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this is it if you're seeing this right now live the data is uploaded we are about to hit 1 million subscribers I asked you one final time if you're seeing this and you haven't some of the channel please do almost 60% of you guys who watch your videos in the last month haven't been subbed it would mean the world also when this goes up I'll most likely be live on Twitch come check it out the 1 million subscriber celebration gonna be giving away an exclusive fortnight skin during the stream as well you'll want to be there thank you thank you thank you here we go run like any other we set the world record as a cheat before run scissors is officially released depth on 2.0 5 grand on the line baby level 1 is this way let's get it you are such a loser dude Oh scissors is such a loser dude scissors is such a loser dude dude I didn't realize you made this course so easy oh me oh my can you back out and invite me so I can show you how to do it listen Jack I just left level 10 for you I hope you know wait dude oh wait I am I just started but I almost beat level 1 already wow I'm so proud of you wait Jack why is there a trap before you even get to level 1 what are you talking about there's literally traps before you even get to level 1 don't know what you're talking about dude I don't I didn't put that there I didn't see it I thought I was running to level 1 oh man Jack seriously man I'm literally setting the world record bro if you set the world record I will give you $5,000 personally wait for real yes okay you you act like that's a possibility imagine imagine you'd that Oso setup it's gonna give to 10 subs every time I beat a level oh my god dude you're gonna get literally 10 subs hi guys and now we reached the part of the stream where I literally sit here all day and don't move haha good luck jack wait Jack for real dude move i won I can't I'm actually lagging Jack I have to win this for my video dude like my video titled setting the world record and scissors Efron it's not waiting to hear you're going so bad I know you know speed run by the way huh it's called warming up dude this isn't the actual run you're just gonna you know warm up and then do we gotta beat it all first you know yeah oh yeah what about that oh my god I've actually asked him he actually made the first the last jump of level 2 I'm Loki proud of him but a hike he's gonna be stuck in level 3 forever so begins watch me one shot this one - you're not gonna one-shot it no way shoot okay wait death run run through this was the one that I didn't get past him right IIIi work around the first when you first showed us this I never beat this oh oh yeah I know he thought I did but I didn't like when I when I gave everybody early access and invited everybody here talking about that time you're talking about the video where you got two million views that video you wait jack for real wait gimme like so I jump job dump a halfway through like right when you're halfway through the ice trap that's flat here you go yo your deflected but okay the video I just uploaded announcing it might hit 200,000 views in the last 60 minutes are you kidding me wait did you remember to plug my supporter creator code ooh my editors actually left that one out I told them to dude I definitely told them 200% told them man they must have forgot your honestly probably gonna give them if I did get be realistic here you're gonna give them 70 gift of subs if you're never passing level eight isn't that just one of the trap dodging ones those are so easy oh I just wait until Jack makes it he's in the game I just turn us laugh at me and dance on the edge out of the out of the out of all the stupid stuff wait you mean like this what you already made it just bring me to a therapist dude that would just be the first try later well they've done it and that course is literally so easy I guarantee I beat Jack if I beat that course for iuu only a hundred gifted subs deal guys if you had great back skill one to ten tip is different lower to be one one to negative-20 for Orion Glock my best friend rated you attend so you got that going for you oh my gosh he actually did it [Music] all right oh this is one of the easy ones yep the one of the easy ones waiting for the bottom left if they courage they deflate themselves yep there goes your Jenny Tokyo I laugh like a serial killer scissors how do you laughs like I don't know dude wait that try to activate it faster than normal you actually never did you have a broken trap nope cut that cut that cut the chop the death run down epic shut the death run down I can't even beat six right now I'm such a body being on for you that trap activates too bad you're not supposed to hit the trap [Music] why did the bottom one activate you have to go further jack the bottom traps to actually have a different straighter point in case you didn't know this horse to me hold my rig pull a rib how do you pull a bone I don't know found a way you know I'd really hate for myself to seize this level right now beat level 8 and you know pass you up even more but you might have to happen jack I might have to bait this last trap right here it's a checkpoint and go on to level 9 what would you say if I'm about to get to level 11 I would say - you're cheating cuz there's only ten levels there are horses but what yeah here's 14 there's 14 levels yup and your boys on 11 wait wait not yet yeah boys on 11 May - dude that's not too far that's insane pizzas on the others I know where oh this firm Oh try me bitch this man I thought I built this course for people like you untalented idiots Babu why don't I jump by panicked jacket panic oh this is so dumb it's so doc jack I will gift one let me think about this I'll give us 500 subs if you beat this entire course in the next three hours one 500 subs this is the one I just felt some sort of energy okay look at the bottom of my screen we're a three to one right did you beat it Oh easy man how easy is a stupid-ass course bro alright Jack don't worry I'm watching live this is for freakin 100 gifted subs remember first try here you go yep Joe F in the chat for his gift of subs look at all the apps in the chat we're so funny people's to the scissors you guys hear what he just he just made fun of you guys I myself as a streamer over at twitch.tv slash scissors would never do that you know someone just donated says haha I'm on controller and I'm competing Jack right now I mean Twitter Carter don't they dad did you hear that he's making fun of 12 year olds now - I would never do that as a streamer over at switch off TV slash scissors that is so close are you still in five well I'm here but now I'm gonna do I'm gonna figure out what I need to do for this one six now five do I have to jump when I take the icicles you take the icicles you slide you gotta throw the impulse further than you think you do oh my god first try swap and it looks like I did first right all right Jack don't worry I'm watching live this is for freakin 100 gifted subs remember first try here you go yep [Music] [Applause] oh my god first try cat pug first try 100 gifted right jack first try I did the first tried no anything at all Oh oh god oh god reset reset reset reset no Jack 11 is too hard what this is the one this is the one this is the one this is the one Jack ace is here to wish you good luck he says Jack you got I don't speak dog can you translate I said your father's an idiot you just live in Jersey freeze all right so I have to reach him here today Jesus Christ Jack I keep getting stuck on 11:00 that's impossible that jump is absolutely impossible so that is an impossible job that's impossible that was perfect that one was perfect Jack are you still 11 bro we don't bleach other yeah you stupid second it Oh capital D coal is whoa imagine not beating your own depth runs gonna be me right I've always beaten the death runs for me he doing jack perfect holy jesus is our Savior Jesus Jesus Jack Jack all right Jack any progress the impulses aren't spawning dude which ones I'm all 6-pack do you really die on the impulse boner yeah unknown bog in issue in creative mode what does that mean real that for real means you're screwed yes so do I do yeah I don't think you want to hear the answer don't say it let's restart think we have to restart the lobby listen I'm I'm pretty sure I put a skip [Music] yo I'm not sure if I put a skip to level 6 but I put a skip to level 4 oh yeah it's not my fault that that issue is that bug is a thing it's not my fault you died to the trap that is the easiest thing to dodge in the world so what do we do now I don't know if we need to leave the lobby or just let me started it's like frozen just leave Matt just click leave man shit it's my games frozen solid like my games actually frozen solid just leave the map we can restart it'll be ok Jack I promise I'd love to I'd love to believe the map you really had to die on the impulse boner dude I didn't want to it only does that unknown error again oh my god I'm restarting my entire fortnight do it I think I'm gonna name my video courage ok weeks I broke scissors deaf 12.0 not a bad not a bad title right it makes sense it makes 100% sense and then don't forget to include world record in there somewhere most deaths ever [Music]