I Bought An Imaginary Friend From Ebay




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- I bought a friend off the internet. (fun music) People are selling imaginary friends on eBay, and I'm gonna buy one. I didn't know that imaginary friends were transferable. I thought you had to imagine it yourself, put in the work, you get your friend. They are extremely expensive. There's one that's $600. There are two that are $1,000. Obviously, it seems weird to pay money for a friend. That's not how friendship is supposed to work. I just paid $20 to get a friend in the mail. So, bad news, my $20 friend never came. I'm worried that my friend is just lost in the mail, and that seems horrible. But in the meantime, I really want a friend, so I went back on eBay, and I found a different friend. This one is $50. Hopefully this friend comes in the mail this time. My friend is here, my friend is here. (upbeat music) This is the box that I received in the mail. Welcome, friend. There's something in here, so that's a little scary. You know what? Let's just open this box, and meet my brand new friend. Whatever it is, it's wrapped in a paper towel. I'm so scared, how is this a friend? Oh, my God. (eerie music) My $50 imaginary friend box included this Granny Smith apple and an envelope. Maybe this was food for the imaginary friend, in case they got hungry on the journey. Let's open this envelope and get more information. My new friend is Andy. Andy, I assume that you're in here, so welcome. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable. Do you mind being in this Buzzfeed video? It's a lot all at once, I get that. "Thank you for your purchase. "He is an amazing friend. "And he was always next to me when I needed him. "I've talked to him, and he is very excited to meet you, "and see his new home." You know, I didn't think about that. Are you supposed to live with me? Normally, your friends don't necessarily live with you. You don't have a place to stay? Okay, well, we'll talk about it. You can definitely sleep on my couch at least one night. We'll talk about it. Cool, this also says that apples are Andy's favorite food. So, that's interesting. So, you're from California. Andy was just saying that it's weird to travel through the mail, which I totally understand. I'm so sorry. Okay, so, Andy, now that you're here, what do you wanna do now? We can do whatever you want. You don't know? Okay, what do friends normally do? I'm gonna show Andy around. And try to show him a good time. Andy, if you love apples, I have to show you something. Andy, check this out. Look at all these apples. He's excited, he's gonna take like five apples. - Yeah, who is it? - [Joanna] This is Andy. - Okay, cool. Oh, Andy, hey, good to meet you. Where did you guys meet, on eBay? You did not. - Sure. - What? (gentle music) - Hey, Andy. I feel like immediately creeped out, like there is a friend there. - This is some dark-sided shit. I don't want no part of this dark-sided-- Get away from me, devil. (gentle music) - Hi, Andy. - What do you like to do, Andy? (gentle music) - Andy's pretty funny. He does not like you though. - Okay, so, Andy, what do you think of New York so far? You miss California? That's fair, I would too, it's very cold. Is there anything you've always wanted to do in New York? Get more apples? Okay, we'll get you as many apples as you want. No, we'll get you more apples, it's fine. (gentle music) - Jo, who are you talking to? Is he sitting in this seat right here? Aw, hey, Andy? - [Joanna] Yeah. - Hey, Andy, how you doing? - Well, what do you wanna do now? (gentle music) Okay, we don't have to do everything together. You know, like you're free to leave. You can go exploring on your own if you want. Like, please don't feel like you have to be tethered to me. Oh, okay, okay, you're going? Okay, see you later. I'm slightly concerned 'cause I can't find Andy. He hasn't been here for awhile, and I don't know where he went. And I'm afraid maybe he's mad at me, I don't know. - Who's Andy? - That's so true. - We're just hanging out with Andy. - Oh, my God, wait, Andy, tell your story. (both chuckle) - Oh, my God, you are so funny. - [Woman In Purple Shirt] Oh, my God, Andy. - We're gonna go apple picking this weekend, like upstate. - Yeah. - I mean, you can come. - Yeah. - Just doesn't seem like something you'd be into. - Okay, let's just get on the subway and head home. You can go to bed early if you want, I'm pretty tired. Can I get you anything, like a glass of water or something? (gentle music) Oh, crap, I don't have any apples. I'm so sorry. Would a tomato work maybe? No, okay. Okay, Andy, I got you a pillow and blanket, so you can go to sleep. Let me know if you're not warm enough. I just want you to know that I'm glad that you're here, and I'm glad you're my friend. And hopefully, tomorrow we can have a better day. Sweet dreams. (gentle music) What was that? Okay, good night. (eerie music) I feel a little weird going to bed knowing that Andy is sleeping in my living room. But I'm sure it's fine. (sighs) Good night. (bottles clanking) What was that? I'm gonna go see if Andy's awake. (eerie music) I think he left. I don't know where Andy went. I hope he's okay, I miss him. I'm grateful for the time we had together, however short. The truth is, real friendship can't be purchased off the internet. - This sounds more like an imaginary escort, I would say. - [Joanna] Wait, seriously? - [Woman] Yeah, yeah, you're paying for his time, so he's an escort. - [Joanna] You're right.