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hey buddies yeah what's up man hey dude you know I'm gonna meet you dude yeah dude awesome honestly awesome of you guys but as you can hear my in-game mic is horrible yeah yeah do you guys have you guys down you guys good with using discord or yeah let's go begin we can mic it sounds way better now hopefully yeah there you go Thank You frisbee Brendan keeps me leaving I don't know what yo I'm Connor I just told my dad I was freaking out I gotta tell you I don't know man I don't know who's one up and who right now you might be surprised okay did you play for tonight you know I'll have you be surprised you'd be surprised I've only played about eight thousand games now so yeah yeah I said a banana got some water in me I'm ready to fly wait someone of my chance and you were showing full screen that whole game so no one saw anything Brendan that was his whole plan somebody met Chad just says courage is backpack big enough to carry you through proud of it nah but seriously how there's a lot of space in there Who am I supposed to encourage here I got the Spree oh come on stop it moves oh my lord alright Wow just go ahead and slap it down brother yeah oh this is great chug chug I'm the chill here for 15 seconds I'm gonna I still talk to my now I'd gold FAMAS if anybody wants a pretty disgusting thing for a shotgun they're not even that's a great tag yeah but I'll give you a blue pump if you you didn't if you give me a quick little dance wait northeast why my Northeast heading to it I love the way you sound with that you're Rory without doing that we had a plane coming - all right Network Sega oh my god full plane what up right now one got out on okay that's one Doreen I stock well what hole that we're going off under five kill challenge let's go that's gonna get a ton of views on YouTube this is going in so many under five it's crazy it's no let's be cool everybody be cool I'm running a chrome just act like it is you played before shut up like we get double-digit kill games every time I play I got two kills in my first game of courage everybody guide and go back to the lobby all together gonna be on the new eighty billion yeah does the population of Texas landing here become 101 roughly ashati Oh oh I got two guys guys you guys two different guys no man oh well here he's up top he's up top no - here stick your fingers in a ceiling oh let me chop their back then everyone in the moms came out to play tonight no fuck another oh your dad got him nice ten'll limbs right now already it's only yeah that's huh it's pretty good I got three so yes I'd be screaming and he hasn't be muting me oh yeah he's trying to stake me out oh come on nice this one's rushing me no one's watching me see me Wow fun experience what's dead or something Oh what the heck is died nice nice not to buy all that another one way way out it's another one way way way way way about like on the mountains can we make our way to him or what that was cute buddy by sick dude this might be a YouTube video source lab or Victor Roy a let's go oh you tuber let's go baby I'm ready I'm ready for you let's do it once once once below ting hold on oh go go go give me the build get back in there brother oh he got me for a lot I don't know if I can get up there don't worry he's super weak so Theresa Marie one shot so big no-no weak you can jump out of a kill him can't wait for the replies who's the idiot with the sword lost it for ya who's the guy who ruined the whole game that was a sick sick video till the end where the sore guy couldn't get up a hill Chris Wow love you his name is : crusher sick way my dad's in the game this guy's killed by : crusher sakhu boy 69 on the Jersey he's 66 you want to get naked well here her okay yeah which one for real oh I'm going one motel oh oh wow okay I'm far away gonna die [Laughter] northeast 16 I thought they had a guy's northeast at the car area like the RVs oh they're in here they're definitely in here okay I'm running away oh can you do it every time someone dies please do a little heal right out in the middle of the open dude I'm not your era Savage I'm crazy tonight clip this right now clip this I'm feeling in the open somebody clip is imagine there being a youtube compilation of people that healed in the open like insane w that that like drops to the that link to Rob's unfinished deal chug chug in the open you won't believe what happens next emotionally Skrillex comments this was sick oh I see a llama right below us 195 yeah oh yeah oh yeah let's go we should go for it yeah it's it's so far away oh oh sorry wait well your guy you're still flying and you're just a glitch wait forget what happens with that this is this is like a bug that's going on right now so the rest of the game Brendan I think is gonna be stuck in that animation you see when he stands up yep here yeah I'm stuck I'm in the glare everybody hears bandages like oh there's another way another one another well nobody wants to have shield I'll pop yeah you needed it but you're not getting so freaky what does it look like on your screen it's I think it's normal I can sing 9 left I got a Balu strapped to my back I'm ready to go still a guy over here oh oh oh all right land run all the boys alright we're gonna land right below Oh oh my god wait I'm I'm like straight up dead already launching rockets their way hoping they fall get one for 150 let's go baby Oh Jana who shot the build-out and I landed I said great we sort of the story me know coming to feel in Moorefield we move - yeah everybody I love that you come on there it is this is how to stop a sword jab this is how to stop a sword fully filled on them nice little flag play we gotta get ready he's gonna try to destroy turn Oh God spinning rocket run away to your left Chris to your left that's how we do it don't call the girl yeah you let her know you're the man hey babe you're not gonna believe it just dare I say it this is kind of a squad I've already entered us into the skirmish the next uh turnout skirmish that no one has heard of no one's heard of we're in it Brendan I think actually you're gonna have to cancel a couple of tour dates yeah everyone everyone's highest kill solo game on three all of them were third grade math class and no audio I think my first time I switch I was like oh wait yeah this guy dude the only thing harder than for Knight is in fact third grade Matt think about it yeah I seriously have three shotguns threw grenades and a slurp Justin's what I have hey how we just no but everybody got everything they have a turret those are actually perfect nice thanks man i watch i watch the bad wonderful you know I like hit one for 100 4:19 he's he's down he dies buddy rip 40 rip feeling I'm gonna lay on ice on the helmet helmet helmet 11 behind us Jeff all dead I think no he's not yeah it's gonna be nice nice nice are you job I'm down to drop a little bit sometime remember my partner air-conditioner just like decides to kick on forever uh-huh 61 degrees what is just freezing right now I just realize like cuz we had a moment of downtime that I was freezing cold dude I'm like burning up it's weird [Music] herb juice in my day they just called it [Laughter] backyard the prohibition we call slip juice as well that was back when whisky tasted like ginger ale back in college [Laughter] is that a gold pump is that a gold pubs I got bubbles any pop oh you got yeah it is you want to come up here no no no I gotta green soap you get it nope you won that dude you I've finally got the window you want you deserve it I hate this gold pump no actually came from one I don't even need it listen up as proof I'm good oh you think you're cool should I keep getting green burst I wish I liked them much they are good this battle my insane the beacons still there for the sword hit or miss seeing lobby they never miss you've got a place here palace night now just run around saying that and hoping people would finish it of course the archer because because because of the 40th person to do that and the last like present it really wears like hit or miss I bet that never miss you got a boyfriend buddy done kids you get out of here dude I want a girlfriend fuck off oh well I just took the zip lines I think I'm making a statement it going you're gone alright like it I got a Terry we can make no wait wait I lied they got the sword I'm turning around and turning around ugh God I'm jumping over you let me go Oh God Wow oh I got one down to 30 help oh oh oh wow we got it we can't we can't stay here just put the game alright breaking stuff shooting things chunks up Oh 40 oh not one nice that's nice nice nice nice nice nice good try good effort doctor nice more when we ran out on him the sword is here I'm almost certain guys own to work we're big chillin right now big flow see big bouncy boogie Bow Wow Wow baby which in no bow me come on you're Texas boy you know Paul Bob from North Jersey so unfortunately you from North Jersey right now dude there you go yeah Bergen County I'm a size six boy did start to hear that okay all right not the best county in Jersey play with these from there guys I gotta go see you guys later dude thank you guys so much for tuning I'll take the med kit you get the patio I mean the bigger shield sorry I wanna yeah thank you thank your maker feel better big boned ready ever drink redbreast whiskey dude 12 you are so good it's so smooth right you guys talking whiskey over there talking with the only times I got sick from Trillium was it was a night where I had whiskey and now I like legit can't do anything whiskey well make experience with roast beef you look at their bread and we'll see you soon Brandon's dude Brennan's witty but let's go solo solo Tilted yeah have a good time my boy had high high hopes for a minute oh I don't think I've ever honestly this is the truest things I've ever said we've never had this much going on blind corner [Music]