Hungry Baby Waits for No Politician


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[Music] a hungry baby just won't wait which is why this little guy took a bottle break during the hearing in Parliament New Zealand Speaker Trevor Mallard rocked a colleague's baby during the debate Thank You mr. speaker firstly cute little boy is the son of lawmaker Tamati Coffey who just returned from paternity leave watch as he Wolf's down a bottle as mallard calls on different members of parliament the mallard even stops to burp him before rocking the little one in his arms his appearance got rave reviews with lawmakers tweeting lovely to have a baby in the house and what a beautiful one even the first baby to sit in on government proceedings either New Zealand lawmaker willow gene prime breastfed her baby in Parliament last year and the country's prime minister Jacinda our turn is the mom of a little one herself whom she brought to the United Nations General Assembly last year other lawmakers have made headlines for breastfeeding their babies from Australia to Iceland pitaka family didn't get a ticket update this chamber faced the reality of Senate Parenthood and the US Senate passed a measure that would allow moms to feed their babies in Congress the measure came after senator Tammy Duckworth became the first sitting senator to give birth around the world these barrier-breaking parents are showing all of us how challenging and sweet it is to balance work and family and these babies are reminding lawmakers whose future they're working for perhaps the occasional cry of a baby will shock the Senate at times and speaking up even crying out on the issues that confront our nation in the world this is invite edition calm [Music]