I Bought The Weirdest Cake On The Internet




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- What in the world is this y'all? (squeaks) (violin music) - So the other day I was scrolling on Instagram and I noticed a hashtag called #vaginacake. Obviously, had to click on it, and it turns out there's this whole internet trend where people are baking these cakes in the shape of vulvas with babies' heads coming out of them. I saw one. I knew I had to buy it and make my coworkers try it. So I ordered one and I'm expecting it any day. So I just got the cake, and I have to say it is frankly more graphic than I thought it would be. (electric techno music) Should I be more hyped? I'm not really like a- - Oh no! - Ah! (laughter) - It's a... Um. - I never knew a vagina to look like this, and I'm a lesbian guys, I've seen a lot of vaginas in my day, not to brag or anything. - This is like childbirth meets Saw. - I'm a mom. I have given birth. Even looking at it now, I'm having flashbacks. - This is trending, a lot of people do this? - Are vaginas that big? - There is a butthole. - What!? - I thought someone just accidentally poked the cake. - No, that's an anus. - It kinda also looks like intestines stuffed in there. - I do actually. - Yeah. - This feels very like Rosemary's Baby. (cheery piano music) - It's good. That is good cake. - That's awesome, first of all, if my vagina was made outta red velvet, I would be happy too. - Tastes great. Honestly, pubes are my favorite part. Not gonna lie. - You know, it's cake. You just slice off the top half and then it's fine. - Fun fact, I'm about to be an auntie in a day or two, so I will actually be witnessing this. Now I'm not really that excited about it anymore. - I feel like giving birth is super metal because it's just like, yeah, fucking did that. - There's a baby. There's a whole head coming out of it. That's freaking crazy man. Women are superheroes. Kudos to whoever made this cake. You artistic, gross genius, you. (cheery piano music) (squeaks)