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Dia duit agus fáilte ar ais In this video we're going to look at the Irish verb feic which is to see - feic If you want to learn more about Irish words, verbs and some useful phrases then please subscribe to this channel and hit the bell notification where you can be notified whenever I upload a new Irish language video Ok back to the Irish verb feic - to see Let's look at the past tense first Chonaic mé = I saw Ní fhaca mé = I did not see, so Chonaic mé Ní fhaca mé An bhfaca tú é? Have you seen him? An bhfaca tú é? Chonaic mé inné é = I saw him yesterday The present tense then, Feicim, Ní fheicim, as in I am currently seeing Feicim and Ní fheicim I am not seeing present tense Mar shampla, mar a fheiceann tú, tá sé críocnaithe, as you can see it is finished The future tense then is Feicfidh mé Ní fheicfidh mé, as in I will see Feicfidh mé, and Ní fheicfidh mé I will not see So for example, you might hear this phrase from time to time Fan go bhfeicfidh mé - wait until I see or let me see And if you wanted to say to somebody I'll see you tomorrow, or see you tomorrow, you could say this Feicfidh mé amárach thú - see you tomorrow The following phrase could be used too if you wanted to say to somebody I am not able to see you at any other time or I can't see you at any other time Ní féidir liom tú a fheiceáil am ar bith eile I'm not able to see you at any other time Okay that brings us to the end of this video, if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comment section any other useful phrases using the word feic Go raibh maith agat agus tóg go bog é. Thank you and take it easy.