I Pranked My Parents With An Emu Egg




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- My name is Ella, and I love pranks. I one time pranked my boss at work by putting baby goats in his office. (goat crying) So let me tell you the story of the time I pranked my family with an emu egg. (laughing) So, my friend at work, Sara Rubin, ordered a bunch of emu eggs. I think she was filming a video where she had people make omelets out of emu eggs. She asks me if I want to keep one, and I say, yeah, definitely. Like, I'm gonna figure out what to do with it. I have this emu egg. My parents have a chicken coop. I'm gonna put this emu egg in the coop where the chickens lay the eggs, and I'm gonna see what their reaction is. This footage was actually captured two years ago, but I hadn't done anything with it yet, and I decided, now is the time. So they have this coop, they have these two chickens, the chickens are cute. I don't live there, but I thought, how funny would it be if I put this egg inside of their coop and made it seem like the chicken laid the egg? - [Luka] Ugh, flip flops. - So my mom is really gullible, and my dad is just a Brazilian, aloof kind of guy. Like, it's pretty easy to trick them. - [Mother] Oh my God! - We were filming secretly, I had the camera in my pocket. - [Mother] What is that? (mumbles) put that there or something. Dear God. - [Luka] Oh my God. - [Father] What? - [Ella] What? - My mom is a religious Mexican-American woman, and she was not having it. She was like, this is some devil (bleep). Like, what happened? - That's a real egg. Oh my God, it's like a super chicken. If those little chickens can lay these eggs, we are rich. There's something inside. - [Luka] No, stop, bring it inside. - [Ella] Bring it inside. - This might be out of space. It has to do with a meteor. - [Mother] It's scaring me. - [Ella] Just touch it. - [Father] Shake it. It's like a. - [Luka] Do you think we're going to make money off these chickens? - If they lay eggs like this, we can have a thousand chickens that'll worth 'em. - [Mother] No, come on. - [Ella] I want Mom to crack it. - I don't like this. - [Ella] I want to see what's inside. - It doesn't crack. - [Ella] You have to do it hard, I don't know. - [Ella] I want to see what's inside. Crack it. - Crack it hard. - Crack it. - [Luka] Don't spill it out please. - [Luka] I need to see what's in there, now. You gotta just get dirty, Mom. - Just a minute, just a minute, because I'm really, God, this is, like, really bad. (screams) Oh my God! There's a egg in here? Jesus Christ. - [Ella] Crack it open, I want to see. I want to see. Crack it open. (screams) - Oh my God! What the hell kind of animal does that? (laughing) - That yolk came out, and she was freaked out. (screams) - Oh my God. - You did this. - [Luka] We pranked ya! - She was mad at me. I'm not gonna lie, like, the reason why I hadn't made this video yet was because she told me not to, but here we are. Are you mad that I pranked you? - No, I thought it was a lot of fun. And very smart, yeah. I think Mom was the one who really got it. - [Ella] What did you think it was, Mom? - [Ella] Like what? - [Ella] Did you think the chickens laid it? - No, I was pretty sure the chickens hadn't laid it, but I thought it might be some animal that had gotten in. Somehow, it was living in the coop and I was gonna have do deal with some scary animal. - Their reaction was so hilarious, and there was really no harm done. Like, what else was I going to do with this emu egg? I had to prank them. What do you think the chickens thought when they went in there? - They might have to go to a psychologist now for, like, a session. - I don't like pranks. - Okay, well I do. Anyway, thank you so much for watching this video. Like it, like the video. Don't share it though, 'cause I don't want my mom to see this. (orchestral music)