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- You asked me to do more videos on boosting male fertility, so let's get on with it. (upbeat music) Hello, lovelies, and welcome to another one of my videos, in which we'll be talking about how to improve the quality of sperm, and while I would always recommend to seek out tailored and individualized homeopathic treatment, there are a couple of things you can start doing this week to improve the quality of sperm. Whether that's you supporting your husband or whether you're a dude watching this, these are tips you're not going to wanna miss out on because they're going to make a big difference, and when we're talking about the quality of sperm, we're talking specifically about morphology and motility, and motility is the way that the sperm moves because it needs to travel to the egg, and morphology, we're talking about the shape of the sperm because it needs to be the right shape in order to merge with the egg and to move the right direction. If it has two tails or no tails or two heads, that's a bit of an issue (chuckles). So basically, when we're talking about quality and we're talking about morphology and motility, we are talking about the DNA and the RNA of the sperm, and the tips we're going to be talking about today are aimed exactly at that. Now, before we get into the rest of the video, it's important to know for you how long spermatogenesis takes. Spermatogenesis is the maturation of the sperm, and yes, while there can be new sperm every day, several times a day, in comparison to having one egg every month for a woman, it does take quite a while for the sperm to be formed, and the opinions kind of vary for some reason on how long this takes, but it's somewhere between 60 and 74 days, and there're even scientists that say that it takes up to 120 days, which is just as long as it takes for an egg to be matured from the tiniest follicle until the full egg. So this is good to know because then you understand that there is no point to just be trying these things for a week or two weeks or even a month. You're really going to want to try this for at least two to three months. So if, as a couple, you intend to improve both sperm and egg quality, that's actually fantastic. You can take a three-month period to really focus on that, and this is exactly why my fertility plans start at three months. I don't do anything less than that. Yes, I do on fertility assessments, but it starts at three months, and that is just because of this process. All right, enough babbling. Let's talk about what you wanna do. So first, let's talk about having an optimal level of hormones. We want enough testosterone, which is produced by the testes. We want enough LH and FSH, which is also produced by women to mature an egg and to release it, but it's the same for guys, and this is produced by the anterior pituitary gland, and making sure that your hormone levels are at an optimal level doesn't just apply to the quality. It also applies to the quantity of sperm, and what I find with guys when I speak to them in the fertility assessments or when I monitor them throughout treatment is that so many men struggle with adrenal issues just as women do. They are working hard. They are also playing hard. Then they don't sleep enough. They go out party, or they are gaming at night, or they are taking care of chores. So I find that a lot of guys and even young guys are actually really quite exhausted. They seem to come out of school exhausted. So if your adrenal health is suffering, then your fertility will suffer for sure because there's no difference between men and women for that matter. So if you think you might be struggling with your adrenal health, if you feel tired a lot, if you have first lost a lot of weight and then you have gained it and you're not losing it, if you're feeling very tired, if you're feeling very stressed out, also a big red flag is if you are having trouble to keep an erection or your libido is just quite low, you're not really into it, you'd rather just zonk out on the couch, dude, that's not healthy. That means something's really up with your adrenals, and you need to start taking care of them ASAP. I've got a couple of videos and blog posts on that already. I'll make sure to link those in the cards up here as well as in the description. Obviously, the most important thing you're going to wanna have to take care of when it comes to your adrenal health is sleep. Make sure to prioritize that. Make sure that you're not doing too much screen time at night so that you're actually able to fall asleep. Make sure that your sleep is long enough and of good quality. One of the things that can really compromise hormone levels and adrenal health is the use of steroids. If you've used steroids in the past or you're currently using them, then that is something to really look at. Now, obviously, if you have severe asthma or you have an autoimmune condition for which you need to be taking steroids at the moment, then that can be tricky, but if you go and see a homeopath, I know that they will be able to support you in dealing with the side effects as much as possible. If, however, you've taken steroids in the past, maybe you've had an asthma inhaler, maybe you've used eczema cream, maybe you've had some sort of infection and you were given prednisolone, or you had a cortisone injection in your knee or your shoulder or any other joint for that matter because you had some sort of bursitis or injury, then you're going to want to detox this homeopathically. I find that this is a big block for a lot of guys in my clinic. Now, I'll talk a little bit more about detoxing homeopathically later on as well because there are some other things that you might want to look at to detox. I have a couple of protocols that I've made available. Actually, I have been doing a group detox recently. In those protocols for different types of substances that you can detox homeopathically, I teach two methods. One is a really simple method that is applied by most homeopaths and that is dead-easy for you to do at home. The second one is a little bit more complex, but it is definitely more in-depth, and that's the one that I prefer. So I teach that one as well in those protocols. Make sure to head on over to the link in the description or up here in the cards as well if you wanna get your hands on that and get started today. Instructions for ordering remedies are also in those protocols, so you don't need to worry about where on Earth am I gonna get the remedies to start doing this. Things a lot of people want to know is what supplement should I give my man? Which supplement should I be taking to improve sperm quality? Let's go back to the adrenal health bit and the sleep because that brings us to magnesium. Now, magnesium is a fantastic antioxidant, anyway. It's really important to protect the DNA and the RNA of the sperm. However, it is also really helpful for you to sleep if you are struggling with a lot of stress 'cause in times of stress, you will run out of magnesium a lot quicker, and you will need it a lot more, and the depletion of magnesium causes you to be more anxious, more nervous, have nervous system issues and trouble falling asleep. So you're going to want to top up on that. Now, I always say in super stressful times, you can take 100 milligrams four times a day. Just make sure that you watch your stool. If it starts to become a lot looser, then you're going to wanna tone it down. The second one that I recommend for all guys to be on, that is vitamin C. You guys know I love vitamin C if you've been following me any length of time now, and I recommend to take three grams a day, preferably spread over the day, maybe a gram and a half in the morning, gram and a half in the afternoon or evening, or just one gram three times a day. Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants to protect the DNA of sperm, not to mention it's also super supportive for adrenal health, again, because in your body, the spot where vitamin C is most concentrated is actually in your adrenals, so that tells you your adrenals really love that stuff, so topping up on it is not actually a luxury. Then you probably have heard of zinc supporting sperm health, and I want to mention it together with folic acid because there has been research done a while back that showed that high doses of vitamin C and of folic acid together really made a significant impact on the quality of sperm. Over a period of 26 weeks, they gave a group of guys 66 milligrams of zinc every day and five grams of folic acid every day. Now, those are quite big numbers, and I wouldn't suggest to take that at home. You would really need to see a nutritionist to see what levels are appropriate for you because if you think about that 400 micrograms of folic acid is what is normally in a prenatal for women or in a male multivitamin, then you can imagine that taking five grams is quite a lot to just do without monitoring, but I thought I'd mention the research regardless because I think it's so interesting to see what the impact was on the fertility because the guys' sperm quality improved by 74%. I think that is insane, just by upping a couple of supplements, and as the zinc that they gave was 66 milligrams, if you get around 20 a day, that's already quite a lot. That's usually what will be part of a multivitamin together with a top-up, like a sperm support kind of supplement. Now, I think that is quite appropriate. You can up it probably to 40 if that is not too difficult, but I would really recommend to see a nutritionist. The point is (chuckles) make sure that this is in your supplement regime. You're not going to get this from your diet. Make sure that you take it in a supplement form, and when you take folic acid, always opt for methylfolate, which is so much more bioavailable for your body rather than folic acid is. Also, it accounts for the fact if you have an MTHFR gene mutation. If you've never heard of it, Google it if you want to. Don't get lost in the vortex of this thing, but a lot of people do have this. If this is something that you struggle with, then having the methylfolate is way better anyway. So I would recommend for most people to have it. I have most of my patients on methylfolate rather than folic acid anyway. Now, supplement-wise, you're also going to wanna make sure you have plenty of fatty acids in your diet but preferably also in your supplements because, I have explained this before, fatty acids make sure that the membrane of your cells, I've said squishy before, and I've been told that I wasn't very scientific (chuckles), and where I got my degree, but you understand what I mean with squishy, right? If it's rigid, then it's difficult for toxins to get out of the cells, and it is difficult for nutrients to go in, but for those of you that prefer more scientific words, we're talking about the permeability of the cell membrane, and fatty acids make sure that that is the case. I find that a lot of men, for some reason, don't like to eat fish. Some love it. Make sure that you keep eating that then, but also, top up on the supplements, but especially guys that don't like to eat fish, you really need to be on this, and a bonus is that it will really benefit your brain function as well at work, so you're gonna excel in that area and feel a little bit less stress. Now, another question that I get a lot as well is, "Well, we have found out that the sperm quality "and quantity of my husband is not very good," or, "My sperm quality, quantity is not very good. "Does that mean we should be abstaining from having sex "except for in the fertile window of the woman?" And my answer to that would always be no, and I know that this is also something that opinions vary on a lot because it is suggested that you abstain and that you collect everything as much as possible, but the problem with that is that after a couple of days, the DNA of the sperm starts to deteriorate. So you might have more, but the quality will definitely be worse. So apart from it being good for your relationship to come together not only in your fertile window but also at other times of the month, I think it's also very healthy to make love more often and that that batch is refreshed more frequently. Not only that, making love also releases lots of other hormones which have a positive impact on your entire hormonal system. Again, also on your anterior pituitary gland, also on your adrenals, your general well-being, your testosterone levels, so I think the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives if there are any. So I mentioned the detoxing homeopathically of a couple of substances before. There are two other things you're going to want to look at. I have found that a lot of guys have been prescribed Clomid in the past to improve sperm quantity or quality and also for other issues like testosterone-related issues, and this can definitely be a huge issue. Just as IVF drugs can really impact a woman's hormonal system, it can do the same for guys, so if you've had Clomid in the past, I would really recommend to detox that homeopathically, and another thing you're going to want to detox homeopathically are metals if those could be an issue for you because metal toxicity, I find, is the biggest problem, so probably, I should've mentioned that at the beginning of this video, but the biggest problem for sperm quality, and you know what? Sometimes, the sperm quality is affected, and it doesn't even show up in tests. So if you're watching this without knowing if you have poor quality, poor morphology or motility, then consider if doing a metal detox is important for you. If you have a history of smoking, if you have a history of working with heavy metals at all, if you have a history of amalgam, like the silver dental fillings, if you've had them in the past or you currently have them, they form a big issue for sperm quality. Also, if you guys have a history of miscarriages, that is also an alarm bell for me for a metal toxicity issue. So I will link a couple of blog posts down below as well, and check out the protocols that I have released. If one of you is doing the metal detox, I recommend for you both to do it regardless of whether you think you have a couple of things that indicate that you need it because everybody's going to benefit from it, and while you are detoxing, while either of you is detoxing, you shouldn't be trying to conceive at the time. So you might as well make good use of it and detox at the same time. If you're not sure about whether you have been exposed to metals, then think about a couple of symptoms I mentioned. A repeat history of miscarriages is an indication. Poor sperm quality is definitely an indication. If you have recurring infections and abscesses, for example, you need root canals done often or you get sinusitis or you get ulcers that don't heal very well, that is a very good indication. If you have any kind of metal-smelling discharge, whether that is breath, whether that is stool, urine, or sweat, those are really good indications as well. So now, you know what can be done about improving sperm quality just by a couple of tweaks that you can perform at home today. Don't forget about the homeopathic treatment that I suggested. Don't forget about the protocols that I've made available and that I will link down below, and if you're interested in these type of videos, in fertility-boosting videos for men and women, but you haven't subscribed yet, then make sure that hit that button down below and the notification bell because I bring out new videos every Thursday, and in the meantime, see you in the next video. Bye!