I Spent The Day With An Adult Entertainment Company




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- Alright, good? - Hey there! I'm Aria. And we're here in the San Fernando Valley, the heart some might say, of the adult entertainment industry to take a look behind the scenes at where the sausage is made here at the Vixen offices. - What's up? - It's Abigail, right? - How are you? Yes! - Please lead the way. - I don't know, I heard you guys were trouble makers. - Abigail starts our day with a quick tour. - So welcome to the Vixen office. - This is an award winning studio. - They are. - I mean, let me look at this. We've got Greg Lansky "Best Cinematography", "Best Specialty Movie- Other Genre", "Come Inside Me", "Best Ethnic Interracial Series", "Best Solo Tease Performance" for you, that's you! - Oh, wait! I've got two of them up there. - Is there a movie you've done that you're very proud of but the awards, they just snubbed it? - I was a girl-girl performer for three years and I never won a girl-girl performance scene which I thought was a little ridiculous because I was very, I feel like, good at what I did. - But you, I mean, you've won two. - Yes. - You're kind of like the Meryl Streep of the porn industry. - Wait, this looks familiar. Oh, she looks really... - Oh, it's you! It's Abigail! - Oh it's me! This is what my two awards were won for! - You won for this? Being able to see Abigail's film with her was a bit of an experience. This is, oh my! You're saying things to him, what are you saying to him in here right now? - I'm probably saying, like, I'm going to... (bleep) stuff like that. Yeah. - I will say this though, I mean you guys didn't see it, it looked incredible. The cinematography was top notch. It's like I was watching a Terrence Malick film. Although, I actually knew what was going on. Shortly after, Greg Lansky, the man many consider to be revolutionizing the porn industry, arrives. - Well today, you know, we're going to announce our newest Vixen Angel. It's a pretty big event for us. We do it every month. I created, really, this title and this crowning in order to celebrate the woman of the adult industry in a light that is not often the case so today is all about her. - Previous angels, including Abigail, are now live on Instagram to help make the announcement. In the pink over there, that's Nicole, she's about to be announced as the newest Vixen Angel. - This is the Instagram story, live, right now. Look at that, look at all those hearts. The only people that every watch my Instagram stories are my parents. - The newest Vixen Angel is... Nicole Aniston! (applause) Yeah, come on, come on! And we are done. Boom. (applause) - Now we've moved, we're here in the South Central. Is this South Central? Alright, we are now here in South Central where we are shooting Nicole's Angel photoshoot. It's crazy. It's very foggy in here, can barely see. But it's looking very, very cool and actually been a very exciting afternoon. Get you covered. Just trying to do what I can to help. - High pressure, guys. Lots of shots to cover, you see what I'm saying? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That was nice, this one. Right there. Oh my God. Amazing. You look incredible. - It's gone really well. Long day, honestly. It's really worth it, I mean, it's a lot of fun. It's something different I've never done before and I love the projects that he comes up with, the concepts, the ideas, they all really piece together really beautifully. - To learn more about what's setting Vixen apart in the industry, I chat with Angel of the Year, Kendra Sunderland. - I remember when Greg wanted to make me the very first Vixen Angel, and I just, like, I cried. I'm just so happy because my whole life I've never been a winner, I've got last place metals for every sport possible and so, for him to pick me to be the very first and lead it and everything, I was just so honored. It was really overwhelming. One thing that Greg really wanted to do is just show that this is really just artistic and our pictures are art and we deserve to be respected as artists because we're more than that. Porn doesn't just have to be, this like cheap camera, hotel stuff, you know? People tell us all the time "You don't even have a real job." Shooting with Greg, it's more than just a job, it's like being a part of a project and something way bigger than that so I'm really glad that he advocates for us that what we do is art because we get enough crap from people, it's great to have him to remind us that we are artists in what we do. - Well, Greg. What a day! - What a day, right? - What a long day. It is seven o'clock, wrap on time. - Wrap on time always. - How do you feel it went, honestly? - I thought it went great. Nicole was amazing. She looked really powerful and every one of the Vixen Angel, we really want to celebrate the woman of the adult industry and show a powerful image. So, you know, it's boxing, it's coming out of a helicopter, it's all kinds of fun theme. We want to stop the preconceived notion that anything adult is cheap. It can be creative. It can be artistic. We define what we do. We want to stop having the adult industry being cast in the shadow. Half people learn to question, at least the preconceived notions they have of the adult industry, because when people look at us, they see that wow, they put in a lot of effort, a lot of money, a lot of means just to get fantastic shots because that's what we're about. We like to do things grand. - Grand is definitely the word I would use to sell this stuff. - Absolutely. - I guess my final question for you is if I wanted to get on your list of male talent, how do we get that? - Sure. Right. Okay, well you know just write me an email, photo front and back. - Front and back? Why do you need a back shot? - You always need a back shot. - Oh, no no, you always need a back shot.