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why does this always happen oh i'm gonna be late don't say my name yet wait i don't even go to school anymore [Music] [Music] good morning everybody hope you're having a fantastic day jesse james west here i'm having a fantastic day we're starting our day off right with a blueberry dub shake i am taking full ownership of this okay when you put coffee blueberries protein and ice together it's a jesse james special to give it a shot try it out the key ingredient is the coffee in it not just for the caffeination but for the flavor it's amazing post holidays let's get back on track let's get things right my friends because we have to kill 2021. now you're probably wondering do i go to school am i in college do my parents know well my friends we're gonna be answering those throughout the day today and also we're gonna be consulting with my family about some important news and things that you guys need to hear if you guys are new to the channel make sure you subscribe turn your post notifications so you don't miss any bangers and drop a like down below i'll wait let's get into today okay everybody it's time to get caffeinated because your boy is having withdrawals we're gonna go to duncan it's about 20 degrees out here i think i need to leave new jersey because i cannot take this cold any longer that is a problem i should not see my breath nor smell it [Music] you smell that my friends that's a caffeine addiction getting fulfilled ladies and gentlemen let the caffeine commence so we just got a coffee but i want to talk to you guys about a little something so pretty much every single day i got to start my day off with a lot of caffeine because i got a lot of things to do i have sponsorship work i have youtube videos to film and edit into plan to make sure that everything is perfect and pristine search on the internet for girlfriends but i don't really count that as work top all that i'm running alpha groom and managing that and having a ton of meetings so there's a lot going on in my life and you're probably wondering where school fits into all this and that's a great question i am working pretty much all day every day i absolutely love what i'm doing i want to say thank you guys for this opportunity to make content entertain your little and just having fun when in doubt french toast it out my friends might not be for breakfast but it sure as hell is for lunch dinner and brunch in just a bit we're gonna go do some morning cardio as it's the only morning cardio that we get nowadays but that ain't no problem now a question you guys ask is eating before cardio bad is eating after cardio better it really doesn't matter it's all about calories and calories out so if you guys are uh burning the calories throughout the day and taking a certain amount you can still lose fat or gain muscle or be in a surplus whatever you want don't think about it too much just get the work done last bite best bite baby let's go do some cardio so if you're like me you absolutely despise cardio you don't want to see it you don't want to do it okay we're going to be doing a little bit of hit cardio get the body moving get the juices flowing i am your instructor and you must listen to me [Applause] [Music] okay so what we're gonna do we're gonna be doing some mountain climbers some burpees some knee taps kind of just free ball on it and going along and having fun everything we're gonna be doing is gonna be only 30 seconds it's about right my friends let's get started three two one [Music] oh holy crap the more out of breath you get the better your heart rate is going burn more calories ah all right next round 30 seconds on the treadmill 30 second push-ups 30-second jumping squats three rounds quick hit cardio but burns a lot of calories you do it right [Music] you guys are implementing cardio every single day promise you you'll see really good results i slacked for a bit i got back into it and i can already tell that i'm getting a little tighter looking a little better day by day workouts complete we're gonna go head over and get some food i will catch you guys there bam baby okay we are here no not not fitness for her la subway subway in spanish let's go listen i like my sandwiches like my date night when a girl says what do you want to do i say a little bit of everything so we got a little bit of everything here buffalo chicken flatbread little taste test for the boys wow [Music] my amigos what's last in spanish uno dos all right we're gonna go to the gym in just a bit but i think it i think it's time that we start talking about the major topic of today's video did i drop out of college let's find out we've officially arrived to the gym we're gonna go smack some chesticles aka some chesties let's go get in there and get this workout going because your boy is tingling let's go is that some rise is that code jesse what okay he's decked out if you guys need some rise code jesse saves you ten percent off you're in order did you use code jesse of course let's go baby all right so we're gonna be going off my 12 week program first link in the description if you guys want to cop it but we're gonna be doing some flat bench going a bit heavy today i'm trying my strength back hitting rp's hitting everything perfect from the program and just going hard okay last warm-up set 225. one thing i like to say about bench is you got to practice it just like you're going to do it when you're maxing out you're not practicing your form while warming up and doing it like you're doing a really heavy set your phone's gonna fall apart so my friends practice your safe sets i'm thinking we get like a 295 today that is light work [Music] four four baby that program is working i have not hit 295 in that long that easy you guys are wondering if i'm going to school good question i'll be honest with you guys i have not been there since october i'll explain it [Music] oh the jessie's are out so you guys are probably wondering why did i leave school did i drop out officially and kind of the details so listen i stopped going to school when i went to california i'm halfway through my road trip it was just way too much to do and to do social media as a full-time gig and as you guys know as i explained earlier social media is a full-time job it's a full-time paying job and everything which i'm super grateful for but to be able to do that and school just did not work out at all and i actually felt that i was losing opportunity to be trying to do school at the same time that i could be doing on socials on business and everything that i really truly wanted to do to answer your question no i'm not going to school but there's still more to the story too that's how a man puts a place on [Music] and listen this was not an easy decision to make nor was it a quick decision to make this actually took months and months and i was going to school for two full years two and a half years before making any sort of decision i made sure i weighed out all the pros and cons financially and everything and i know for a fact i made the right decision [Applause] [Music] that's a d cups right there next we're gonna be doing a peck deck and we slap in the inside chest but listen before you guys get all angry and start typing all the hate comments about me leaving school i want you to think about this for a second first of all if i wasn't in the position i am because of you guys i probably would still be going to school doing the normal cookie cutter routine that society tells us to are you mad at me or are you angry are you pissed because i'm not going to school or because society's telling you that you're supposed to go to school so kind of decipher that before you start showing any hate it's all love here i'm just doing what i love and it's all because of you guys so i just want to say thank you of course [Music] everybody wants to get huge but hey nobody want to lift some heavy ass weight i'm just i'm just quoting ronnie coleman a lot today [Music] [Music] i'm feeling myself right now guys i want you guys to look at it this way every second that i'm in school working on projects is a missed opportunity for social media the more jesse does social media the more of a future i can build for myself and businesses so that's why school does not work for me it's not for everybody but if it is for you that's good for you i'm happy for you go kill it get that 4.0 gpa now i'm not encouraging you guys to go to school or not to go to school i'm just telling you what i've been up to and that way you guys can understand where i've been what i've been doing and my status for being in school or not and we're gonna be moving on to some triceps baby try speed tries feed the guys i don't maybe we should just cut that out let's just cut that one we're gonna do some triceps making our way onto the back of the arm make sure you train your triceps more than your biceps because guys they make up two thirds of your arms if you want bigger arms train your triceps go and try your luck test me in again we let it ring please don't start us up got that black and white game please [Music] let's keep it rolling [Music] now if you guys are wondering what my parents thought of all of this in the college and leaving college aka dropping out we're gonna talk to them in a little bit we got two more exercises so let's fly through it and let's see what john and karen have to say about everything listen guys safety first always wear your seat belts when going at an accelerated speed [Music] so and just like that we are finished with the arm workout triceps are complete we're gonna head home get some food in us so let's head home baby i chimed in with the haven't you people ever heard of taking a bite of a build bar the consistency is amazing it tastes great so many dang flavors listen sometimes you're on the go and you don't have that much time but for me i rely on my built bar because the consistency taste and overall the variety of all different flavors really gets me going and i hope that you guys try it out first link in the description you know my parents always wonder why is jessie in the shower so long it's the build bars nothing else makes you guys use my code for 20 off first link in the description get yourself a billbar for real check out built bars they have an amazing new flavor lineup so good and also they are guilt-free because you're having such a good snack for amazing protein and calories first link down below and now it's the moment of truth where we're going to talk to my parents about how they felt when i initially told them that i was going to drop out of college so i don't know what the hell that thing is what you guys literally wonder where i'm getting my weirdness from what okay now when i initially were starting youtube and it started taking off where was your guy's head for me and going to school did it make sense for me to continue and how did you feel about me wanting to drop out yeah out of your mind and it's gonna fail it's gonna be bad it took a while to get used to it you know me i'm leaving you're a dreamer i was like go do it jesse do whatever it's gonna make you happy because i know you work hard whatever you do and me i'm thinking like get a real job and i'm like don't get a good job my dad would tell me all the time to get a real job and i said just give me a few months and things worked out really well so now with everything established obviously you guys know more than other people might know about everything going on in my life now what is your opinion now put the books down and pick the damn camera up it's funny how it always seemed crazy in the beginning and then now it's like you better pick the camera up and go do it because it's a full-time job so if you guys are at home and you have a big dream and you're not getting either the support or the understanding of that dream give it time and just trust the process because it will come together okay so now the next thing i want to talk to you guys about is when i first dropped out was it scary watching your son no longer follow the traditional path of going to college of course everybody knows go to college get a good job get a degree that's what the world does i've known you since you i always knew there was a creative side to you so i saw it coming now i'm okay i mean it took a while to embrace the change i'm good with it once you saw the results yeah because i am batman overall it was super terrifying to be able to tell my parents that i didn't want to go to school anymore and that it was the better decision for me to make and i'm really glad it turned out really well and i know that they're glad that it turned out really well because otherwise who the hell knows what would have happened if you guys are looking to change your life don't be afraid to take a big leap make sure it's a calculated decision and that way you always keep moving forward and you're doing things the right way so we're going into the my lasik surgeon because your boy is blind and we need to see if we need to get my lasik redone i got it done about a year ago i have no idea let's hope for the best you gotta love being an adult do you be able to just like tell me like like how bad my one eye is oh like what was it it was twenty two hundred so the right one was pretty bad that's bad yeah that's pretty bad so that's some work your left eye yeah you're just practically can't see it oh my gosh that's so bad let's get dilated all right you can wipe your eyes and then we just have one more oh burns a little bit you see now the question is will jesse go blind only time will tell so hit that subscribe button before uh i need to get new eyeballs so we're back home it's been a little while my eyes are not dilated anymore i'll keep you guys updated on the process of whether i need to get lasik or not hopefully i don't need to again i got it about two years ago we'll see what happens who knows the past few days i've been packing all my stuff as i will be moving to a very new place let's just say i'm leaving new jersey i'm signing a six month lease this is all because of you guys and i would not be moving without all of your support every time you hit the like button you watch a video or use my code jesse at check out or you buy a workout program or anything it helps me so much and i know this is just saying thank you to all of you but you watching you right there thank you i really love you and appreciate you if you guys are new to the channel make sure you guys like comment and subscribe most importantly turn on your post notifications so you don't miss another video i'll catch you in the next one ceremony's baby [Music] peace