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yeah boys listen we're dropping 85 points I don't care what any of you say we of course they call me that old mongrel dude that's how good I ever this game now listen I want this I want I want the effort that you would give it like like a ten million dollar tournament that's what I want from this today this is my this is my twitch come on baby I'm so fed up I don't know how to even do that so I'll see you guys you have to fighting it here well there's a tag the blue guys for a lot of shields I can't shoot that at this big that's good we're gonna straight up with torches hang another one the 40 Fort Knox what I'm getting out and get out I had a Mary Marauder not playing bass up Southside Oh shot the other one out oh my god total bond one more on myths the job I know him there you go I guess we're kind of getting there now another place who's what is happening them on the way myth wait wait thanks papa dude it's been too long good to be back I don't even see what they're shooting from question last night yo y'all fighting in Luke right by modern fighting by modern someone's building up the Lakers help tax 142 shield dad is that guys absolutely one shot that got stolen that's one shot got him dropping here on the island oh you do that's pretty good then hey do ya maybe that's why you're having to heal this island on this island oh yeah doc - I'm gonna crapple noscope this last guy watching actually the last guy - guys I'm gonna be honest I got this chicken parmesan farm a brother it is all good and that is a worthwhile distraction shoes yeah you guys have told us before the lips of our hub like that I'm here don't worry I'm here he comes smooth entrance food entrance how on earth so that just have to chat nice you got you got a big shield there you got a big show there he's got a quad law trick and shoot you down faster that's a weak bill you just simple nice and smart I mean not laser me need please oh it's a 1v1 you got yeah you got this bro no oh my god nice you got this oh he's on the supply yes dude your vivid bro this kid some trembling right now he wishes he was you dog literally this kid worships you vivid it's like he's trying to lose high ground on purpose oh he wishes he was used he's gotta be out of maths right he wishes he with you but it's covin he wishes he was here okay okay I was about to have Steve with five thousand bits wait that six of limbs I just looted a chastity of six limbs for tonight freakin IRL snacks bro yes time has come man I want these off these happy and sad gingerbread cookies okay okay I want slurping juices I want to switch prime lootpack three all right roll I'm just gonna get an ear zone rifo is here too 67 language said oh my god there are 67 left holy shit and wait I do not own advance all right we gotta get it together everyone leave let's I gotta play this part yeah like my whole careers on the line people expect me to win these with the ease bro I think we're all in is there anybody have a phone card team I have I have one all right give the new shotgun to our best player crop below me I hit him shield why you're not falling on me boys tag shield place a sign about it I'm getting getting a lot of hits for this thing nobody hit somebody hit another 70 tagged wonder if that beam rip be more ripped in 30 oh my god not another one sir nice watch out this is team rifting it right above you guys I killed the guy on top for good Reds links has hit three times Fred Lee sitting area red link oh she's no shuttle redleg redleg sit 32 warm white pistol down round yo-yo just one shot sorry you guys missed me help help MIT help MIT 50 help them down on me since 71 she'll take up a base a basketball girl well dr. Basso chick command office I'm gonna destroy you pissed on three oh you thrilled that nails wow what a shot 53 white 8200 white white guys Hayes on the bottom forty six cool let's go boy let's go baby bro I did not miss the whole time up top jet Oh are we to squat or what do you man goddamn hear it well my drop yeah you guys don't even know man I'm teaching how to drop out here Chad there's a build battle out there I'm nowhere near yeah you guys can take the mushrooms got knockers I'll do we fight this oh we gotta go we gotta go 23:19 they trained it they trade it heavy we're gliding right in front of us plane flying over search our planes going to throw them there's a lot of loot there guys oh if you can uh yeah play some ball please hold up hey to us seventy tag on the guy there's two teams there now as oh it's interpreted what got him seafood we'll finish nice yet HP we got guys got 12 elimination so down there yeah that's quote he's landing on the back 25 he's way that guy white by the boy I should probably push that so we knock this we got to go we got to go not the space no no we gotta go we gotta go it's only hold up I went in nice snug unless I can don't finish 247 fall damage no hundred knocked dead bite look shot duck them my clock tower they'll be up till the epochal the o'clock we call me Tommy good job Rowe oh my got a whole squadron front me right should I knock off there should I not go up there yeah you might wanna play for yourself oh yeah the beagles like really up playable you're crazy courage not a mass courage know people won't easily sit and smoke 10,000 IQ bro well smoke save oh no that's the thing you think there's no smoke but they're smoked see I'm the smoke literally a full level above everyone the way I think you know he's doesn't say no yeah sometimes I just don't think it's that young immature side of them I got you bro ouch ouch I believe in you man of course both oh you're gonna have sown that's easy brother you have any launchpad to any chance nope okay hurry until they get hit my shots by bullets yeah he's insane do not even need grapple let's go okay he actually he's he's time he's invisible I'm looking win this game nice stop watch bed perfect you have one pledge you probably Popish okay oh my god oh my god I just got lasered what was that oh sorry wait I'm Kurt I won't even worry about dude there's people wake up and want to be you need augghh freaking Goku guys I died your purpose because I want to be a good one seen it I was thinking the same thing I was like there's no way he died not on purpose yeah am I the only one getting chills from my own gameplay right now chat like literally I was I'm popping some cows in right now dude we're taking off right now uh you say this a hot drop I am looking around I almost don't see anybody that's cuz they're scared Kurt ramblings yeah I gotta go rocket launcher dynamite this game off you explode shit so I will I think my editor salivating right now the fact that I killed seafood 72 hours that's gonna be a juicy ass video I mean real meet next week boys what's that December a drive kicks in oh my good to see you buddy what have you wish I can tell you from where it did okay you sixty-five these bars those fucking punch that guy he hit me in the head in the body huh he said 165 yeah they're like these parties to try to care about okay he was running into a stadium though so oh my god he's insane bro they're awesome attack wait but is YouTube he's hacking me back he's actually insane he taking piss yeah he deceived me hey don't peek at all I see the kid don't peek at all imagine him acts out looking running straight at him I mean I'm down to destroy this whole life and everything is there for no 23 shield Senate 70 loser packing trash pan dude imagine your life is that sad the Apache 2 video game damn it feels bad your mother raised you in her room for nine months she lived her whole life met your father they had intercourse in which they were honored to birth a child just to have them cheat the free video game couldn't be me dog couldn't be made once rushing up big ones like the guy of what shop once very weak in front of me you guys okay now you're fine you're fine I'm holding there's a guy on my rocket sorry to knock it out game on feeding explosion no I will [Music]