I Made a 50000 Player Building Competition

i have 100 minecraft players here and 100 plots of land and whoever creates the best farm wins 50 000 5-0 wait jimmy why a far because the sponsor of this video is dairy that's utterly insane milk 100 players 100 plots of land 50 000 on the line server give them their plot as usual carl and chandler are competing go to your call what up contestants whoever makes the coolest form wins fifty thousand dollars i don't know what you're saying but i'm gonna leave hello mike okay i'll start making the farm house itself what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna make a path just because we told everyone to build a form and uh i guess he's making a barn i'm giving cows to chandler and carl oh shoot cow what is he doing stop no we don't need cows yet i'm gonna just keep feeding the cows so they keep making babies stop there they go what is this this doesn't look like a farm i wonder how many people are gonna build red barns well if you look back from this angle it looks like everyone red barns wow look at all these farmhouses okay i'm gonna make this double the height of the other section jimmy look this guy needs to install source what is he doing it's like gary's mod when it goes wrong that's what sources i'm just leaving oh my god that windmill oh my god that is made by our people yeah our builders are really awesome how are these cows dropping cocoa beans is this doo doo this guy's making a giant pig we're gonna move this guy into the chat cuddy kid welcome to the call hey what's up we have a problem this is a farming challenge and among us isn't a farm well it's a farm for views it is a farm for views look at all the views it's got but it's not a real farm watch you'll see the greatest farm you've ever seen all right i believe in you man oh there's a guy stuck in here oh no look this poor guy i got you bud there you go oh yo how's the water looking from above hey you're inside of the house get the cows out of the house all right so carl's working on the house i'm working on the farm we're doing things working together wait this actually kind of looks good they're like no no fifty thousand dollars on the line carl what do we do now while everyone is building i want to tell you about the sponsor of this video america's dairy farmers america's dairy farmers wanted you to know that 95 of farmers large and small are actually family-owned and in case you don't know drinking dairy is linked to some health benefits like reduced inflammation and a stronger immune system and in a really pro gamer move dairy farmers of america are aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050. now that's epic on top of that they are committed to the wellness of the cows and they are only milked for around 20 minutes a day and i actually talked to one of the dairy farmers in connecticut that is taking the manure and making biodegradable planting pots they're making sure nothing goes to waste drink milk and let's go back to raiding these farms i'm partially colorblind chandler come over here this is clash of the brick too much yes that's ugly i'm a city boy almost say boy holy crap we're getting wrecked right now meanwhile you know what chris what you know what it's really got me sad what the fact that i don't see a single bruh meme that's how you know 2020 is bad are you really a mr beast gaming fan if you sacrifice oh really wait where he combined bruh meme to bream and now it's bream farm what are the odds you find this as i'm getting sad that was really weird something like this what is this what is this one i it looks cool does this look like the front of a farm sure no this isn't a farm a desktop is not a farm he might be farming crypto with his computer stop no this person has actually created a farm let's see what chandler and carl are doing oh this dude built a windmill no chance somebody made a windmill okay i'm not gonna lie i don't know how to make a freaking farm all right just start hoe in the ground what did you just call it carl it's a farm tool and what is this supposed to be clouds or something well chris your cows are running away everywhere they're migrating she said me and my children will find a better host look at all these epic builds and then this empty plot i guess someone didn't want 50 grand i don't know what this guy's building but move him in the chat what is up bob hi based on what you're building i don't think you're gonna win the 50 grand okay so instead of competing bob do you want to just be one of the judges with us yes definitely yeah we got bob this day has been crazy because first i had surgery today and now i'm a judge what was the surgery i had to have a tooth removed because it was still a baby tooth that sounds expensive do you want ten thousand dollars oh my god are you serious they're mad the gaming computer won they're mad doofen smears one they're always mad at who we pick i need you to make sure we don't get in trouble this time i would definitely do my best to make sure it's unbiased why does this look like where like the evil aliens hang out in the movie ah jimmy i've been expecting you i don't know how to make a farm i need this brick replaced do it we're already off to event start i'm so sad the cows are sad i can hear them the only person that really knows what a farm looks like is chris we can persuade him yeah yeah yeah yeah you're playing the game right yo look at this among us holy crap this is not gonna win but it is cool yeah that looks good yeah that looks good trust the process oh no carl what'd you do don't come in here is that dr phil this is dr phil how did i know from all the way over chris is on the other side of the room and i'm like is that dr phil dr phil send him to the ranch oh that is kind of farming related while everyone is building i need to address a controversy and whatever you build i'll pay for someone built their college degree and in our opinions it wasn't the coolest building and we went with this guy that made a desk with three monitors it was for the boys so we're actually about to move that person in this will be interesting hello what's up matcha xp what did you think of the video it was a great video i'm glad the boys got their pc all right well there you go everyone stop getting mad at us even he supports the boys i want to make things right and we're actually going to give you 10 000 for your college education oh my god thank you so much yay everybody's happy awesome well thank you for coming out we're gonna go back to raiding farms oh my goodness look at how epic everything is and there's still 10 minutes left chris i always join the chat it's your turn you guys have eight minutes left that's that's plenty of time jimmy they said they want more time okay seven minutes ladies and gentlemen i got good news jimmy's giving you more time it's seven minutes now destroy the timer there we go yeah baby and now dude look how perfect this looks okay i'm not gonna lie i'm a little bit proud time is now up look at all the amazing stuff they built here's the before here's the after let's find the best farm on this world it's a cow getting milked i think i'm gonna give it a six it's creative yeah i'll give it a six too i'm gonna give it a seven that is a 19 out of 30. next uh it's like technoblade's farm ah that's creative not organized enough next this is an actual minecraft farm 50 grand is on the line next uh this is just a hillbilly that's a guy farming look he's got his hose oh oh and the little sapling oh that's team trees right that's like the logo yeah i like it really creative i'm gonna say six though so seven for me oh is that twenty new winner all right so he is now in first place this one just says help up next we have mr phil i just qualified it whoa we're just disqualifying doctor phil like that all right what are your guys's ratings on this 7.3 horses are here cows are here like that's really cool i'm gonna give it eight i'm gonna give it a six this is first place now giant techno blade shrine what are we rating that uh zero three all right tough crowd this one kind of looks like mario yeah it does if this egg spawns a chicken i'll give him a six next this build had a lot of effort in it now that's a farm oh my goodness gracious yeah this is amazing this is really good this is a solid eight from me eight from me as well it does it does look high effort i mean i'll give it a seven it is now in first place this farm has among us on it next meal he's got all that milk oh since there's no milk in the chest we gotta egg his house all right egg his house he's probably like why are they throwing eggs is that good or bad i never know is this supposed to be me you guys never see the back of my head but little do you know this mustache just goes right here all the way around the back of my neck oh whoa whoa whoa whoa yo this got a crop duster on it what it does is it sprays the crops so that way they don't get any bugs or like other bad plants in them and then you got the windmill for renewable energy and this guy's name is krusty435 i'm gonna give it a nine i'm gonna give it eight i mean it is original he's got the windmill not many people did that he's got the crop duster i'll give it an eight 25 in first so far we have now judged everyone the highest score is 25. i'm letting you know right now dude you're gonna love ours it's worth it baby it's worth it is very visually a pleasing i spent so much time on it if you see anything on the outside you say it's visually appealing that is all chandler's doing okay i did all of the interior design and we'll walk in here and then you're like what are there no there's no animals in this farm we got a horse in the house you're like oh that's all the interior design you did carl and welcome oh look at this pig's boxing oh snap the pigs are about the box ding ding what is your rating a solid 6.5 6.5 yeah who has two secret rooms and a boxing ring i'm adjusting my score down to five this isn't that impressive you double the manpower i think it was really well put together i'm gonna give it a 10. imagine spending an hour just bone mealing so the whole yard looks pretty and you get a thigh krusty welcome to the cold wait krusty how old are you i'm 17. you as a 17 year old just went up against a hundred other people you came out with the dove and won 50. dollars oh my gosh [ __ ] you it was all because of the crop duster krusty oh i need something i need to slow my dad done thank you again to america's dairy farmers for sponsoring this video and make sure to support your local dairy farmers