I Lost My Bikini Bathing Suit Fail




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In sixth grade I knew this girl This girl and I were not best friends but We were kind of middle So at the end of the year She gives me this invitation to her birthday party. Of course I'm excited, my mom at the end of each year she buys me 17 new Bathing suits Despite the fact that my ones from last year still fit me. So I go home, and I say ''Hey Mom! We're going to a party" And she presented me with this new bathing suit, it was a bikini but the thing I need to say about it is that the sides of it there were these like tights and if you untie Them the bathing suit falls apart So I went to the party and it was more than half guys And I have no problem with that most some of my best friends are guys so like I'm having time fun for most of the party and everyone decides to go on the diving board and I join in because I like diving boards So I get up there, and then I dive when I go under I realize my bathing suit just came off! But I tried to just pull back on but it wouldn't come back on the bathing suit had completely come undone So I awkwardly swim to my friend. I was like "Yo, I'm bathing suit just came undone" and She saw and just like "Oh Shoot!"So she called all the girls over and they all tried to help me. They Cover me with a floaty and like stood in front of me. My friend She told all the guys to go in Opposite corner of the pool so they couldn't see anything and of course her mom was not there Her dad had to help me. He threw a towel in the pool and helped me out of it So I awkwardly walked into the shed to like tie it back on me. Then my towel went out of my hand I think they saw it all, just a little bit.And guys are yelling.Oh my God.So I just walked in the shed and cried I wasn't full-on crying just like "Oh my God" I got it on and my I was back out and tried to enjoy myself at the party I wanted to just go home and in the end. I just had my mom I want to burn this bathing suit, and that's what I did.