How to get girls


Kezia noble


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hey guys it's Nicosia the world's leading female hip-hop coach now I wanted to ask a question I get asked quite a lot by both men and women it often asked me why is there such a demand now of the pickup coaches and videos about attracting women and books and courses and so on when twenty years ago men just seemed to get on with it they didn't have any of this advice and men did very well I'm 20 30 40 years ago and I heard an idea in my head but I thought let me just do some research before I answer it did my research thought about it spoke to some people about it and of course my rough idea by hadith beginning with absolutely right this is the answer now in the last I would say 50 years there has been a huge revolution women are now more successful than ever we have more power whether it's sexually at home in the workplace but especially in the media we have a lot a lot of power now and obviously our point of view that is fantastic and I am so so happy about that and it's about time women started calling the shots I would say but of course with everything there's a downside and the downside here is that men are actually more confused than ever about women suddenly they told that they shouldn't be acting alpha that they should be acting like wimps that they should be acting like big girls blouses that they should respect a woman that they shouldn't respect women having told all this different stuff in the median it's nothing completely confused and not only that but the female role models are getting stronger and stronger and stronger you know like we've got Madonna we've got world female leaders you know England have one of the toughest toughest strongest alpha leaders and it was a woman in terms of celebrity culture I mean it's it's it's absolutely huge the women are becoming so alpha so strong and like I said that's great but on the flip side if you look at the men's role models they're becoming more more weaker becoming so much more beta I don't want to say any names now I'll put a few pictures at the end and you can can make up your mind who they are the men 20 30 40 years ago their role models were for lack of a better word men you had Oliver Reed Richard Burton Richard Harris Cary Grant Winston Churchill be the leaders them were were men it would really strong men I mean now if you look at some of the politicians that we haven't some of the leaders of it they're you know I I know women much more bulletins than they will ever have it's quite pathetic really they used to be you know Clark Gable Frank Sinatra these will all out for strong men Sean Connery you know even the James Bond Allen getting even now the James Bond characters are getting more more effeminate you could say less alpha so this is the big problem here that there's been a complete shit and not only that but unfortunately the role model cement also you've got this these two extremes now you've got either very betta men that women openly laugh at and bully or you've got the extreme other case which is jobs and and gangster rappers and this is like extreme kind of violent alpha and there's nothing in between there's no more real men left with these guys to look up to I mean there's one two but but it's far and few between so I think that this is this is a huge reason I think why guys now have to actually pay and come on courses such as PUA training and buy books to be told for sure that they have to act like a man I know it's not very popular to say that but a man must be a man in certain situations and sometimes they need to hear a woman like me say that to them so I just had to get back it out in the open guys okay if you have any more questions feel free to ask me on my myspace page or my facebook and don't forget to buy the book when you make chemistry instead [Music] you