not a really bad week for me but I'm just gonna when we paint with my freakin [Music] hates me more and uh obviously as you guys know I've been going through a really hard time right now it's been one of the worst onto my life my mom cut up on my hair and I look like a freakin boy it's really disgusting so I'm really to talk about mine also she hasn't been getting me the foods that I asked for every time I go to the grocery store or go get dinner so that's been willing to do me alone come on come on and Harry Styles have not come out and said they are dating so I'm ready to dolfin thanks they almost kissed the VMAs but they didn't do it so I'm really annoyed with them my baby's really annoying and I'm just really annoyed I'm not more famous during eight so I think it's time for me to run away from home so this will be my last video at my house so from here on out I will be gone I'm going to be moving I'm gonna move to a really fun Eisai named plane or I can become more famous song so I'm gonna be moving to New York New York sleeping because I've done everything I did a Netflix show I done tours I didn't you - I wrote books I done pretty much everything you can even do except for a movie so I'm gonna become a movie star and become really really famous so I figure the best way to become a movie star is to go beyond Broadway because Broadway always games the roles to movie stars and not Broadway actor so I thought if I go there and I just get in a Broadway show then I will be a movie star so then I'll get my first movie so I'm just gonna go and do that so I'm gonna be moving today I'm running away from home and by the time I post this I will have already gone so mom nice try didn't even get me my Lifesong joke's on you but while I'm here I figure I'll do one last video one mocks can bowl and I'm going to answer quick jeans Lana really juicy stuff today guys i'm lonely sign about lean x you guys to ynx me questions on my Instagram extreme you're following me and more anything's a facial don't come on Instagram or instance a faint chill okay here we go my tying to the mineral say do you want to have another rain mean no I'm not 12 votes I'm not having another baby disgusting hey I do my irony said how many hairs have you got stuck on her wall I don't know let's discount I think so here are the hairs that I coughed my head the other day on accident don't come from me so let's get to it and start counting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 oh she is one two three four five see we can grab one two three four five six what are you doing think try baby food with your baby first of all I'm not a baby second of all okay I guess I'll train my stupid baby eats baby food all time so I figured if you get cents how come I don't get it okay so here we go it's the baby food it is in a sac which I'm very jealous of I wish all food came in a sink that's a dream come true thanks me babies can all the good stuff in life it's really not fair this one is apple and broccoli I've never heard of either of these things I mean I heard of an apple I just don't eating bring guinea meet these like bread and not the good kind what's you name it's very good question there are lots of means to start with you are Salaam I think that's ain't what's your favorite hole that's when I go quench in there's lots of pink from this morning that's not a queen Elmo Brinley spam ins also Ella stop hitting on me you look very young or no Lebanese just a mini oh suggesting you should do on a summer Vimeo we never do porn however Oh course it's a long again poor pinky that's so funny good wine I am behind you wait how are you such a cool person thank you for this question um we like to keep the air conditioner on about 69 70 degrees also when I'm outside I stay in the shade so that's helpful I going things sometimes for extra cooling you can also like slow in your hands and throw it in your face oh thanks how much do you love man I actually don't listen too much kpop music so I don't know that band you nuts and come Pakistan like I said I don't do porn you like Donald Trump um no actually I'm pretty sure that he pees falls to do that for him are you a fiasco girl I do love yes so um I feel like they're really fun I love to party but I also don't like cultural don't being chance so I just call it a party and not a fiesta Booth's Binks you got it locked at the cast Mandy wine whoa that looks like a person who would want a fainting [Music] you're welcome please come hungry you want me to starve viagra teen Machado sure on shuttle three says how have you been / swipe cha Persico swipe chola go besides uncle passagio go logic son one tiny piece Saigon one shadowy beside challange in going purse wine qionghua jiggling the swine so logically lately listen [Music] I don't really speak Asian so I'm not quite sure what you st. whoa look it's profile picture that guy does not look psychologically well can you sing about me please meet Dini Tsonga meet it is some medium range and it also gets brain sometime saying sometimes it's fuzzy team if you wait long enough it'll get them just have patience for the meet have patience for than me take it fuzzy it'll get them sometimes it will get a little bit moist sometimes it'll get a little bit bring sometimes if you can you don't get the funds then go what's the most annoying thing your mom did today breathe maybe our trained vegan sausage jeans no I'm not a cannibal I don't understand how people like oh we can let's see if the animals don't eat the animal meat oh so you rather eat human meat because limiting back the only other alternative really nice meeting how's the scalp coming along um pretty good I'm still having a little bit of dandruff issues like it's doing okay I just ain't really hard and then that helps with some of the flanks to get deep brain so you don't see them as much why does the French have a D in it but refrigerator Dunsey okay Tori why do you have a D in your frame 1500 watt who keeps a D in the refrigerator hold on name someone you think is a James Charles it kind of sounds like boy oh but it's like you're unsure so it's like is that a boy not quite sure and you don't want to offend them if you don't know their pronouns yet so you just go oh look at that steams Charles he's also it sounds like it would be someone with a gaping hole you know that's it found a home will make James Charles do you remember a girl who came to one of your shows named Sadie yes I do remember you can't believe it painting Wow I remember BAM well thank you this must be French for perfect so thank you are you drunk Queen I guess I am too Queen so thank you Oscars Oh get your photo how many talons do you have I'm pretty sure chickens are the only ones with talons I wish I had them I think that's the gwampa leaning on the knee but I'm pretty sure you get them when you get older song what's me mom don't flush the toilet wine fill mean this is why I have to run away from home through your veins she flushed the toilet and she's doing laundry while I'm filming okay that's all the questions I'm gonna answer for you guys today so like I said I'm moving now I'm leaving so after today you will not see me here anymore I am leaving I'm really sad to get out of here and to new planes and get started on my life as a single woman away from my month off and becoming more famous arm so I'll catch you on the flipside and you guys can check out my travels because I will be filming my entire experience moving across the country and becoming a neocon that is a New York accent don't forget to get tickets to my tour I'm going on tour in October and also next year run away from home [Music] don't front freaking lost you