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[Music] we both have been playing incredible oh I would've been right there with you honestly it's better than how do you recognize because I mean I'm getting a chance to do something and I don't normally do which is commentate and you get and you're just getting content galore for a YouTube video ninja and Jax 9 Street you know anything like oh it's great I'm getting for what New Year's happens cuz I'm gonna missing some stream this is this is great there's a guy outside my building shack yeah the little shack this was like one gun spawn yep wait above us right next to me and he's got a weapon hold it tag him once to them up there and throw nades Adam they're whole buildings consigned I might've tagged one hard really hard now oh my god that's item ID just kobe one on me one one shot on me he dropped down he's my tacos again good job he was so so so I actually don't like the FAMAS at all I don't like any verse weapons with in this playlist say you don't like any general yeah you may not like in general I don't mind if I'm on the like you don't know you just don't know how much you're hitting people that was the scary yeah behind coming from retail let's drink another yeah I'm thinking factor 50 poison really about me fix air ballooning Oh christ almighty Vicki's not tack another to the whole team coming out now you got nothing he's absolutely absolutely one-shot him 25 25 25 yep Wow that was insane I literally just been a disgusting way bro I see one of the field out there tagged a heavy sniper oh my god oh right infront of us nice shot sorry buddy once downloaders heads up loon up top guy to our trees directly front of us and one of our left once coming down the mountain that mist oh no I knocked him have my sight sight the one on the left I'm holding structure up another porcinis flying at another game ending kill can he do it no no she left corage Wow Wow Oh calculator chat no you're nothing not one I have a deagle brother not what I'd Tyler please please how many do you have high 14 bro someone said karma right after you got sniped real wrong to try to keep you trapped tipline throw you off yeah but dude the most buggy things they never put in for tonight I'll say that that was me wait ziplining right above us I don't here we are again really really gain really Kate we're gonna do that to me huh samandar only ten remain courage looking for an angle he has one but it's not enough even mama go see is a woman encourage JD there's no woman he can't slay look at that campfire he knows he's setting up a campfire fate into a launch pad get away that's he's eight steps ahead of his enemies and three ahead of his next girlfriend but he's rather grey they're gonna gather up those minis nice little built battle of your courage right against option there you like to see this player and what's going on in his head it's a guy's building right in front of them at those paradise thrift she's gonna say what's inside for me Santa thank you I've been a good boy again but yes you have Bridgman yes you out seven other players wants to get involved in any of these battles are any fights that are gonna go down so we can use that crispy third party beautiful Deedle snipe shot there it is especially tell courage is pp was tucked away for that one you call around not gonna connect looks like these guys are playing tic-tac-toe three in a row what's inside my little tiny bow courage still looting greedy greedy he is needy for a better shotgun than the green pump that he has but courage is taking his time player has been eliminated is what it looks like maybe not here comes a show [Music] no it's not but this lazy here though we're it's gonna knock them out here it's a pyramid it's not looking good for courage here's another shield daddy Santa has fur it's been a good boy we're gonna find out right here right now the galaxy flares and he's got Audi here it is another battle ground here it is disguise soaring so high in the sky courage keep the poppies balloons even higher Jack he's just lined up like a little oh you're done you don't really think that they're better than me at this game now bro they really think I have it involved 15 wins we have 15 wins duo squad Xander you've clutched four of them I mean at this point how are you not subbing YouTube channel how are you not a member of the courageous I don't know what else to say chat another plane flying over us it's actually really low we just kill them all yep they both instant here it blew up right in front of me I'm swayed he's also dead [Laughter] wait how much damage is this guy just so element 45 health and no healing and I'm getting rushed by two people at the end of sneer Tyler are you the one down low or a pine top they focus got off on the plane booked the plane I'm driving out of the zone I'm just driving away that help no way I just got sniped on my moving car ladies and gentlemen ninja now getting tagged up hit 425 player just on the hill outside jilted challenger that a k9 is remaining keep the streak alive until the ability down class the opponent gets a chapter the cone does he admit a turret oh the trap play goes in and the toxic dance oh dear God watching Janel rotating on out 8 team eliminations combined between the two right now 5 a win streak if he wins this game ladies and gentlemen Santa Claus will drop off on early Christmas gift for a ninja has ninja been a good boy this year who knows let's see these guys look sweaty here come the snowballs that you really came here with oh man they have fun one player building a balanced attack industry that's not his enemy I wonder if he knows one player close by by shields bye bye baby that's good job player lo a nice not fair to do on the hill above shoot sounds one can't get the tags I was a dope slingers gonna heavy sniper he can get shot down here at one bullet this is such a bold play for bicha what is he doing no fall damage take the build ninja above one above two buckle my shoe he's got the old fat eyebrows dire how about you go back to season six buddy we don't like Teen Wolf fans here and oh ho ninjas now trapped in a box uh-oh Santa Claus mrs. Claus's home and she's people on the edge of their seat ready to get thousands of subs Oh billfold Santa's home we get shot in the back wish the dire Santa Clause hits him for a big 70 all the pressure on engineer thousands and thousands watching drop son doubt she's gonna put the tire tag Santa's hit him again 140 use help oh no that's a huge crack ninja here's his own he realizes to open this could be his downfall a third party is now entered the fight a stitch of wool flied away to live to see another day 43 health no heels and oh no it's a tier 4 Linksys player as I got outside since season 7 release 5 and the diary not seems to come back to life after a res from Santa Vincent he's an absolute god another player off to his West as well in east manages the other two 220 is this than just chance I mean you've got a protected to pick up the minis here the camp fire and possibly grapple on out of here to safety to reset some of this high ground let me strap it on top and so longer got the high ground here we go folks ninja look gonna retake it's above the enemies beautiful job say to himself cut he dropped out of time sweat dripping from his brow it's hunting season for ninja there goes one down goes to it's a positive person three in to visit one versus two 101 versus one ninja millions watching the hopes of many kids Christmases lie in this victory the so moving towards ninja the enemy having a panic fill then you can sit here all day dodges the night endzone window window what a way to end it folks and the dance comes through JJ right there that's how you end it sixteen weeks six and a half hours we put him work right there huh do you all do we 115 duo squads today yeah I mean in six hours think about that I guess that's half decent i guess that's half decent huh [Music]