Groupon email don't you ever see those their planning nobody don't go ziplining Christine we're making a video you're being very unprofessional yes hi guys meemaw Rianna dad Sam Gurov Christine sudoko some alcohol sudoko it's an alcohol license and it's a teen that it's Ukrainian so I heard that you're trying new things in the new year Christina not heard that you're trying to sing mm-hmm and I also heard you did not call me and the best voice teacher in the world from wanting to learn how to sing oh we know Lenny I got a new phone I think I just like lost another I know but I don't understand why you would go to somebody else you know we all make mistakes yeah clearly yeah so I thought I would give you a voice lesson to teach you how to sing good because whoever you want to could not teach you a thing yeah I mean I'm always open for more constructive criticism yeah I don't know what that means is that from their Ukrainian yes it's a type of cold soup I think I mean do you want to go to meat platter up there so I thought today I would just thinking on harnessing a pole playing okay um for what kind of stuff like guys do you want to do a bronze doing do musical theater doing do rap do you want to do dance Nandu dig her up you know shoot by Shawn pepper nobody I'll tell you what I do know and what's available yeah bowing to rings so I'm a playground is where I spend most of my days I'm sure young throughout reference how old are you 12 first things first we don't do scales i when you won't up and down your voice right I can tell about other rules did a lot of damage do you think no we're just gonna have to bust through and okay okay then again take a vine trim although it and will lubricate your esophagus I feel like I should be rationing my turkey let it lubricate [Music] good trick it up that was really good so now we're gonna try it yeah okay so do it here I go here I go here I go you have to sing it oh here I go here I go here I go again girls what's my weakness mom no men okay then chillin chillin you have to sing it more so here right here right oh yeah I know you're right gun bangs hurt I can tell you're fighting yeah bronto what what bronto's when you shake your head and it shakes your boys this is how I would throw tantrums as a kid this is what they say I mean tantrum singing it's the same thing why do you think the most famous pop stars are people without tantrums performanshart Swift Katy Perry other girls Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac people with row face sing songs look at the newest and biggest people who are singing things Gaby Hina she's got say what you mean laughs always throwing fits on these story to me angry Tanna manga knew she did a rap song singing cuz she's always throwing fits on the Internet drawing fits is the same as singing if you can throw a thing you can be a singer what is that for this is sorry just oh it's great it's not easy being green you are not green so do not line to my viewers we're gonna try this again here I go here I go memorize out what you were singing yeah yeah so it's meant to be wrapped right but sure let's learn it let's run it yeah making it better right make it better here we're gonna go here we go here I go again see girls what's my weakness man theme that was some broad by Somali so now you know you never seen with that other girl again right only sing with me right but my only sing with me I mean don't think probably okay go you can try singing a lip-sync have you ever tried lip-synching here I'm gonna see you lip-sync here I go here I go here I don't log in I didn't looks like the burp can we do that yeah yeah here I go here I go here I go again oh alright so now you sound much better don't ever sing again don't come to my house again I don't really like you so um thank you and make sure to subscribe to me like my video comment on my video do not subscribe to Christine Sonam clunk what is it no no no go so don't subscribe to her don't like her don't watch her new video where she learned how to sing with some other don't grow two things I hate comments and views yeah don't give Jo any of those I can't stand it that that's true that we're friends so since we agreed if I still want you to leave so okay thank you get out it's an honor to meet you I know no you won't be hearing you're leaving get out oh you'll be going on you are remember no I don't order Umar's that's the Ukrainian thing I don't understand what you're talking about so car service okay I'm not a I'm not gonna be ordering services right thanks guys bye [Music]