I Killed Wild Bill Hickock 1956 Full Length Western Movie Documentary

[Music] yes I killed Wild Bill Hickok it all happens soon after the close the War Between the States the Denver and Rio Grande railroad was helping push the frontier Western it bought train Lord and to Train note of carpetbaggers freebooters farmers Merchants men and women of every Creed and vocation with a boundless sense of adventure ambition and courage to seek their fortune in this golden country it took plenty of courage to leave the last high with civilization the railroad and take to the transportation of the plains the Prairie schooner or the Indian Menace was at its worst to him every wagon metal family and family settled on his hunting ground building towns like Tri City Keshav Redskins what we've done now Oh more sippers killed their homes burned to the ground that around the Shawnee I suppose the cavalry down at Florida El Reno are having too good a time to get out with patrol the countryside like they're supposed to do Joffrey doing the best it can fail don't make no mistake about it they need horses to patrol all that territory horses this they haven't got well if you depend on men like you Bailey the army never will get the horses they need this isn't change I thought you liked Jim Billy I did please have some anytime to get those horses in here well wild horses aren't easy to round up fella I could do better without moving out of the house yeah I know what you mean but you know if I don't get those horses like quick I'm gonna lose to that farming contract well serve you right but that's your friend lately for you all talk and no delivery aren't you gonna have your lunch yeah a little bit I can't eat it big now I'll have something later I'll keep it warm for you all right sis [Applause] no one did anything wrong henrik a note from credit Bradford it's in a whole wagon train wiped out south of here by Indian ambush they'll be caught he didn't have enough cavalry to a school kind of Bedford we abstain got to have those horses dr. fellow Johnny rebels didn't turn out the contact with him yes he promised to bring in a herd but he's new in these parts I think that'll be cake Wildhorse Valley the horse lovers paradise from here the Indian got his fleet-footed ponies and now the white man sought the sturdier stock and I Johnny revel meant to get enough of these beauties to keep the cavalry at Ford El Reno well mounted I might never have come this far West had it not been for a chance meeting with an old friend ring Pardo former Union soldier and famous Indian scout he and my daughter Kate whose mother died during the war talked me into this expedition and go in our home here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] mr. Bailey well I can see the four years of ties have done things to you in more ways than one what do you say needle she's changed huh beautiful as a sunflower you're as poetic as ever I'm very tired I wonder if I could go home I'll have me to drive y'all I got the business beautiful as ever it's nice to see you Sheriff Hickok I mean Bill Jim I just I have some shopping to do before I go to the red I'll have NATO wait for it hey though I won't be long wait for me your job is sure I'll take care of everything else why don't you relax she's yours as far as I'm concerned all I'm interested in this deal is my cut and good old US currency go get it Johnny rebel and with a herd you come you just gonna stand still and let longtree five horses from anybody that isn't in your deal you've got a contract if I was you I'd hold him to it good to see you rebel good to be back Henry oh how do you do miss - yo Johnny ribble Henry spoken so many times of you when you get the horse a tallied up come in the office we don't have a cup of coffee I've got the money for you well fine what do you want me to put them the corrals down at the end of the street how many hidden you bring in about 40 head this time Henry yeah they have a pleasant figure to my ears do it I see you both little boy right I didn't think long tree had enough brains to buck my deal come on [Applause] those are horses up there not Corral Jim shut up sit down yeah those are my order I thought you had a contract with me so I have an exclusive you haven't delivered to me any horses I can't live our policies read the contract tenant it doesn't say anything about a time limit but it does say you're not to buy horses from anyone but me listen Jim I just had word from Colonel Bradford the Indians have wiped out another wagon train the Army's got to have horses right now that stuff is just scared talk now you know as well as I do they're not paying us enough for those horses what we'll do is hold on till the price is right and then we'll clean up Jim you're not talking yeah of course is that little boy in there gonna save a lot of lives Henry in patriotic is all right as long as you're rich enough to afford it being rich has nothing to do with it maybe it hasn't longtree I'd like to give you a little advice I wouldn't deal with anybody but him if I were you do I make myself clear all right I have about a hundred here to go on my deal with rebel soon as he brings them in I'll deal with no one but you I don't think you understood mr. Akaka you're not dealing with anyone but me as of right now now do you understand that what are you going to tell him or no there right now trouble is I very foolishly signed an exclusive deal with it feeling well unfair contracts like that I'm meant to be broken and James she certainly doesn't look like that scrawny kid or left here four years ago she sure has blossomed out heading T right pretty young woman [Applause] Oh James I thought you were a dude so maybe I am oh you're too pretty to be a dude you've been back to either school or something I was but I had to come home my dad died a couple of months ago old Thomas didn't you know oh I just got in town first time I've been here since the guy over the army they just sent me where my job was waiting any longer why did he do that I reckon because I was on Lincoln side wait miss James I want you to meet somebody hey Johnny Johnny level come here Oh miss James I want you to meet Johnny Ralph Oh pleased to meet you mr. rebel oh it's my pleasure miss Jane oh wait just to be over the bunch of horses to Henry long tree it seems as the gallery of the portal Reno's running short of horses we've been having a lot of in trouble so was that skin there were to kill a lot of settlers lately I don't think this is quite the time to bore misgender the trouble talk ring I'm going to be at the ranch for a while come visit me it'll be my pleasure we better get back to work down [Applause] you mustn't feel badly about what was your part of the city they don't know that's good in in bad indeed good white man bad white man if you found a sick fight I'll going to pick up the money from 3/8 part'll what are you doing back in town now if you're president you're responsible for bringing these horses in I don't have to give a cat to you whether you will if you know what's good for you because my butcher is still a dirty horse beat him I just came down here to get a tally and these guys jumped me what's your name rebel Johnny rebel look we're worried and strangers around here mister and you're being with Pargo there's no recommendation so you're the great Wild Bill Hickok we've heard so much about yeah yeah I'm hiccup well you can see and do respect of your law but myself my men are not armed real good and up until now we've broken no laws right not that I know it well until we do leave a swamp I'll be back as soon as I tell you what long tree fellas right Giant I'm not gonna waste words with you you're not in this town in one hour you'll be looking at it from behind bars [Applause] come on Jim got some for me Henry get down Johnny great I've got some bad news for your level yeah what's that some time ago I signed an exclusive contract with Jim Bailey he hasn't brought a herd of horses in with it looks like he's gonna hold me to this contract you're gonna have to find yourself a new buyer now look Henry all I've had around here this morning is trouble I have a contract with you for 140 other horses right there's 40 of them at $30 a head that means $1,200 now do I get my money or do I have to argue with you bye Charlie I intend paying you for the herd that you brought in today I think they can't take any more there's your money you're having trouble Henry what are you doing with this gun bill well I thought maybe something was wrong no well how about that cup of coffee for Johnny remember he promised it to you oh and a cup of coffee gee I'm sorry bill honey this laundry I didn't mean to be so rough on Henry but myself my boys need this money by the way this cannon do you use it me I've been known to I might use it right now [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] why don't you look where you're driving Indian doctor dr. Reid don't you remember me I'm an James what why so it is and James I wouldn't have recognized you when did you get back to our little town I just came in on the stage doc I've got to talk to you about my father uh yes yes of course but uh I'm sorry I don't have much time now I I have to see a patient right away you see he never wrote me he was sick just what did happen well I am it it was just one of those things you see even I didn't realize how sick he was I'm sure he didn't either you remember he never was one to complain much please I've got to know more about what happened yes yes of course that then I'll be at your office in the morning that'll be fine that'll be fine [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] I just came from checking on that Johnny rebel comes highly recommended I'm afraid he spells trouble care the death bill look his nickname is Johnny rebel have you ever heard of a man called Johnny Savage yeah so what so what he's the man that held off a whole company of Union soldiers when they hit as far as plantation I looked here my figure if he finds out about us there goes our government contract for horses besides Jim then I don't think you'd like her to get wise now look you take care of your business in town and I'll handle this there's rebel or whatever his name is and besides there's a friend of ours around from Arizona back to kick that's right just keep our hands clean all right stay in town better be careful of him growing up to be quite a stallion in the last three years like you mean my little pony is going out to be a Venus well let's look at this ransom George [Music] a lot of land a lot of land Jim what's the matter with you I don't seem to know you any longer I guess it there was a time when I used to thrill it being with you they like your dad and he never did take me serious either but I've come a long ways in the last three years and that's because I'm smart that's why I'm advising you to sell this place I won't talk of selling into that glass speaker Dockery and fairways Bailey you better come quick what people there punchy look like black legs I hope you're wrong they dough right into town and get that Creed right away certainly hope not seems like ever since this year's draws we've had nothing but trouble dad never wrote me there was a drought he didn't want you to worry but actually there hasn't been enough feet for the stock no spring rain you make it sound almost hopeless well it is this is just one of the reasons I want you to sell it place we can talk about that later what will you do if it is black lady joy the stock is the law and let's don't worry about that tell doc Reid get here besides I'm ramrodding this outfit that's my problem whose long as I own part of this rank it's only fair that I share my part of its problem you boys stay with that heifer Toback weed gets here what's the verdict doc it's not blackleg and you know it doctor I want you to write me out an order asking me to destroy this critter because he is suffering from Black Lake but really I can't do that Black Lake is a highly contagious disease order like that would cause an uproar all over the countryside I know that we will burn this heifer so that disease won't spread I ain't gonna do it doctor there's no time for you to grow a country you're on Billy it is time high time what I saw in the town this morning couldn't bring myself to face her knowing what I'd done because of my neglect that her father died but it was your fault you kept me so liquored up that night I was no good for anyone let alone a man as sick as Tom James was but it was you that gave him the wrong medicine I didn't pour that liquid on you well you might as well have is the same thing Bailey I'm an old man I don't care what happens to me anymore but I ain't doing your dirty work any longer you're in the thing as deep as I am and you're gonna do just as I say and keep your mouth shut what's your verdict now doc it's black late here have a drink [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] possibility of blackleg epidemic now it's going Jerry you've even got the notice paper working for you yeah that should drop the pike on the James ranch I don't know anyone junior sent over if my place still go why sure then but I don't think there's anything to get excited okay well I'm ready to sell right now all right you never hear lawyer drop the papers bring them in and offline okay if I it's a deal I'll get wait right now number one yeah just one yourself together follow the story in the paper has him in the panic well he's got a right to be Black Lake and why not every herd in this area sure you've seen anything about all right remember me I'm Ann James sorry I am for not recognizing you tell that to him last night I haven't seen her since well Del's a big girl I'm sure she can take care of herself so maybe she's out looking after those wild horses that broke out in corral last night I don't think you have anything to worry about no maybe not but I'd better go out and look around again for her I'll go with you good Hank does anything we can do to help let us know Python that healing with step on it he's getting heavy at ring what do you think sleep them horses this morning Paul I thought it was rather out there Johnny but I believe the Redskin devil jock on I had the same feeling we'll have to keep our eyes peeled hey Tommy bring along enough awareness to these horse aggressive what Sally keeps spitting out girls ever night we don't need any Sean's for the lobby what do you got Joe got that horse anyway I'm gonna take this old black Morgan I'm chewing right here in check I never had those like mortgage back well this is a Tom Hammond says it has a thing ever come from Arizona [Music] hey maybe we better go help ya [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] come on okay Wayne essence before daylight we should let me go with you to catch the white stallion man's work Kate I can ride and shoot as well as any man you just learn to cook as good as your Marlin hobbies daddy besides I'm not going after I have you to give up not give it up that always stands is not gonna gonna catch him stop all I ever do around this outfit is cooking wash what's the matter Kate still wanting to be a horse hand I told you you should have said it the rent this is the man's work [Music] honey somebody coming what are you doing out here in this bill no horses were brought in yesterday are gone somebody must have let them all at the corral during the night for goodness sake you got notions who might a gun pinion is that you did yeah who's Jim Bailey Jim Bailey's now what do you suppose you think a thing like that no one else ever bucked him before and he's going to try to keep you from delivering any more horses to Henry I know it's pretty most anything on you to get you out of the way now let me get this straight all I want to do to deliver Harsha to your brother so he can deliver them to the army and for this Bailey's gonna drive me out of the country he used to be definitely I kind of liked him something has changed him into a very greedy man well why come to me why don't you go to your local sheriff Haycock don't make me laugh the only way those horses will get to the port is if you deliver them personally what about your brother he's afraid oh he talks big until Bailey shows up and there's just no backbone that's why I took it on myself to come see you see well we are getting ready to make another round I'll see what I can do about our straight delivery my kid Kate your daughter yeah the mother died while I was in the army oh I'm sorry we'd better see what's wrong yeah take it easy shorty listen I'll get dark Reed you'd better get on with your roundup I'll take care of things here till you get back I'll be back baby [Music] [Music] mr. Whitehorse we've been looking for alright why aren't shoes I wonder who he belongs to every one of those fellas Redskin Scouts yeah let's go back to camp we'll find out you'll be all right again a couple days just stay in bed and keep from moving around now you just lie quiet I'll take care of the cooking for this outfit how is she doc probably her appendix it's a bit inflamed can't tell for sure but she'll be all right in a couple days just to keep us from moving around and death give her a couple of these pills every three hours looks like you could use a couple of coats yourself Belle I I want to talk to you alright doc sometimes it's good to get things off your mind yes sometimes a man ain't so proud of what he's got on his mind yes Bell I I have a lot of my mind I wonder if you'd be interested in listening let's have a cup of coffee I'd be mighty bleech [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi I'm Don ring I'll see you a little bit all right yeah we picked up about 20 head at how skate well it looks like I'm gonna be your new cook at least for a few days yeah your brother may not like that well after what doc Reid just told me there may be a lot of things you don't like just what did dr. e tell you same thing that I said Bailey's gonna try and stop you from delivering those horses you know I'm getting tired of people telling me that Bailey says I can't do this and I can't do that and especially that I can deliver my horse is wherever I please and whenever I please hey Bob you and Tim get up 15 or 20 ahead of those horses and run them into Long trees Corral and if Bailey gets in your way run over it [Music] [Music] he's been hurt he once told me that if anything ever happened to him to check deep in the sugar bear I'm going to see if he was making sense dan Bevan yeah are you headed for town yeah get these papers and hip hop right away right all right [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Jeffery's dead yes why did you find him this place it's worth much of drug him home hear me lumpy miss chambers there too they found him first and called me over here did some letters one piece on an old Doc's house he's going to be sure not to give them to nobody but you share yeah yeah thanks Dan now you can go on home I'll carry on from LJ we along pretty sure if you need an MVP you telling rebels horse camp okay thanks they're not here all right they don't win to go horses man didn't get through I want more rabbits I got your rifles for you the wagons out back oh look one more thing engine tell them where it's gettin brother see or is it getting too close to my tongue now keep me away from my town I'll turn my guns loose on them I don't understand you understand all right you may be able to pull in James with that little sunflower top but I know you and your brain now get out of here and take care of those new settlers down in South Creek you meant to help them lo a nice job you did on dark green I got another job for you six hundred dollars gold that's a lot of money must be a big man do they come too big for you they haven't kid that's a man called longtree he buy his horses that's a man called rebel he tells I like that looks this will be waiting for you when you get the job done it's practically spam and go political power we've come a long ways though that but I think you made a mistake being wrong with that Indian they're funny you'll turn on you one day I made no mistake how do you think we mention the and James ranch take it over that's right you get you mad enough to start an uprising right here and then James will spell faster and cheaper the Arizona kid takes care of Johnny Savage or Johnny rebel and that leaves us free they get rid of NATO legal way you just run yourself with to God [Music] the body's back to camp [Music] [Music] I'm so happy about Kate's improvements yeah if I could just find out what Bailey's game is all he wants out of this business of the cut well I think I'll give it to him instead of trouble well I'm positive from this treatment of my brother Jim Bell you'd never be satisfied with part of anything and Hickok I can't prove it but I'm convinced he's with Jim all the way yeah well they set up like that that James ranch behind it what do you think we can do well you and your men could put on your guns and fight don't ride me about fighting Bell I tried guns once a lot of innocent people got hurt like Kate and my boys they're farmers and ranchers who've lost their homes during the war they're not gun fighters not really match the Bailey's then if I can make a deal with him I think that's what I'll do it's too late for you to make a deal with failing your time just about a Arizona kid you know me yeah to make a long story short I'm Johnny Savage the great Johnny savvy my reputation I'll take a big jump after I do this job I'm not a lawman anymore kid I'm just what you see wild horses trying to get horses before della we know no protectors cookers insanity savages like me I suppose you can understand that you kid you just off on the wrong foot there any way I can talk you out of this no and if you hold in anything but it start using I knew you had a nice who like just could spot bill I've been looking all over for you not hollering Henry Kabir [Music] [Music] you two gentlemen why you couldn't even look pepto front gunman we Adam desert right to his Johnny revel shows up when chases was one of God as big as a cannon Oh ma'am set it down on the early stage in the morning services we get the ball up alright alright you know with that judge coming in a day late that gives us another day to take care of revel YouTube man takes private info up and right out there and rub that camp out without bail wrong three keys out there say a sick kid a little girl go six girls longevity burn to the ground now get going that's it before you take care of the Indians I'll take care of the length [Music] then I have an end in trouble can you get your heart to please the pork but your troubles all cleared out now throw wrapped up for you you're all under arrest for murder for the murder of these poor defenseless Indians [Music] I'm sorry I got you into this Johnny seemed like a good idea at the time you were willing to go fight for what was right give me incentive to go along with you well we've got one thing in our favor judge Poe Sophie anomaly today get a hold of Chuck and bury this cow I'm going to town and see if I'm get a hold of Judge Parker and get our boys out of jail but Judge Parker won't be in until tomorrow morning you seem to know an awful lot about this thing for a girl that just got into it that's where you're wrong I've been in it for years maybe one of us could add up before throwing the soldiers yeah I suppose I could walk over here I can be great I see the horses suitable for that would be just all I would need to get you in the horses lost on the trail mould thank you you and Belle go over to the tent take care of Kate I'll see if I can figure a way out of this thing what about ringing the voyage on it they'll be all right there in the safest place I know they've already done their work she'll get through don't worry he's got the courage to do it well tomorrow we can back the play by meeting with Judge Parker if we can't get things started [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] to many of my Johnny Johnny Johnny come here oh you poor baby only the innocent Oh [Music] as Bailey prophesied Hickox cruel treatment of NATO caused him to unleash his savage fury on them sooner than they thought the Indian joined forces with me less than after I - its 1 vengeance on the same heads for my daughter's death [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Ian's been along free went in time to meet judge Parker Parker the circuit judge you come to town worth enough to handle cases like this I could get into what suspicious good that's just all I'll need I'm going with you Johnny I'm going with you too without you I'd had nothing to live for from the look of that street you'll stand a good chance of having nothing to live for this page will be here any minute give just enough time to get up there to meet you Parker right in front of Hickox office remember the streets dynamite right you stay ten feet behind me and Henry stay 10 feet behind her the first sign of trouble you get the dirt that's good [Music] [Music] a custom barricade that's a little I'll keep rebel occupied I got men stationed all along the street rooftops doorways everywhere come with me I told you that Revell makes one right look sound like a regiment besides she gotta fetch your life this wrong tree and given him that letter new turn it over to judge market when he arrives well that happens I don't want to be here so in a pitch pick up the great town favor turns yellow maybe right now and get me out of a jam [Music] Henry Henry come back here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Wow you better go out there you'll never be satisfied if you jump [Music] [Music] what's the matter you afraid I might be too fast for you you better not I'll blow you to kingdom come [Music] you're calling it hit got I'll roll my rifling even open it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I understand now there's a time for fighting time for peace [Music] what are you gonna do now that's up to you Johnny I'm only a horse trader Bell whatever you want to be a good night for me [Music] [Music] well what are you waiting for let's go home [Music]