[Music] happy Sunday Ebonics me Vicki so today I wanted to come on and do a review haul for you guys to let you guys see my new thang it hurt yes I purchased me a mannequin head because the reason for that is because I lately I've been wanting to do different hair and I figured this is a good idea to purchase a mannequin head so that I can get all the practice in two different styles on my children and on myself my children lately have been asked me to do different styles for them you know and I'm not really sure how to do certain styles when we look online we see all these different cute hairstyles when my oldest was cute but I have no idea how to do it so I said it won't get me one of these maybe definitely will be it wouldn't teach myself how to do it and also I purchased it as well to teach my daughter's how to do braids how to do styles as well whether it be braids leaves corn rolls but different types of styles it's important that they learn how to do here okay and plus sometimes I may want my daughters to put in my braids for me all to do I hear us talking you know it's a collar on my hair so if they have this veil they will be able to practice and learn how to do it so it's just something that's really a necessity to purchase and to have because it really will help with learning how to do here so with that being said I wanted to show you guys what it comes with so it basically comes with two rat tail combs it comes with some bobby pins and yeah pretty much that's it it comes will collapse these plants is Austin's I have because what I'm going to do is basically attach this to like in my bathroom like on the sink and I could stick the head on top where it will keep the head nice and steady so that I could be able to work and create different styles so this is awesome that it comes with all those things so definitely I'm definitely happy about making this purchase with this mannequin head because I definitely love doing different styles another thing too is like I really wish that there was more munitions that in my area and there are no beauticians here and the ones that are here I'm not okay I'll be honest I have issues when it comes to petitions doing my hair on my girls here because of my past experiences where they cut too much of my hair off I made my hair fall out and I was I'm really happy with the results of when I got my hair done so I started doing my own hair and I'm a lot happier on here it's important that my daughter's not to do they own hair because I what if I get sick or something you know things happen you know I'm not gonna be here long you know like I mean I'm here today gone tomorrow you don't know what's gonna happen you definitely have a teacher kids how to be and that's why I'm teaching my hair I tease my cook I teach them a lot of things to know how to take care of themselves just in case and the fact that you know they're getting older and they need to know how to do these things okay so that's basically it guys so get yourself a random headache and get this at Amazon of the price is right and they have all types of different mannequin heads I chose this one I thought she was cute and the hair is human hair and you can't go wrong it's really but it's pretty hair is nice and soft and the length is perfect and definitely I'm going to have me some fun with this hair okay so take care guys bye you