I Got Lost in NYC and Almost Died EPISODE 2

not a beautiful really bad week for me but I'm just gonna wait in a mission to with my freakin [Music] all right my mom said I will never run away I'm not doing don't you get bettina prints mom this why I decided to run away from home because I'm gonna become a movie star I'm finally gonna be in a movie I'd done everything I just like spanked your two seasons on my showing that flick tuba really sound didn't sleeping I've accomplished so many big things in my life movie is the next Fame and as we all know we'll be stars are found on Broadway his Broadway ask movie stars as the early characters instead of Broadway actor so I figure if I just go to New York and say hey give me a Broadway show I'll immediately get a movie you should be pretty easy cuz I'm already a celebrity someone's asleep right now yeah I found a flight to New York City that means tonight it's over the night so I just have to get her gonna come on she'll never even know it she's gonna be so freaking worried hmm bad mom shouldn't have cut off my hand and she got me super-sized I meant on old she's also been breathing a lot louder than normal lately which is willing testing me also that's why I'm going to New York also be movie star or Lavigne two nights while she's asleep I think now's a good time to come get her credit cards please ah neat what's golden in your Cassini [Music] [Music] doing it running away from home doing it doing it [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] freaking lost will indeed really from her immediate and here was a long travel my mom has no idea my Suzy did that so next up he's just finding a place to live that's what I'm what you don't know no pictures today thank you very busy literature thank you thank you oh yeah I think they'll be pretty easy to find place to live because I'm a swan buddy [Music] I'm filming this right so far running away from home great [Music] oh very peppy needed and now I'm gonna get the measles I found it this is Central Park you can come here please great I can't bring this please brass his songs I am allergic but I like being a chi so for the minutes no no no Paul for my mom she must be really worried don't be calling any second Oh cam watch the center you hail a cab you just don't like this and they won't let you in the course it's just kind of staring at me vegetable principally staring at me I got fans everywhere I walk trying to picture to me that whole time Oh soon I reckon I'm gonna get moving - Nonnie more who's gonna get freakin team on time so she's in that's right follow me you go worship Christ in New York singing some bullying I'm swinging cheaply as Jesus would say because we're going to Christ wonderful a robot I'm supposed to make sure nobody's for my talk home do not trust robot a robot would definitely speak in my tongue [Music] anything I've ever danced with robots here a jewelry repair indeed I mean right where I want to stand entire store for food film pervert simple it was mostly like the Fiji trying to thank me son is going down he's don't have a place to freaking say and repeat so my and then quenching for hours [Music] [Music] we smart person I met so far man hey - you told me you get to a hometown gotta find a hotel which is come a freaking impossible meal but that's what we gotta do so if I don't tell I can just sit there until it may be a different wife and will give me their house our family was very selfish Anna I heard she just had her hair pink I think I don't have a choice guys I think it's time I'm going to have to do something I never thought I would have to do something terrifying the worst thing I could have imagined scariest plates that you've ever been seen a hole in long veins I want these for sale counts on stopping for me they cannot bring any donations which means I have to assembly to the Broadway show it's normally only peasant take the subway we gotta do what I gotta do and I probably will [Music] breathing voluntarily go into prison [Music] Metro is for like here can we [Music] [Music] [Music] so poor in my heart [Music] he's 98 don't you have to be a worse day in my life I heard that in the subway there was ran those the only thing else would be port - I didn't see a single way no it's nighttime I don't have a single place to sleep no make friends a phony bank and then my fans had given me their house they have got one last thing I gotta try me if I can just get into a Broadway theater or get on the Broadway stage then they'll just be like oh she's famous and they'll give me a house here in New York but she's getting over on me clean or easy [Music] [Music] Broadway salutes me because I haven't been speaking into my New York I've seen how we don't understand some just sneezed on me we traced I never won the stupid shadow me [Music] nighttime I'm storing the safe don't let him in on the Broadway stage I'm gonna have to wait till tomorrow that means up this weekend my games we're just gonna have to all time swear I'm Memphis leaves I think we're in the wild No nope I can have a few gin for dinner [Music]