I React To My Old Videos Fridays With PewDiePie Part 80




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how's it going bros my name is Pierre and welcome to fry on a Friday hey what do you want what can I say it's practically a miracle so today I am going to react for your breasts to my old old old old old old old videos first off is the minecraft multiplayer fun video I like how my life was different back then oh yeah we trap the zombie in this fort and then we open up and we just see the zombie sitting in a minecart was pretty funny good times so this wasn't actually my first video I know a lot of people are like whose first video was Minecraft why let me play minecraft before when I started off almost four years ago commentating wasn't as popular as it is today and for me to sit alone in a room which I'm doing right now and and and talking it was the weirdest thing ever to me oh god I love how I still have have appear to Pat that's literally the only thing that I can destroy it's so creepy more session destroy' sorry and as you can see I'm trying out the theater mode and the theater mode is really awesome uh-huh so interesting so far I'm so great by it with a seat in monomorphic too so I wanted I liked how much thicker my accent is as well to be one of the cool kids amazing this is my when I got 100 subs and yeah today we're gonna celebrate cuz I have 100 subscribers for y'all [Music] okay I shouldn't do sound effects but anyway I'm already starting to open up more I seriously want to take my diary and smother it on the screen with my hands what the fuck was that I wouldn't wear I would wear gloves though cuz it's kind of disgusting to have shit alright that makes it less and I don't do this because I want to be famous that's the main thing I wanted to do the only reason why I do this is because it's fun and you guys are the biggest part of that night it's because of you guys that this actually is fun and that's why I make videos and that's that's thank you guys again so much I'm gonna leave two links in description and open them and that's cute and left some chill song probably that's adorable that's my thank you just some fucking check that's that's the world wall so cute oh my god this is so weird to go back to so while I was doing these Call of Duty stuff I think I had around like a hundred 200 subscribers no one really cared about my videos that much and at this point the horror game I'm Nisha came out and at this point I had never played a horror game I could barely watch a horror movie and I was like I if I gotta play it I might as well record it and I got some pretty good reactions out of it like this one and then I uploaded the part 1 of amnesia and for the first time like people actually asked for more videos that had never happened before I kept doing these montages of me bit getting scared and those I think those is what really brought in the bigger audiences I think by the end of look here's a video I never uploaded look how cute I am it's an important video it's a big people to watch it as possible clip I don't want it oh god I look so cute back then what happened fuck I'm wearing a little scarf fucking hipster so I was studying at the time it it was hard to catch up with with school than making videos and in the summer and I'm it might say and these are personal videos that I sent to her I think yeah I'm not gonna show these these are these are private but we used to send videos to each other and oh my god I look so tiny after this summer I got my partnership which meant I could actually get money for making these videos and after that I started to take it more seriously and I became more consistent with my videos I went to visit mutts yeah look so sexy I'm again it's the first time I met her yeah oh I miss it for First Fridays with PewDiePie my first going everyone my name is Pierre BAP I've been growing a lot on YouTube lately and it's a it's great of course but it's also shameful because I can't really communicate that the same thing that it's strict I remember I used to answer to every single message that I got now I just have so many like and it saddens me a lot that I can't do that anymore that's a pretty cool way to support me and your chest hair back then god damnit life was so much easier back then I kept doing the horror games but I realized that the whore we're running out like there weren't a lot of new horror games coming out like they are today they're always coming at new horror games so I realized I'm gonna have to start making different type of videos or I'm not gonna have any content at all to cover so I started doing happy wheel and funny enough people were like what the fuck are you doing how fucking dare you play non horror stuff and and like and people are saying I copy other youtubers and all that stuff people were very negative about me playing happy wheels but I was like it's it's fun I want to do what's fun I don't want to be forced to keep playing horror games just because that's what people want and happy wheels turn out to be one of my most successful series ever so it's hard sometimes you have to listen to bruschettas and sometimes the your you might be better off not not to do it oh yeah and I started making videos with cry I asked cries so early if he wanted to make a video with me and then I think after like 2 months he was like hell yeah let's do it so we played a cry of free air with support I wouldn't I want to see that video alright cry why you're so handsome thank you can you change your here's the guy you thought I was gonna be the beer belly exactement that's good times man good times but yeah that's a little journey through how I got started on YouTube and that's that's how it all went down I want to take this time to just fully say thank you to you bros who are watching my videos and showing your support every day and it means literally the world to me and especially your brothers who've been through with me for years now that's just insane to me that you guys have kept out for so long I think that's that's so cool and and and really thank you so much for doing that it's good to have you with me and I hope we can do this for a for a while longer at least so thank you for leaving like and here's an awesome breakfast for