How to practice English speaking alone at home without a partner




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Hi there, Vladimir here with another video about how to learn English I’m gonna keep this nice and short Can you practice speaking English alone, at home by yourself? Before I tell you how you can practice speaking English alone, without a partner let me tell you how not to practice your English Whatever you do, just please don’t talk to yourself Don’t talk to yourself Who are these people? People get super excited, aroused even when I call YouTubers out Not realizing that I am calling out those watching this nonsense Who are these people? Who is watching, liking, sharing and even translating this nonsense How to practice English without a partner? How to practice speaking English without a partner, alone? What kind of question is that? How to practice driving without a car? How to practice skiing without skies? How to practice the piano without a piano How to practice funking without a partner? Funk yourself? the answer is as good as the question How to practice speaking English without a partner? As incredible as it may sound, there is a credible answer to this oxymoronic question How to practice speaking English without a partner, alone, at home? Write Writing is the answer writing is the most under-appreciated language learning skill Every language consists of 4 domains Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking Reading and Listening is what we call Input Writing and Speaking is what we call Output Input before Output There is no Output without Input that much is clear, I hope Reading and Listening before Writing and Speaking Writing and Speaking If you can write it you can say it writing is the only sane and sensible way to practice your output without a partner, alone, by yourself There is no such thing as practice your English speaking Language is not a motor skill, motor = muscle, not a muscular skill Language is not tennis, golf, piano, dancing it is not a motor skill That’s why we have accents, native and non-native there is a limit on pronunciation past a certain age, it is virtually impossible to speak without an accent. And especially when we talk about sound-rich languages like English That’s why we have people like Tiger Woods, Kohei Uchimura, Nadia Comaneci, Michael Jackson golf, gymnastics, dancing, tennis, are primarily motor skills. The good news is that language is not a motor skill. Language is a cognitive skill cognition is about acquiring knowledge Language is information, knowledge on a certain topic There is no such thing as practicing your speaking you don’t practice your speaking, you practice giving your opinion on a certain topic. yes, with an accent, but who cares who cares as long as what you say is of value as long as it is smooth and fluid and grammatically correct Nobody cares about your accent as long as people find your opinion valuable. Ask Carlos, Sundar, Satya, Shuji, Jean Language is not a motor skill Language is a cognitive skill Therefore there is no such thing as practice your speaking you don’t practice your speaking, you practice giving your opinion on a certain topic. you can practice giving a sales presentation in front of the mirror, or practice for a job interview, yes you could do that and should do that but that’s not talking to yourself that’s not practicing your speaking that’s about practicing your presentation skills about describing your product or service, you practice describing your product, you practice answering job interview questions about your experience and expertise there is a specific topic, a topic you know a lot about You practice talking about a certain topic, answering limited number of predictable questions. It is not practicing your speaking There is no such thing as practice your speaking, you practice giving your opinion on a certain topic, in English and for you to have an opinion on that topic in English you need to read about that very same topic in English and provided you have the knowledge/input what difference does it make whether you share your opinion verbally or in writing I guess talking to another human being is better but you need to prove you have something worth listening to first. write a comment, not here, not below how to learn English videos you are not an expert on how to learn English My favorite is when people write comments littered with grammatical mistakes telling me how wrong I am The balls on some people or eggs Write a comment below a video or an article you are knowledgeable about And not just 1 sentence but make it longer, at least 5-6 sentences. Take your time and write a good comment In my book Virtually Native you will find step-by-step instructions on how to write grammatically correct sentences. Even low-intermediate level learners of English will be able to follow my instructions A comment about your favorite movie, car, food, song Or start a blog or diary own blog on a topic you are somewhat knowledgeable about you don’t need to be an expert And if you wanna listen to your beautiful voice then turn the blog post into a podcast, read it and record your voice And even take it a step further: film yourself talking about it make a YouTube video, set up a YouTube channel But it all starts with writing, Something I came across recently: Writing is natures way of letting us know how sloppy your thinking is So true, and if I may add thinking and speaking WRITE, don’t talk to yourself Pay attention to who is giving you the advice The fight is for the 1% Everything you need to know about how to learn English as an adult from a guy who has actually done it, is in my book Virtually Native which is available on Amazon and