[Music] Miranda worried that Randa Lee you asked me to film you today you have to get up it's 2:30 in the afternoon plenty did you want me to film you yes well then you should get up give me busy this is the damn life of a celebrity on tour it's gonna blow your mind how much work that I do how is all seen it is cuz it's really is all steam let's guess the first thing I do when I wake up is I go pee monk makes things next I don't wash my hands because I'm trying to save the planet don't waste water next thing I do was really saucy and after brush my teeth I don't have to paste our toothbrush here beans are pretty clean so thank don't stack all my sling so as you can see living like me is runs off don't look at him Samuel boom nice restaurants you know after my peepee after I brush my teeth then I sit so now it's time to get to the theater and you soundcheck in the show don't wind is going to faint this way all right so we're backstage before Michel and SPPs is dressed your number two I am assuming this is where you poop then because let's go three so this is where the people who are not important go so tour manager people like don't know the names on stuff this machinery you musta did something really bad because he's in jail so this one's really dangerous danger off down up so I really want to touch all these cuz I'm not supposed to might leave Li is 2018 I cannot believe that's here some huh was this a porno family oh this is where all my fans I guess our cats this is where to keep the fans before the show in this compartment or again blower this is definitely up more okay great fun don't go in there the best fern is here oh hey this is personal number one so for celebrities and for people and this is my presence with my fans cuz they love me as you guys saw from earlier today I had a really long day I am exhausted I won't go brush my teeth kind of had to open the curtains until dawn thing so I'm really exhausted so now it's a time where I rest your butt was here you're going to go white paint I can hear you breathing I kind of present gonna take it no that's mine don't take it that is mine they spelled my name wrong I could hear you walking stomp stomp so I'm pretty much just gonna rest here for a couple hours till my meats and greens after my meats and green - I'll rest here till my show pretty much had the most exhausting day anyone's ever myself you know alright time for me to my meet and greet I love my fans so much let's go I just love meeting my fans so much they means so much to me I just love hugging them meeting them getting to know them but my favorite part of the whole mean greet is when it's done alright this is the party day where I do my soundcheck so come on check check one two three it's not on so I'm good thank you so I really need to practice my dance moves in warm-up for Michelle I always just shrimp Don me this is a fire hazard who put this he'll literally almost just dying I could have fallen off the stage the Burin I bet he did aids I do not trust him I know he put this moron you tried to kill me so I'm pretty much done with sound chin cuz it's really boring so I'm gonna go backstage and eat something [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]