I Bought A 300 Mystery Box From Ebay




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- I paid $300 for this box, and I have no idea what's inside. And it's so heavy! I'm about to buy a $300 mystery box. Somebody puts a bunch of stuff in a box. You have no idea what it is. You're basically paying for the surprise of opening a box of mystery. I've bought a mystery box before. It was a $100 mystery box. It was filled with what can best be described as weird junk. It was exciting to open, though. Would it be even more exciting to open an even more expensive mystery box? I am hesitant to spend slash waste even more money on another mystery box, but they were, like, you got to do it. Spend the money. Just to clarify, you want me to buy an even more expensive mystery box? - This is correct. - [Joanna] Even though there might be garbage inside. - Yes. - $300 is the maximum budget I've been given. I've found a mystery box that's exactly $300. I feel better knowing that some random person is getting this money, and maybe they really need it. Maybe they have student loans. Maybe they're trying to pay their rent. You're not selling mystery boxes on eBay if you don't need money. I just carried this box up two flights of stairs, and it's very heavy. - $300? Why did you spend that. - I don't know, man, you've got like, everything and anything. - Well, nothing living, which you might expect. - I know it said fragile, but (laughing). - Oh, it's a mystery. - [Joanna] Yeah. - Oh, you bought $300 worth of stuff you don't know? - [Joanna] Yes. - And it's fragile, and you're letting me shake it? It says fragile. - [Joanna] Are you smelling it? - You better believe I'm smelling it. - Not a bowling ball. - It feels like books. - My mind immediately goes to frozen meats. - Skeletons, like human skulls or something. - Joanna, these people are just sharking you now. They're just, like, this girl on Buzzfeed is going to buy this box if I put it on eBay. - Okay, well, I'm terrified of what that is. - Oh god, okay. The person who sold this box spray painted, with gold spray paint, 300 on every side of the box, to indicate the 300 actual dollars that I spent on it. This box says fragile. A lot of people have shaken it already, so that's not great. I am getting nervous to open this. What if this is rocks? (ominous music) I think this is a box of rocks and now I'm upset. Okay, you know what, we're just going to open it. We're just going to open it. I already feel my heart just dropping. There is a lot of stuff in here. Where to even begin? (perky music) Okay, magnetic oil drain plug. Cool. This is my new $300 best friend, tiny bear. I honestly don't know what this is. A camouflage backpack. Oh, it smells weird. Is this a kite? This is a kite. I don't know why I find that exciting. This is a 3D wooden puzzle. If you ever see a deer that looks like this, just run away. This says ballet fun, exclamation point, but these little ballet dancers do not look like they're having that much fun. I don't know what this is, but the package says, wow, this is amazing. I feel like if you have to say wow, this is amazing, on the package, it's not amazing. This is sunglasses that come in a box with doughnuts on it, and that's really misleading, in a mean way, I think. These glasses claim to be the freshest shades on Earth, so let's all be the judge of whether that's true. Oh my god, what? I think these glasses are priceless. Can sunglasses smell musty? Yes, they can. Very musty. What the hell? This is a Happy Meal toy, from the movie Ice Age: Continental Drift. This is a Twix box, but I don't think it has Twix in it. Not what I expected. A necklace. Oh my God. I didn't think it was possible for, like, jewelry to smell bad. This is the worst smelling jewelry I've ever encountered. This smells like a sweaty gym. There's another necklace. Oh god. A jump drive. This will be good in case I time travel back to 2004. This is a big, weird box. Okay, interesting. This is an artist rendering of John Lennon. I just saw some things that looked like food, and I got excited, but then worried that you shouldn't eat food out of a mystery box. At the same time, I'm kind of hungry, so we're going to see how this goes. There is actual candy in this mystery box. Oh, it's not expired. I'm going to see if anyone will eat these, but I don't think you should. Do you like Sour Patch Kids? - Yes. - [Joanna] Would you eat Sour Patch Kids that came out of a mystery box? - No. - [Joanna] You wouldn't? - No. - [Joanna] It's still good, expiration date wise. - Well, I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about being poisoned. Yeah, I guess I would eat it. - [Joanna] Do you want those? - Yeah. - [Joanna] Well, will you eat one right now? - If I die, this is on you. - [Joanna] I know. - I'm not dead yet. - Now I feel bad that I made Chelsea eat one, so I feel like I have to eat one. (ominous music) It's fine. There's still so much stuff in here. Electrical tape. This is something I could actually use. It's a light switch cover. These are little ceramic dishes with wine glasses on them, and one is super broken. And it says cheers, live life with abandon. This is a model race car that you can build yourself. There is just one more thing in this $300 mystery box, and it is a ventilation fan. One thing I learned today. Will a $300 mystery box be any less musty than a $100 mystery box? No. Just as musty, if not mustier. There was no garbage in this box, so that's exciting. My hands are definitely covered in mystery box grime, and I'm excited to wash my hands after this. If you bump up the price of a mystery box, is the stuff inside going to get cooler? Probably not, but will you increase your chances of getting one very cool thing? Maybe. I think the most important lesson that a mystery box can teach you is life is full of disappointments, often brought on by yourself. I just washed my hands after touching everything in the mystery box, and no joke. The water turned gray. So that was crusty stuff. We all want to know what's inside a box.