hey guys it's me Miranda I am so excited because today I'm doing a tutorial it's been a long time since I did you tutorial for you guys so I thought it was time to do insane I was thinking the best tutorial to do for you today would be to show you how to trim hair I'm getting really long luscious long stints things really nice really munchies really Paula James but it's time for a trim tramp tramp and you don't have to go to the store it's been all those kinds of dollars on a haircut when you can just cut it yourself at home so I'm gonna teach you guys how to cut your own hair at home just try them not think series so you guys can see it how to do it yourself okay alright so here's how to do a trim of ham you just take a little pieces of hairs and you're gonna trim them off okay you've got all this long hairs now you just want to cut the team only the tip remember ladies just the tape put it down to the earth not up here you won't cut down a few year or I like some you know cool and you just trim a little pizzas like fancy now my hair is cont over here just long chunks and make sure to save the chunks of hair you cut off because you need to save them if you want to do crafts if you want to tape them to a bald babies head to make a baby look like it has hair if you want to put it on a doll if you want to tape it to your face to have a beard that's another option you can do so remember down here not up here down here so just keep cutting it off you just make sure you getting all the hairs not all the way up here not here cutting down me off mmm a big chunk but not up here then okay just down here okay alright so now trying to do the other side so we make sure you the bottom ends like so we don't want short hair ladies we want long hair long lunches long is gorgeous not sure okay you want to cut down here not up here down here not up here down here okay not up here down here not appear down here not appear [Music]