I Ran A Marathon With Only Ten Weeks Of Training

anybody can go out and walk a 5k much probably jog it still be tough 10k starts to get there more half marathon you start doing the challenge as a marathon it's just another beast it's twenty six point two five miles [Music] Michelle you gotta pick it up let's go of all the challenges I've done in the past this is the one I am looking forward to the least I love working out I love challenging myself but running is just one of those things I've always avoided Thank You Miz were meant to run like when we foraged and scavenged and hunted for our own food hi I'm Eric Stephan's I'm a personal trainer and group exercise instructor and a running coach I ran the LA Marathon about two years ago and I qualified for Boston my first time I don't even know the longest distance I've ever run except when I was late to class no this is gonna be really bad what what is this entail today we're going to do stride assessment just gonna kinda make sure your form is pretty good but we're just gonna make some mechanic stuff and just kind of get you understand what's going on on it but the whole point is this also besides just form correction and playing attention your form which I'm going to be reading it from around the track is also paying attention to pace so by pushing you a little harder I'm gonna get a chance to see how you do and also will start to play tension with your brain in your psyche of how you handle pain and how you handle struggle with pace keep driving those elbows with still rub with your legs like you have that good good stay relaxed in that lower body elbows closer you having trouble running slow right now aren't you yeah relax your upper body loose Michelle you got to pick it up pick it up good pace probably a little quicker than what you're doing right now on your legs squeeze that butt squeeze that butt elbows in you got one lap after this okay still think about your form of fish you finish at me you do not stop go go now everything clean for there you go hold those elbows in oh hey high five high high three breathe good week one has been one of the biggest wake-up calls of my life literally 6:00 a.m. workouts every single day six days a week one day of rest if I'm awake this early when do you eat on that day of rest I'm supposed to be in a tub of ice yeah just icing up my ankles so they don't blow the best part of the challenge hands-down is getting to eat a lot of food chicken rice spaghetti squash and while I'm waiting cereal this week is only week one and it's my lowest mileage forty five miles is the lowest mileage for this entire training program running is really abusive on the bottom the excessive mileage is especially if you're sweating a lot you could get blisters what are you doing using my vagina it hurts two of my toenails are falling off and I have a blister yeah I'm gonna go get a professional shoe fit to see if being in a different pair of shoes might help so we're here at a runner circle in Hollywood we'll run a series of tests put you on the foot scanner that we have here and figure out what kind of shoot match is described I didn't know how much the shoe you bore affects how well you run you're measuring about an eighth so yeah so that's probably one of the big reasons why your feet or your toes are kind of feeling a little crunchy you know I didn't even realize that I was wearing a shoe size too small for my feet I am learning that running is a lot more technical and complicated than the primal activity that we think it is why am i awake at 5:00 in the morning on a Saturday driving a vehicle when I feel like I'm half conscious I am going to run with the Los Angeles Road Runners I'm hoping today to kind of understand a little bit more about the community why people enjoy doing this one anxiety I have about group training is that I'm going to make a fool of myself in front of everybody we're only a couple weeks in I have no idea what I'm doing and this will also be the longest run I have ever done I have never run 14 miles this is Kelsey she actually knows how to run and she's here to run with me she loves ready go get here all right then have a good run be fake but being in the group is so nice I just get to enjoy the environment I get to enjoy being with other people and the workout happens on its own I think that is really the power of group training it went way better than I thought it was going to be as much as I have complained about going out on the runs I always feel better and I think that's the best part of running is just feeling that endorphin rush good morning people it's so freakin early I'm here at the Pasadena half marathon I'm halfway through my training the weather is horrible and it's scoring great this is a milestone for the marathon training because I guess to do a marathon you should probably do a half marathon first today I just want to make Eric proud the stakes are high for me because I just don't want to let anybody down and I want to do my best we get in the corral which feels like I'm literally in a herd of cattle and we find out that the race is delayed I'm standing in the rain freezing for 30 minutes finally the gun goes off and we start going people are passing me there's a lot of energy in the air and the course is incredibly hilly it's raining it's wet about halfway through the race I realize that there's something kind of off with my hamstring but the adrenaline keeps me going through the whole thing and not only did I stick with the fast group but I sprinted past them at the end people listen to me and go through the guidance not only they actually have fun but they actually do really well and they're surprised [Music] [Applause] I realize my hamstrings are seizing up and I can't even do a proper cooldown because my legs hurt so much ah today is really exciting for me because it means that I'm on the right path to the marathon it hurt but that was only half the distance that I'm going to have to do endorphins the atmosphere the people it was a whole new level of experience and I get why people love running and maybe I'm starting to love it too this morning I woke up and found that both of my bikes were stolen they're worth a lot of money it's really hard right now to like separate the stuff that's happening in my personal life from the fact that I have to do this workout right now but I'm hoping that I feel better after that day has been the hardest so far and it didn't even really have to do with the training it was entirely my personal life and that's something I haven't truly taken into consideration until now elbows in oh just feeling really emotionally and physically drained eyes up you give me one lap and you get to be done I really have the hope that as each week passed the training would get more manageable it's only gotten harder I'm just there to guide you when you're confused and when you have panic attacks I'm 14 and a half miles into my 18 mile run I don't feel good at all it's just difficult because I don't know if what I'm experiencing is normal or if everybody goes through this during Aerith on training my life just didn't stop for this I just want to give up so what we're gonna do is we're gonna see the course you know we're shooting for eight twenty you shouldn't be running eight twenty every time I think I can go a ten so no no I can't Eric the trap of a marathon is getting aggressive early I would as a trainer love to be wrong by you running eight nineteen pacing qualified for Boston the very first time you've ever ran a marathon think about the stats that are against you right now so you're defined so much already but we don't know what we're gonna feel what we're gonna go through it's the night before the marathon people ask me on training runs and at work why are you running a marathon tonight I finally realized by why my whole life has always been doing things to please other people so on I'm running this race for me I don't need to prove it to anybody else [Music] yeah I met Michelle here when running with the LA Road Runners she showed up and said she wanted to run a marathon for the first time we all kind of thought she was crazy because she missed probably half of the season of training already excited about eating afterwards you see what happens that's it alright I'll be what you drop that last bit runners [Applause] everything that Eric's taught me is playing out as planned I know where the turns are we're going through Chinatown we're going downtown and I look at my watch we're going a little fast in the beginning very nervous slightly frustrated actually but I can't tell her that play she's just she's out fast and so she's she's still at Mile ten other people in the group are talking about how casual things are feeling right now again for sure and in the back of my head I'm thinking we have a long way to go it's not why they're doing it smell means it's still early you see it's like it's personal you know cuz somebody trust you with their their body with their mind and you know what matters to them and so you want to do is be there in the race you you want to run the race for them and you can't you have to just be there and support them it's going okay and I see my friends they're cheering me and it just gives me this boost of energy good luck we'll see you at the finish hey love you guys it really hammers home why being a part of a team is so important to achieve goals like this we were at you could be in that shape I'm not against that the problem is the hardest part is right after this Samael 22 I look around my group and I realize only two of us are left and we've had to say goodbye to the rest of the route because they've had to slow down then the wall hits me a moment in the race around mile 23 when your legs just stop working [Music] I don't care what you go through on this you all you die this last lap you why are you running a marathon what is yeah you got a pic you finish at me you do not stop go go now everything [Music] [Applause] [Music] the race strategy is so hugely executed a small weapon drops seven-minute pace in the last like mile and a half two miles around 801 we scroll five loss of over five minutes what I really learned from this experience is that life will throw a lot of marathons at you a lot of situations where you have to be patient experience pain for a long time and see a finish line that might feel really far away but when you have the right people helping you the right people supporting you you really can do anything [Music] I'm so excited I haven't had ice cream or cookies since I started marathon training and this is what I wanted at the finish line [Applause] [Music]