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come on what the heck felt like someone helped me right there steve harrington or like steve shreddington... what do you think dustin? steve, nancy made a huge mistake i know she did jonathan's a really lucky guy man i help idiot. good morning everybody or maybe it's the evening i have no idea where you live we got ourselves a nice cheat day i've been craving this for a while and i have not had a cheat day in about two and a half weeks your boy needs something good in his mouth that's a bit anyways that could be interpreted differently what's going on everybody jesse james west here hope you're having a fantastic day we're treating ourselves well but of course we're doing it alone any girls out there hit me up at the dms no big deal if you guys are new to the channel please consider hitting that subscribe button hit the like button if you're feeling generous your boy truly appreciate it we just hit 82 000 subscribers it blows my mind every single day you guys are literally allowing me to chase my dreams and let it come to life i'm just gonna stop talking there say thank you and let's go get some damn food come on give me something miley listen guys if you don't start your morning off with some miley cyrus taylor swift or katy perry you're doing it wrong we're making a really quick pit stop into a yard sale all i see is a bunch of gym equipment so you never know let's see what we find there she is oh yeah all right guys so we just picked up a new tricep and bicep machine i'll put it in the gym later i guess i've said this in the past if you're not bringing a date to mcdonald's you're just missing out i mean take my advice don't take my advice hello how's your morning good how are you i'm good thank you thank you very much good morning mcdonald's thank you so much oh baby let's go so people if you're wondering who's next me we have a very special guest it's a very special woman it's my mother we have liquid addiction liquid dopamine and liquid caffeine all in one my beautiful coffee oh shit i didn't get ketchup son of a bitch we got two sausage egg mcgriddles hold the cheese and we got two childhood hashbrowns because it's the best thing that ever happened to me since sliced bread and my mom got some healthy oatmeal because she's not having herself a cheat day she's actually normal human so oh my god oh my god if that's not heaven i don't know what it is don't forget this oh thanks mom if you guys aren't pulling strapped up i don't know what you're doing get a little sugar-free syrup action on there wait wait wait give me some too one jeep in your family oh my god so today i'm just gonna eat whatever i want the only rule is it has to be from mcdonald's taste test there is syrup infused into this bread i wish i had syrup infused to myself you just can't put enough you know you know it's kind of weird i was taking this girl out on a date the other day and then i pulled out my maple syrup and she was like what the hell are you doing we're in public and i was like listen i know where to find wine and dine getting a steak dinner i'm allowed to have my sugar-free syrup i mean wouldn't you guys agree holy sh let's dive in reconnected to my childhood by best bite wow you see sugar-free syrup is good for everything you put in your coffee you put it on your food you put it on your sides you put it on your girlfriend no big deal 38 grams of protein 124 carb and 74 fat let the regret sink in no big deal at least let me keep telling myself that because that was hella good comment down below what your favorite thing from mcdonald's is it's got to be the mcgriddle the mcgriddle beats everything all right guys we just picked up the entire prison rig it looks like i'm gonna be working out in prison right now like i'm outside a cable pull down a cable row and a cable curl now when i friends work out in the basement with me or we get some more collabs going we're gonna have another thing for someone to use the fun part about this is gonna be getting it downstairs i have no idea how it's gonna go without it falling on me like a vending machine wish me luck just went for my morning walk i was a little late on it today no big deal we're now gonna go pick up lunch let's just say it's going to be big it's gonna be salty excited charlie are you excited you still speak from the will tennyson video don't you charlie is excited oh thank you i appreciate it shall we so we just picked up mcdonald's what else is new obviously we're gonna eat that all day probably one too many items not gonna lie to you and they gave me a free apple pie because i had to wait so thank you mcdonald's mcdonald's if you're watching this do me a favor and sponsor me that way i can get mcdonald's every single day oh shit here we go again item number one fries crispy chicken sandwich apple pie and what absolutely grew on me a fish fillet now i really did not ever think i would enjoy a fish fillet because fish from mcdonald's doesn't sound too hot cue the dopamine oh yeah bud now that's satisfaction if you ask me wet and drippy just how we like it that jesse is on a comeback oh oh you have no idea how good that was oh my god all right let's dive in baby forever oh last bit of the buttermilk chicken sandwich absolute banger 12 out of 10. now we're gonna move on to the fish fillet some fries and then for dessert we have the apple pie holy sh so much dopamine in my head fish fillet 8 out of 10 fries 8.5 out of 10 could have been extra salty let's be real the more salty the better we're now going to move on to the apple pie and see what i got to say the filling of the pie is always better because when it's really like oozing out get you thinking you know this reminds me no i shouldn't say it never mind last bite you know the words best buy okay in hopes of getting the better dad bod for all the girls out there that want that we just had ourselves a massive meal not gonna lie i didn't look at the calories until afterwards slight regrets kicking in but we're gonna continue on with this food challenge get boys hungry still okay we got 61 protein 207 carb and 61 fat holy one thing to realize about these cheat days is that i only do them massively like this like once a month i have minor cheat meals every two weeks but a massive cheat day is not that often so it's really not gonna hurt your progress if you're already lean don't feel too bad if you wanna have a cheat meal go crazy once every other week and you should be fine it's all about memories over macros me hanging out with the food right now those are good memories that i'm gonna make so i'm gonna enjoy them you see i'm not gonna lie to you guys i don't always take the stimulated pre-workout but today's one of those days that if i'm going all in i'm going all in we're gonna be taking transparent lab bulk this pre-workout is phenomenal it has the perfect amount of caffeine and all other ingredients you guys can use my code jessie at checkout for 10 off it supports me a ton and it supports transparent labs we're gonna play it slightly safe and do about 90 of a scoop and then during my workout i'm going to sip on the bcaa this is a great way to stay fueled for the workout afterwards i'll have post and my greens full of transparent labs going down today use my code for the bulk i'm using strawberry lemonade and it is actually refreshing we got new merch baby last night's best bite don't mean caffeine oh this caffeine is kicking in holy shit i have so much dopamine in my head wow not gonna lie one of my favorite shirts i own now no way these are like the thicker long sleeves so it's perfect for fall coming up very subtle jesse james west shows your support to me and the channel people are like jesse where's your sponsorship i got myself last bite best bite i just nailed that note another hoodie oh i want to allow guys i told you i'm reinvesting all my money i earned right into the business last play best buy tank that's going on last bite best buy get a nice kelly green mix it up august 15th this will be available so by the time you're watching this if it's past that date we're gonna have this up for about two weeks so act fast the dopamine rush has kicked in the caffeine is fully embraced i am beyond excited we got lean mace guys you can just see it look at this look at the kids i've lost about five pounds but five pound goes a long way five pounds of fats much bigger than five pounds of muscle so but for now we're going to get into an arm workout because what better day to work out arms and keep my shirt on because i'm gonna look fast i ate so many million calories then arm day and a cheat day coupon i'm gonna put the entire workout on the screen right here in return if you could hit the subscribe button i don't know i think it'd be a fair deal we're gonna do some cable work to start we're going to do some cable curls and some tricep extensions we're going to start off with biceps first so let's dive into exercise number one and hit this bad boy hard thinking need a life for the ideas i'm in a splash zone with the brain waves i shoot for stars up in my hand straight i lay in the single line in the palace states all right guys not gonna lie when you shorten the rest times on this it gets really hard really really fast when i'm training arms especially cables i enjoy going listen guys really hard and really fast is what we're chasing just get a crazy pump to start my workout and this will be a number one tip always when you're trying to train a muscle and really grow it if you're just focusing on growth make sure you're focusing on contraction pump squeeze and stretch the next exercise we're gonna do we're gonna start off with triceps first we're gonna do overhead extensions by sliding up on the bench and then once you have failure you're gonna go up and do the negative if you want big arms you gotta focus on triceps then we're gonna dive straight into some incoming curls and when you come up you wanna curl your pinky as high as you possibly can to the sky that way you're fully contracting the bicep and getting the most out of the movement we're not really worried about the weight here we're worried about actually moving it in the right path so let's get into it so come on let's go come on let's go i swear i'll put hair on my chest shave it off eventually this is mason's music for you not gonna lie this cheat day is going wonderful i feel amazing i feel full as hell we're gonna do some hammer curls and then we're gonna do some overhead cable extensions sticking it stick in it and i'll show you guys how to do those they're my favorite movement for triceps i do it a little bit different let's just be real i do everything we do what we want but when i'm free listen the second round's always the best but the fourth round normally isn't doable but we're gonna make it happen go get a stick just that my friends is a killer arm workout like i said put on the screen maybe you can hit the subscribe button you all can agree that's fair all right guys that is gonna be full wrap on the arm workout you heard the man we need to go get some attendees make sure you guys follow mason but we're gonna head out and get some food you know this is the third time i'm driving to mcdonald's and i don't feel shameful whatsoever so no chicken tendies no no chicken tending damn welcome back to another episode of jesse gets fat in today's episode jessie eating alone because i'm lonely i mean i'm loving it i have sugar-free maple syrup so no big deal we're not that long right we got a small fry we got to make chicken because we're bowling on a budget guys i'm paying for this completely on my own so if you could hit the like button or the subscribe button i don't know just that really helps let's be real people ask why i'm making youtube channel it's actually an effort to get the girls to like me but it hasn't been working so we're just gonna eat really shitty i had to chill out a little bit after the last meal because that free apple pie let's just say it was kind of overboard comment down below are mcdonald's fries the best no way burger king can ever stand a chance their fries are absolute trash pour a little that buffalo sauce right on that bad boy if it's not creamy i'm not putting it in my mouth sometimes i need to think before i speak there she is let's eat these sandwich number one done been about 30 seconds all right the moment of truth i now have logged the calories and we're looking at 33 protein not bad 105 carb not bad 33 fat not bad let's go about a thousand calorie meal half of my normal daily diet i will regret this tomorrow but i hope you enjoy it for your own entertainment yeah there we go we got a whole lot of calories in the day definitely way over my normal amount but we got one more meal it's a surprise so stay tuned so after my workouts i always have my prebiotic greens and posts it's by transparent labs code jesse stack them together you get killer gains and you make sure that you stay healthy because if you're like me and you don't sleep enough you got to take care of yourself in other ways this has like wheatgrass in it which is literally one of the most amazing nutritional things dip your finger right in the hole cheers mate ladies and gentlemen it is now time to embark on another purely filled dopamine and no caffeine but good rush we have ourselves the one and only quarter pounder hold the cheese the second only quarter pounder hold the cheese and to top it all off because we like being topped off another fry i'm not much of a beef guy but we're gonna make this work so before we hop into this i want to talk about manifestation really quick obviously when it comes to building a business and it comes to all different things like this building a business building a business first of all thank you guys for helping me build this business and build this community and family if you guys are trying to do bigger things with your life and you're trying to achieve bigger things i want you guys to be sure to write down your goals speak them out into existence and be confident about it there's a difference with just thinking things will happen for you and there's a difference with making them happen manifestation involves making it happen and i promise you if you guys start putting your mind to things and putting in that work not only will you get two good cheeseburgers but you might build a business we're gonna add a little hot sauce on there because your boy needs to feel something in life babe you want this all right cool wow that is freaking good that is some solid meat now we're gonna make our way to burger number two do any of you guys remember that spongebob episode where he goes no pickles i'm starting a new segment called food thoughts when i'm eating whatever comes to my mind i'm gonna talk about it to you guys today's topic was no pickles by spongebob when you guys have food thoughts comment them down below last bite best bite a lethal amount of sodium is in my system right now so now let's go over how i felt throughout the day in the morning i was pumped i felt good i didn't feel any like the sodium bloat or anything midday i started to feel a little bit more bloated to be honest during the workout i felt like i was really using all the carbs in the sodium and just being i felt really solid and tight so i felt good but then the post-workout meal i feel like pushed me over the edge and as you see i feel like i just ate way too much food i guess you could say you can get away with eating mcdonald's in one day and feeling pretty decent i'm a little afraid to step on the scale because i don't want to know the number i'm not gonna lie it's finally hitting me i have destroyed my stomach so this is not gonna end well for me i already know it's not gonna be good from all that sodium and all the water i'm holding what that's heavier than when i started my cut i i literally just put on seven pounds when i did my ten 000 calorie challenge i put on two mcdonald's geez let's go over the final macros as the meat sweats are finally kicking in and in total for the entire cheat day and only eating mcdonald's we had 183 grams of protein not bad 543 grams of carbohydrates this one hearts 219 grams of fat that is lethal that is brutal as you see i'm rocking the kelly green last bite best bite merch so check it out when it drops if you guys are interested in me covering some more business topics i have some things in the works that i'm not going to talk about now but i can go over in the future maybe give you guys some tips on building businesses as i'm learning comment down below and let me know and hit that subscribe button that way you do not miss out for now that's me end the video and i really appreciate you guys watching this far thank you so much for 82.5 k thank you all i'll catch you in the next one don't forget to follow me on instagram jessejames west hit that subscribe button make sure you guys stay relentless and i'll catch you in the next one peace is