our keywords in this case I want to improve the keywords for let's basket up a statistics basketball app that allows you to track all the from all your basketball matches so a keyword will be related to the subject the first thing we have to do to start working with up codes is importing our app let's copy and paste the link of our itunes URL we have also to choose in which store we want to improve our keywords in this case I want to improve the position for the United States tour then we have to paste at least five keywords that we have made up and click Submit now we are in the main page of up codes the first things we see is the app title as I mentioned only add name can be up to 255 characters but only 25 for visible we decided to introduce more words they add as keywords if our app is already in the store we can paste our current keywords here in the main area of up codes we can see the analysis the keywords that we have pasted before the most important columns are the first one count which accounts for the competition for the keywords selected and popularity which indicates how many people are looking for the search query selected the competition should below and the popularity should be high so the best keywords are those with low competition and high popularity I prefer to start by deleting those keywords that are in popular and then will find those that have no competition so the first ones are not popular at all so this one is not popular it is also important to know the competition for a given key or to know these let's click on a keyword with a high competition for example playbook we see that in the right side of app codes appears delicious competing apps we have to take a special account for those in the first page with probably our dose with the ski words so we follow some of these competitors we can also try to search as we were in the app store observe the results which competitors appear well we see that most of them are related to our subject so they are our competitors we can fold them to see the revolution and see the exact keywords that they are using but how can we know the exact keywords that they are using in the competitors area we see all the competitors that we follow up code not only suggest the keywords that these competitors are using in their app description and names but also those keywords that they are using in their iTunes keywords we have to consider the suggestions I repeat the process once and again the keyword search is not a one-time job we should keep trying and reiterating the process once and again and then we have high value keywords and remember that we should at least repeat the keyword search every time that we launch a new version of our app to sum up I would like to recall you that to make your app to stand out it's important invest at least the same resources in development and promotion good keywords can increase your brand position and consequently the visibility of Europe there are different ways to search these keywords and we've seen some of them keyword search is not one time job we should do it every time we launch a new version of our our app always remember good keywords don't translate directly into its sales thank you very much for your attention and if you have any question don't hesitate to contact me by email or Twitter