Huawei Y7p vs Redmi Note 8 Comparison Review




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hey what's up guys Josh here Fugate Tech and it looks like huawei has launched yet another smartphone in the budget segment for 2020 the y 7p we're gonna be comparing this phone with one of the best entry-level smartphones for 2019 the redmi note 8 so without further delay here's our comparison review the hawala way y 7p vs. the xiaomi redmi note 8 let's get right to it alright so let's start off with the aesthetics the Huawei y 7p features a premium glossy design that at first glance would make you think that the reader this phone was clouded in glass but it's actually just polycarbonate it's got this holographic border effect that you can see at different angles which does help it stand out the frame convincingly also looks like it's made out of aluminum alloy but it's actually just a faux metal finish over polycarbonate which is just a fancy term for plastic what really caught my eyes though was the front camera which gets a punch hole design that I'm really into but we'll get more into that later the redmi note 8 on the other hand shares a similar design element accompanied with a plastic frame but unlike the y7v this device gets a front and back glass design both protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and because of this it does add some weight to it but I can't deny that it does give a more premium robust feel compared to a lighter phone we also get a dot drop notch for the front camera module looking at the physical configuration of these two devices we can find the power and volume rocker buttons on the right-hand side of the Huawei y 7p speaker grille microUSB charging port and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack at the bottom with the primary mic noise cancelling mic at the top and nothing on the left side except for the SIM card tray it also looks like there's no notification light for this device which is a real letdown as I find this feature very useful on the note 8 we get a similar setup with a power and volume rocker keys on the right side speaker type C charging port primary mic and audio jack at the bottom nothing on the left except the SIM tray and on top we get a noise cancelling mic and an IR blaster that enables you to control your home appliances via infrared I found this feature to be a pretty convenient thing to have especially when I can't find the TV remote and finally unlike the y 7p the note 8 has a white notification light at the top left hand side of the screen so let me know if you missed any calls or messages it's also worth noting that the redmi note it's camera module sticks out more y 7p but the free jelly case that comes with the unit helps protect the camera from scratches as well as even things out at the back aesthetic wise I prefer the punch whole design of the y 7p way more than the dot drop notch found on the note 8 which is a little dated although I appreciate that the front camera of the note 8 is located at the middle instead of the corner now focusing over at the ports of these two the redmi note 8 gets a USB type-c port while the Huawei y 7p still uses micro USB personally after using a phone with type C I don't think I'll be going back to using micro USB I mean I get that people might still prefer micro because it's more convenient to have and if you have an experience type C maybe now's the time to give it a go the only downsides I've had so far with the type C is the fact that finding one when you don't have a cable is more challenging compared to a micro USB if you want to know more about this we got you covered just click the link above next up is the display the Huawei y70 has a six point thirty nine inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 720 by 1560 while the redmi note 8 gets a slightly smaller 6.3 inch display but unlike the y 7p this phones got a full HD panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2340 to be honest I'm still not sure why phone companies are still placing HD plus panels on phones today if you're used to phones with 720p displays then this shouldn't be a bother but if you're coming from a phone with the 1080p display I'm sure you'll notice the difference especially when reading text are looking at icons which tend to look pixelated and blown out I'll give this one to the redmi note 8 powering these bad boys are 2 different kinds of chipsets the Huawei y 7p with a Kirin 710 F while the read me with a snapdragon 665 despite the slightly dated chipsets in terms of day-to-day usage the quirian 710 F does a great job given the fact that it has a slightly better clock speed of its big cores compared to the snapdragon 665 which has a better clock speed of its smaller cores although the ki-rin 710 f is slightly better but not by much margin it lacks Qualcomm's quick charging capabilities that the 6:65 has if that's going to be concerned for you when it comes to graphics rendering the quirian 710 F still uses the Mallee GP 1 MP for GPU and is weaker compared to the snapdragon 660 in any case casual gaming shouldn't be a problem for both of these devices just don't expect to be able to play graphically intensive games like asphalt on high or multitasking and storage the y 7 p is currently only available in 4g bytes of RAM coupled with 64 gigabytes of storage while the redmi note 8 gets a wide range of selections we have three 32 or 64 128 6 64 up to as high as 6 gigabytes with 128 gigs storage although the 6 gigabyte ram variants are not available in the philippines yet for me i've been happy using the for 64 variant I don't really advise on getting the 332 as you'll realize that 32 gig is not enough for internal storage nowadays but it's great that they give you this many choices as for external storage we're happy to see that both the y7 P and the note 8 have a dual SIM tray with a dedicated microSD slot of up to 512 gigabytes of expandable storage moving over to software the Huawei y 7p gets emui 9.1 based on android 9 pi out of the box while the redmi note 8 has the new UI 11 it is also based on the same Android version emui and mio I have been one of my personal favorites games for the past couple of years and I really appreciate their clean and snappy user interface I guess one thing that bothers me about these skins is the bloatware that comes with the software which isn't really surprising anymore when it comes to navigation we get gesture controls for both devices I don't really use the default launches as well and usually go for third-party ones but since Huawei lost its placed our privileges I can't download those third-party launchers in even some apps which was enough to set me off Huawei currently has fixed for the absence of Google services with their Huawei app gallery and although it looks really promising I'm sure most users will still be looking for the Google Play Store I'm gonna have to give it to the redmi note 8 for this one but really giving props to huawei for all their efforts to stay in the game now let's talk camera the Holly y 7p has a triple camera setup it's got a four to eight megapixel main shooter and 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel depth sensor while the redmi note 8 has a quad camera set up with a similar 48 megapixel main sensor an 8 megapixel ultra light a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro lens which is the only sensor that the y7 P is missing quickly comparing them side by side the y 7 p captures pretty decent shots in well-lit places it's also got a good AI feature that adjusts to whatever subject you're shooting but looking closer at the images the redmi seems more detailed and defined shadows are more evident on the note 8 compared to the y 7 p and has better contrasting as well it also helps that the note 8 has a 1080p display which makes more crisp and clear especially when you zoom in photos depending on what you shoot images may be more flat on the y17 so i'm gonna have to give this one to the note 8 when it comes to night mode though the y 7p performs much better eating less noise and more detail compared to the new 8 where the y 7p can't compete is the dedicated 2 megapixel macro lens of the redmi note 8 that allows you to go as close as 2 centimeters from the subject which gives surprisingly good results if you're not into macro then this shouldn't matter but I can't lie though that it's a nice bonus feature to have when you do have the opportunity to take those close-up shots when it comes to video the y7 Pete can record 1080p of the 60fps while the note 8 can record 4k at 30fps and 1080p up to 60fps do keep in mind though that playing or recording 1080p videos on the y7 P will be downscaled due to the 720p display of the phone as for the front camera the hallway y 7p has an 8 megapixel sensor while the redmi note 8 has a 13 megapixel sensor both capable of recording 1080p at 30 frames per second the y 7p captures more vibrant colors and has a darker contrast but with less detail compared to the note 8 anyways here are a couple of selfies to show you how the front cameras of these two fair [Music] [Music] when it comes to security both the Huawei y 7p and the redmi note 8 have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner which are both reliable and responses but it seems like the rear fingerprint scanner of the y 7p performs slightly faster than the new eight registering your fingers significantly quicker but in terms of day-to-day usage I haven't encountered any issues with the red meat it's still quick at unlocking just not as consistent as the y7 P and if that's not your thing both of these devices have face unlock that do a pretty great job at unlocking your phone as well for battery the Huawei y 7p can last up to 19 hours in our standard video loop test while the redmi note 8 falls short with just 13 this is quite surprising given that these are both powered by a 4000 milliamp battery which takes about 2 hours to fully charge from 0% needless to say these two devices can definitely power through the whole day on moderate usage and you wouldn't need to worry about that charger left at home if you started your day on a full charge and when it comes down to price the hawala y 7p would run you about nine thousand nine hundred ninety pesos and is available in aurora blue and midnight black while the redmi note eighths prices range from seven thousand nine hundred ninety pesos up to nine thousand nine hundred ninety pesos depending on the variant you choose and is available in Neptune blue moon light white and space black at the end of the day both of these devices are wellspect and really go toe-to-toe with each other performance wise the y 7p is undoubtedly a beautiful phone there are some key differences that you might want to consider before purchasing if I had to pick between the two I would go for the redmi note 8 because of the type c port the 1080p display Google services and the IR blaster which gives the phone a more premium touch to it throw in that competitive price point and you're looking at one heck of a deal so what do you guys think do you like the y 7p more or the redmi note 8 let us know in the comments below and don't forget to Like subscribe hit that Bell icon and be sure to visit you gotta calm for the latest tech news and reviews this has been Josh and I'll catch you guys later