Husband Comforts Wife After She’s Bitten by Alligator

we're hearing the 911 call after a woman was attacked by an alligator my wife was attacked by an alligator in the backyard where did she get bitten by the alligator her legs okay I need to know how much she's bleeding if it's been amputated or if she just got bit badly what's right leg and different right hand it's almost chewed off 68 year-old Deborah cook was walking her dog near a pond on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina when the nightmare happened are you able to put a cloth on it to stop the bleeding yes I'm doing it now is she inside away from the alligator now she's outside on the ground the alligator went into the zoo her husband Gary tries to console his wife is she conscious right now yes barely she's bleeding badly he'll be all right everything she's got a bad guy on your leg the attack comes one year after this woman teacher Cassandra Klein was killed by an alligator also on Hilton Head Island the circumstances are remarkably similar both women were walking their dogs by a body of water my wife was attacked by an alligator [Music] you [Music]