I FOUND an OCEAN TEMPLE in Minecraft epic Part 11





It's minecraft date the favorite kind of date, I love minecraft. No, I'm not addicted. Okay Sven Oh god, no Sven is lost again. Sorry guys another rescue mission necessary get away from him Spain Get away from that dirty sheep. Come here Teleport teleport Sven Get away from him No God. Oh God. Thank God (Subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom)stay there stay stay there sick never spaek him again You come near my dog again, if you so even go close to breathing in this distance. That's right Don't look at me when I speak look at me when I speak to you. I mean, where's my where's my axe? I would no, you know what even better. I will put this and I think you know where I will put it mr. Sheep (Subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom) Mr. Walter. She you stay in this prisoner and you stay in this person forever Jeb. What kind of name is he? All right, let's name him actually, yep this time because I want to see what this is all about That's what this is all about. No way I pick up one thing. Oh, yeah. I have this ocean Explorer map, but first How do you do it? Okay, you put this here and then you type Jeb underscore and says yep on this score Okay. All right. All right. What's shooting me? Who shoot at me? Yeah You're not water cow what did water cow go ah Water cow. Oh God Water can we're all you which one is water cow, which one is water cat? God I keep getting sidetracked. Also. I improved the IKEA Tower It looks really nice. I like it. It's really nice from the distance - what else I changed flooring? There's anyone care. Of course you do. Yeah, what Peter buy change flooring in Minecraft? That's awesome. Let's listen here. Yellow scoundrel I don't like you. I'm giving this. Oh my god, that's awesome Yay He's changing Why Okay. All right. You know what? I'm not gonna lie. That was pretty epic I'm not gonna you know, I'll give credit where credit is due So I'm gonna feed you for the first time in base, but only to keep you alive alright Don't get any hopes. You're staying there forever. Oh gosh, wait, sorry I got a I got a I got a do this. Well, this is get just give me one. Just give me one second I'll I'll just got it. Okay, let's feed the these bastards. Not you which one is watertown, which one of you is wonder cow? One cow lucky cow is going to become Porter cap. Oh, okay. You can become water follow me Bobby gosh Walter cat would not give me this trouble. Come here. Hey You have one destiny in this life and it's to become water cow with enough training Get in just get it. Just get it. There you go, or you worry cap I'm gonna train you every day. And one day you're gonna live up to become water count guys. Darn it. Okay, where was I? Yes, yes. Yes, of course My horse uragan. Okay. I'm not gonna lie. That's pretty I think God there's so many distractions in this game. I never know what I'm doing seriously. Oh, yes. I have one quick thing I really know you so if you take gunpowder and paper, which I've been farming from the paper Farm that I have out there you see the paper form You can make okay, so I'm a Minecraft veteran. So I remember fireworks not neither freaky-deaky how Since when did they add fireworks? Alright. Yep, if that is your real name, look it he doesn't. Yeah, you better not look whoa Where's the explosion Is that it? Wow That's so cool and yet again look at this He loves and he loves it, where's Sven Sven look at this Man, come here. Come here boy. Alright, look at this He loves it alright Sven it's time for this epic gamer to hand out on epic adventure through the nether Portal, how do I oh, yeah later later Gamer so last episode or a few episodes ago I try to blow up these skies houses, right? It didn't really work out But I have another plane also Apparently you can find a bunch of stuff in the nether like materials and like these blaze rods that are really important I haven't seen anything. Where are they? Help me. Help me gosh, darn it. We're like, we're hello Looking all I see is pigs and the stupid nether. I hate pigs. They're not good not good like melon food-wise anyone watch Ok gamers here. We frickin go. Wait. It's just the wrong Ah Nether portal more like nothing in here portal hopefully pop booty pop booty snow pretty Okay gamers three average later. Literally we are here Okay. This is it. Oh It's getting dark that's perfect Joe tada, okay gamers. This is gonna be an epic gamer moment because we're gonna burn It's all made of wood right I wish I could bring Jerry into this because he would love to see this Jurgen loves to see other people's houses burned down It's one of his favorite things Okay, alright gamers Sweden Okay, okay, don't worry, don't worry don't worry gamers. Oh God I made the bitch now, are they shoot themselves dummy dumb? Okay, so, how do I not that that how do I not that do I start from the top? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we start from the top fire burns from top to bottom everyone knows this What am I doing? Gosh, so dark, I'm like legally blind. I got a lit up Don't worry guys. I'm gonna leave. Okay. Okay. This is further freaking place Bing bong Bing. Oh, No, not your pretty place it looks so good I'm burning I am burning I am on fire. I am on fire with this house. It hurts. How God does it hurt Oh God all right, I bet about Oh God oh god, you're good. Y'all get back up. Oh god. I'm almost dead It's fine fine gamer gaming week ok gamers time to bounce. Oh, that's what I like to see Smash like if that was epic. Alright, I think this one takes us back home actually Slant Jernigan it was epic. Not you it was very epic. Here you go eat Alright gamers Spend jurgen, please look away because I have something that I have to do And I don't really I've been trading to do this I'm gonna have to It has to be done Okay, suddenly. I feel like sleeping crazy. Oh my god. What are you doing here? What are you selling? Garbage, you're selling garbage slime balls. It's okay. I'll take it. I'll take a slime ball. I'll take a sign ball. Oh Don't don't mind me. Yes. I know. I'm rich it's whatever Just because you're poor like don't feel bad. It's all about the storms. All right. Give me the slime ball Give me the slime ball. Give it a slime ball. I asked you for one thing Slime boy, please Can I level up this guy? No, you can't What for for one slime ball? Get out of the way. I spit on you. Oh god He took my money took my money took my money for for one slime ball. Get the freak out of my house How dare you say? What do you stand? Daddy I Will kill you too Technically you're not responsible, but I will do it But I don't want to kill in front of your again your your kind your cousins, whatever you are. Okay? Slime ball my slime ball and stupid slime ball and dummy Dum-dum you spent you if you saw what I just saw you'd be so angry So I'm not even gonna tell you what just happened. So the reason why I murdered all these sheeps Is because Apparently you can dye the sheep. And then that way you don't have to please people playing if you know what I mean But there's a bunch of freaking. All right lamps. I'm really sorry about that. I hope we can still work together Gosh, why are they all still here do I physically have no one? I need to separate them and I have no one I Must have someone I have known that I knew I had one God, damn, I'm a gamer. This is how you know, I'm a gamer. Get out of my sight How dare you stick with him guy? Alright, I'll deal with you in a second Alright, I need y'all to come over here. Y'all come over here. That's right. Dummy dump your bunch of dummy thumbs You know that being bond being bomb Goddamn locked in now gosh, dammit. I need carpet AAS a freakin peepee All right we go birthday Get out of my way. I hate cheap Okay. All right shape come here dummy dumps You're a bunch of dummy thumbs you fell for the oldest trick in the book All this trick in the book and you fell for it Dummy thumbs spend what are you doing here? Don't talk to these guys Don't talk to these guys. I don't want you near them And we'll do another section here perfect Okay, if I get this right I can die. I can buy them. Oh my freaking licky licky That's all so so now when they freak they'll make white Yellow babies question mark yes. All right, you guys be blue? Okay, all right awesome, I like this and then I want red, okay look so crazy African I'll do more blue I like the way All Right today gamers eat Thanks to sheep Dumb me thumbs Spanish. I told you not to talk to these guys, please. Okay, you guys will be black shell and Oh, no, I ran out of dye. Which means you die Okay, I treat you. Well, I treat you all well, but you have to behave. Oh, no ran out oopsie oopsie oopsie Sorry, I'm so sorry get it. Let's get out of here. Let's get out of this ditch these creeps. Can you guys freak off Oh Both Gallo is back gamers don't care is back both couch back now. Get out. Get out. I don't want to kill a llama Oh, that's so weird. The llamas just disappeared Hey, are you guys making out Jesus Sven? Spent you're not God Okay, it's fine it's fine What was I doing? Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I got it. I got it. I got it. So now we can finally We can fin element there as we say in this fandom Complete the IKEA Tower in its glorious form the way. It's meant to be. All right, shake a sheep chop chop chop chop chop, let me show and Hey I want to I want nothing. I want nothing to do with you. You're garbage. You're trash. You're all trash. Give me nothing to me At least you're not. Yep. Think about that. I lose you're not yet. Oh my god. You guys go fast. You're all right Stop growing stop. I said stop. Okay. So now we complete IKEA Tower. How should we do it? Why? Oh my god, IKEA Tower is so beautiful. I'm teary-eyed I never thought a monument would have such impact and meaning for me But it's truly a sight to see if you guys ever pass by in my area in my minecraft server You gotta come check out the IKEA Tower. I'm telling you Let's sing never on you Oh Right, I forgot to show you guys. I got a swimming pool. It's pretty epic. Look I got trampoline as well okay, and The best part it's pot. It's it's lava powered Yeah I'm actually 12 Okay, I know you're impressed Stuart lava powered cutting-edge technology only minecraft veterans would understand Oh my god. It's beautiful glory to the IKEA tower it will guide me in the darkest hour to my way back home to uragan and Spend the force sent please We talked about this you cannot talk He still loves me guys, he still loves me he chooses not to look at me for a fervor purpose Alright just sitting there, please. I can only want one boat cow and one only where did my boat go? All right Well fine just as long as boat cows things. I don't really care what he does It's been half the time in this game. Just categorizing my items The gamers will understand I don't know if this is a good idea but I have this man that goes to an Ocean Explorer and I'm like that's pretty epic. I kind of want to check it out So we're just gonna do that gamers because that's what minecraft is all about. Okay, so let's check out this map Sven This looks like it's pretty freaky deaky far away We might have to bring we might have to bring how do I know how far away that is hold it in one hand Yeah, we're a tiny little dot aren't we son? So then you're gonna have to hold down the fort I'm gonna check out through the portal first Alright, so let's look at the map. Okay. Looks like we're getting closer So we have to head north or west Okay gamers. Let's go the now that might nether sucks Everyone keeps saying I find I'm really lucky in this game, but I find a lot of stuff But my nether saw got its it is not good don't like it. There's nothing there's nothing here. Help me find stuff gamers Come on, how North cannot be talking here in gamers. Oh, I have a gamer question If I didn't makes men sit down and I go that no he wouldn't teleport but further than the nether port No, that would be impossible. I have so many questions Looks like we went to look for gamers And back it go Houston. Yeah. All right. Let's try this portal. I Think this is from where I got the mat to begin with and we gotta go Okay, fine this this'll do it'll do as we say in Sweden. Did it do it? Will you ever restock gosh freaky? All right, so he's the one that saw me there man Okay, we gotta go North north to my horse. God, I wish you're against murugan was here. Should we go should we just get uragan? I think it'll be quicker. Anyway. Oh, yeah, you guys told me I don't know if this is true But if the underneath the Bell, you should dig it at you. Ah My paper my paper. It's gonna get wet can't see anything. Hello Are you guys lying to me you're lying to me again can it see this is what happens when you break tress Oh Wow, that was so cool guys. Thanks for the tip. Really appreciate it Apparently I'm supposed to be able to fit Jurgen in the boat, which seems crazy How How does he fit in boat Jurgen get in the boat? Jörgen get in the boat? Whoa, so if I drop the lasso, I still have it That makes no sense. Oh, I had two of them We got a head outspend my man, I'm sorry, but last time you nearly drowned and I'm not putting that through again Let's go you're gone Hey, look, it's your uncle here again Maybe one day I altai my uncle see this is what I like. Me and Jurgen own adventures just Like having a bro time isn't that right killing she wait can the water temple be on land No Misaka in flaw scible Wait what Nunnally the freaky deaky picky? Okay. So before we head out, I'm gonna have to dig up some sand For our sand temple now who would bring their horse to a water temple, you might ask a Man that loves his horse. Don't judge right Jurgen. Normally I would leave you there, but I don't try. I just don't trust you God I don't like this it's so far away, you know, is that it? Okay, your again we set up base here Oh freak it's so deep Oh God, ah Comfort Jurgen, you can swim right? It's fine, right? Oh, yeah. I have knocked back on my sword. They fly back so hard Stake All right, cool so it's dark as well that's excellent I can already not see underwater I know you can use like a potion to make you see underwater and stuff, but that's for lamer gamers And I'm not a lame regular. I'm just a gamer. So I think if you put a door, oh god, it's not gonna work What am I doing? Okay I Literally can't even see it anymore. Did I bring my acquaintance your helmet? No, I didn't I forgot it. Ah gosh alright Wait is over there it's north. Oh it is there I don't think that's it What what is this Yeah, what would it say? Whoa, it's so cool Dye it shouting mate. Oh My god is shouting me What is that oh My god, alright, let's go to the top first I Got what is these laser looking son of a guns? Don't know don't shoot a gamer I'll block it Was that it thought oh you got All right think this is the entrance All right, so now we just placed it What the Frick is that? Oh It's a fence Frick. I put on the wrong thing Okay, so I can breathe in the doors See this I'm actually so nervous Okay, all right keep our head cool let's think about who with love and who we were doing this for I wish I brought more doors. I put down the fence. I'm supposed to put down the gate Let me try this. Just okay Yeah, I wish I brought an axe Way, I physically can't break it down What about the gate? Can I break down the game? Oh wait, I have the mining sickness thing. Right? Is that what it is? We're gonna do shoot with laser. Oh I didn't mean that Oh, thank you, that's good man. This is making me anxious. Oh, okay Doors are off. I freaked up here again. I freaked up Your again, you light up my world now wait cabaret music. Let's not fuck with it God I just have to rain and be so epic all the time. I Just have one normal chill episode. Where's my boat? There? You are set a freaking wizard desert. Oh, yeah, it's gaming time Oh god, oh god is fat This is really bad, oh god, I'm crazy That was a really bad idea. Oh You're again Oh God shoo Let's not do that, I'll do that. Ah, yes the tower The tower of Ikea guys the way Doors They spent doors Lots of doors unless you're a door don't talk to me anymore Rain again. It's the desert. Come on knotch, but I don't work on game anymore fit not This makes no sense. So I just realized something the map hasn't been filled in Oh, it has a low bang I think the water temple we found is a different one because it doesn't match the map, right? Juergen Perkins Morgan. I Would have set up a camp there Okay Bing bong Bing Oh All right, we are officially in 42 doors let's do this get away get away shoosh Okay 42 Okay, all right we've been in here Another door Let's place a door in each room. All right, it looks like I already did thank you. I Swear, I've been in here what there's nowhere to go. Are you kidding me? Oh I can go up here. Whoa. Oh my gosh. I'm gonna get lost. Okay Don't worry. I'll remember just follow the door sir, Omaha. This makes absolutely no sense. By the way. I Bet everyone else that did this just like Prepared properly. I'm just like doors. I'll bring doors. Oh, you can go down there. Uh-huh. All right What about here? There's something here gamers Nothing door door door All right, so wait that means we got to go down here Hey, dude, I'm a door All right, I'm a dude Where do you go? Okay. Oh, there is Oh God Frick. This place is huge Alright, alright, let's go back. There's nothing here. I'm trying to remember the layout so that when it all comes down I Will not freak up. Oh gosh. It's dark in here. Alright, so nothing up here down here No, nothing. What am I doing? Nothing here either what the freaky god? I'm so anxious. This is so stressful If I die uragan Alright, that's a bit more than I bargained Eat ass. Oh Wait, oh I take damage. Hey I'm just a guy in with a thorn Okay, we can go up here again 36 more doors it's fine plenty of doors got plenty of doors Wait, where am I? Oh god door the door Huck I'm stuck. I'm stuck Thor Thor I need the door AAS a freaking PP. Oh If they bubble down They die epic. I Think I'm supposed to go up here freak away you little PPP Come on Now I've been here So I think The pressure is in that thing And if I just drink this boat cow milk the potion disappears and I can just mine my way through. Oh We found it door Door here dammit. We got the thing again LARP Give me that gold Yes, oh god, I need to Nicole Nicole Nicole Give me the gold Oh Todd thorne. Oh god Thor I Breathing you're gonna be okay. That's perfect. I can nearly stand here. Okay. Oh We got over the gold we got a little yes, yes, yes. Yes. Yes assistance Plan for this gamer to bounce From wherever you came from which I don't really remember yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes Lay oh god, let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Yeah Yeah, I got Gotta get back. I Got the gold yard again, I got the gone Ha ha ha ha cheese my way through it baby. Oh My god, that was stressful Let's head back home here again. You're very good. Boy. You're again Oh God, we're sinking you're again You're gonna stop dancing Jurgen this is not a dancing contest You can't do the stanky leg yard. Can we talked about this many times? Okay, it makes me uncomfortable that you're walking on two legs. Can you stop please? This is what happens when you teach your pets the stanky leg She's never looked as beautiful Look at that symbol of trust and hope again We're back homes that it was epic, I believe I got a drink somewhere more of that delicious. I Don't mind if I do. Thank you Don't judge me Now what am I gonna do with that gold? You might ask Sven. Well, it's for an old friend Alright guys, that's it for this week's episode white what? Smash like for another one and I see you and spend tomorrow buy What you never played super simulator You know, it's fun right I'm not supposed to give my opinion But give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not not convinced yet. Okay. I'll cut you a deal The game is available for free and that's a great price