- I would say half of me firmly believes that the government definitely conspires with aliens, and the other half is like no that's fucking crazy. - Growing up I always watched the History Channel. And they had a lot of these shows based on aliens. - It doesn't make sense that there wouldn't be aliens. The universe is way too big that we're the only thing. - I think if there's life on this planet, to think that there's not life on other planets, not only planets that we know of, but planets we haven't even discovered yet is really silly. - Honestly I think it makes more sense that aliens would have created us than like god, some mystical being. - I do think that aliens have probably affected our society. Whether or not that's been directly impactful to me I don't know. Something is definitely going on at Area 51. It's just too suspicious. - I think the reality is probably just that the government does really secretive testing of aircraft and things like that. - I don't believe that everything people have said they've seen happen around Area 51 is a lie. - But in my heart I know that there are definitely aliens there. - I haven't necessarily had a first-hand experience with an alien, but I do believe that I've seen a UFO if not multiple UFOs. - I was just staring up at the sky. It was a normal day in Los Angeles. It was really sunny. There were no clouds in the sky. It's very important: no clouds. - I was playing basketball at night. It was probably like 8 PM. It was dark out, small town Iowa in the driveway. - We were camping in my friends' backyard. We saw one of the V-shaped UFOs. - And I saw this plane. All of a sudden, 10 seconds into me watching the plane it just goes clear. - And I see this weird like flashing light in the sky. And it kind of goes like this and then directly perpendicular. - Lights forming a V fly overhead. - And then three lights were flashing on it. And they were green and red and blue. And then they went back up straight directly higher than it had been before, and the other way. - I just couldn't see the physical plane anymore. It wasn't a grayish white color. It was clear. But I could see an outline. - They didn't abduct us or anything. - [Cameraman] They didn't abduct you? - No. - [Cameraman] No contact with them? - No contact, no. - When I realized what was happening, the basketball had like gone down the driveway and I was just sprinting back into the house. - Some people had seen the same thing. So I'm not the first person to see this. - I mean if you don't believe that aliens are here on Earth, that's fine. But if you don't believe that aliens exist somewhere in the galaxy or in the universe, that's insane. Like they have to. - I think if multiple people are seeing this same thing happening. Then there must be something going on. - Believing in aliens is almost akin to believing in a certain religion or something. People are so staunchly on either side. And I don't think people should necessarily go out and be like you need to believe in aliens! But I so staunchly believe in aliens, that I think it doesn't make sense not to. - If aliens are real and are watching this, what are you waiting for? Let's hang out. I'll show you around L.A. You show me around space.