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please be good come on please i promise you'll like this damn it who doesn't like powdered sugar who doesn't like magic sauce come on try this you know i just really don't like french toast you dumb really she couldn't have told me this from the start i did it mom a girl's coming over your sister chris no it's not my sister what is going on everybody today is an amazing day and i hope you're about to have a great one too my name is jesse james west and if you're new to the channel what's going on welcome to the dub squad where there is only good vibes here today we have a lot in store i've been waiting for this video to happen for a really long time today is the french toast redemption now if you're not aware of what that is here's a little explanation so two weeks ago i was searching the internet for a girlfriend couldn't find anything so i went to craigslist i'm just kidding this is what actually happened so before we hop into how to cook this i want to tell you guys a little story the other day i was cooking french toast for this girl true story not kidding i haven't heard from her since don't know if it's the french toast or it's me who knows you guys will meet her in a little in a little bit she's coming over so if you guys are new to the channel hit the subscribe button hit the like button only if you want to of course but i would truly appreciate it it helps the channel grow helps the family grow you guys are fucking awesome wee bit heavy this morning the truth is i'm just maintaining i'm enjoying my summer enjoying my food enjoying my life i try to keep myself nice and healthy whether that's physically and mentally so i think that's a great way for you guys to do it too maybe i'll get a little leaner in the future and do a show in like october that's kind of the goal but for right now that's a little bit too far away to keep dieting i mean about 2500 calories to 2700 calories give or take if i'm going out i'm getting a little more i'm staying in i kind of hit the 25. so now we're gonna wait for the french toast girl she's gonna be here in a few minutes i can't be half naked when she gets here i need to get dressed she's here and she tells me to shut up because i told her i'm coming out with the camera let's go this is actually going to be hilarious how are you i'm very good welcome back to another edition of jessie's kitchen we have a lovely camerawoman behind the camera i'll introduce you to her in a minute we're gonna be cooking up some french toast this is french toast redemption the first time didn't really go as planned let's just say it was a bit soggy just it wasn't it am i right yeah yeah i make diet french toast and it's killer i cooked her regular french toast and i've literally never done that so i put way too much almond milk and it was just kind of shopping and not it that's just the case so we got all the ingredients we're gonna go over it and i'm gonna teach you guys how to make my version of anabolic french toast hopefully she likes it and we can get redeemed but i don't know if it's gonna happen all right so for the main ingredients we got some natural sweeteners from stevia because we like things sweet in this kitchen then we got my addiction you already know what this is it's maple syrup sugar-free we got the secret sauce which i cannot tell you what it is ground cinnamon vanilla extract the magic calandra 100 calorie rolls the lovely camerawoman's biggest fear which is almond milk how i destroyed the first french toast and then we got some liquid egg whites they're yellow but they're actually egg whites okay she's she's questioning everything i'm doing right now and i'm honestly like beautiful people it's time to cook we're gonna slice up the magic rolls into little tiny pieces i'll show you just how and this is the key to my french toast is that you make little bites and it makes you feel like you're eating a lot more we got all the bread chopped up the camera woman which will be named soon we got her slices here and we got my slices here we're going moderate with hers in case i screwed up and then she hates it again and then she'll probably leave immediately and this video is over next up what we're going to do is we're going to get some of the yellow egg whites and then we got a little bit of almond milk we're going to put into a bowl a ratio of 50 50. whatever you put for the egg whites you're going to put for the almond milk it's really simple and along with that we're going to put one capful of the vanilla extract okay nerves are very high right now but we're going to do this the right way she's telling me just to do it how i normally would but it makes me nervous so we got the egg white soup right here we're gonna just literally dip the bread in there and then toss it onto the frying pan and hopefully it comes out good all right now that you've got all of your little french toast slices on the skillet we're gonna take the ground cinnamon and since she's been naughty we're gonna give her a few naughty girl slaps secret sauce has been good lately so we just kind of sprinkle it can you take a stevia packet it's possible we all don't answer the movie that i was watching it's the end of the world illuminati is coming gather the boys and girls and watches what's your prediction do you think it's gonna be good i think it's gonna be good it doesn't look soggy it's not soggy at all did you touch it soggy it better not be soggy oh my god you made me so nervous no last time it was just water and bread floating in it my heart is racing everything do it again these weak arms are heavy there's vomit on my sweater it's mom's spaghetti the french toast is done i'm going to introduce you to the camera woman in just one second if you see yourself on the apron congratulations you've made it in life if you want to get on the apron all you have to do is subscribe turn on my post notifications and comment down below your instagram handle and i'm going to pick 10 more people to add to this bad boy if you hate it i'm leaving i'm leaving if i hate it yeah i know guys it's time that you meet the camera woman and the french toast girl introduce yourself hi guys my name is bray and i'm scared about this french toast where can they find you oh i don't know my instagram with two ways you got to come prepared no i don't know it i don't know it i think it i'll put it on the screen you can follow her if you want to only if you want go comment on her recent post hashtag french toast redemption that's all i'm saying i'm nervous let's go guys we've been waiting weeks for this okay hit the subscribe button all right you go first oh my god i'm so nervous it's not as bad as last time like i hope not it's still a little soggy no way are you for real yes take one of mine no it's okay no soggy no way you took a bad one compared to what i'm used to what do you what do you want fried fried french toast there's no way look i took a bite mine's good no like white this one normally it's for this one okay trust me is it it's better than last time right oh it's not oozing milk so yeah but it's still sagging no stage one of finding that you have a problem is that you're in denial no are you for real i'm hurt i'm literally hurt have you have high standards this experience needs to be top tier the taste isn't bad i just think it's like sorry you can't tell me it's not yeah that one's a little weird take some of mine damn i always say round two is better but i don't know if that's the case today a little bit better do you want to not eat it yeah i'm gonna stop eating soon i'll see you later bye do you like hurting my ego and my feelings you're gonna leave i'm gonna cry later i didn't eat before it came come whatever i did eat okay so like stop maybe the reason yeah no i like this all right guys so in conclusion brie says that it's the best french toast she's ever had guys my ego shattered i can't get over the sagginess you could film the rest of the video me and brie are going to take our pre-workout apparently she dry scoops it which like a total boss i'd never do that so it's a waste of time look how big my scoop is okay i'll do my big scoop first too i'm going stem free free because we're already cracked out on caffeine from the morning she came here and i was literally like hey that was easy yeah totally transparent labs you already know the deal use code jesse at checkout i'm always rocking the stem free but their bulk pre-workout is really good the bcaas during the workout i think it's time to get warmed up and get to this workout what do you say yeah let's do it so guys bree's gonna take me through her leg day but there's one thing i'm asking is just to do heavy slots yeah is that allowed yeah we gotta hear the numbers for the day and then we're gonna hit probably a booty workout i'm gonna assume yeah for sure like um i guess i told you we're stretching i can't do that i can try that's hard damn my hamstrings that's so embarrassing the hell are you doing you have to let gravity pull your legs down i can most definitely not do that oh my god this is bad so we've come to conclusion that i need to stretch more improving the french toast and stretching sounds good to me time to work out yeah that's right it's tight does my butt match my eyes i'm big all right am i am i a fitness influencer now we're gonna have a good squat day today you're gonna have a good scholarship since you're the the coach right now and you're also getting your personal training license thing how many sets and reps am i doing for you five i'm still a little nervous all right we're gonna dive into squats i'm gonna work up to about 385 because that's probably where i'll get five reps just like reason we're going to feel it out because she's she's totally ready to work out oh fuck that was good do you approve me yeah that's pretty good let's go nice case anyone's wondering it's tarps off for the boys it's not for the girls it's for the boys i want to do hip thrusts you want really yes we're gonna hit the glutes and become the next big thing on social media everyone ask me how you're on social media you guys gotta show me how you don't have to i just don't do it we're doing barbell hip thrust you don't want your head to go back you wanna look forward i ain't me until i'm in the grave said i got styled for you ain't seen you at the top it's been a while for you yeah we're gonna do glute bridges just body weight but we're going to do 4 sets of 20. oh my god i'm shaking your turn i'm not ready for that you can do it i know it just feels really that is not weird okay super set i want this fifth girl body to say i wouldn't beat this now they wish they could beat this table three ten more what are you doing i need a minute am i do it i think i just gained 10 followers at least from this ass pump this is what i call self-inflicted harm here i go good luck come on come on all right tarps are back on for the girls only tarps off for the boys that way i don't slip and fall to my death because this is genuinely dangerous but it's not dangerous it's dangerous do girls look at guys asses yes i think you look at the legs if you're unproportionate bye that's why i'm doing this almost power my friends is a butt pump that sounds weird how am i doing you're okay i'm kidding i'm kidding you're doing good can we do leg extensions yes okay four sets eight to ten okay okay all right next up we got some leg press but we're gonna focus on the glutes because today we're fit girls we're gonna build that booty let's get into it we going 10 wide first yeah oh god because the wide ones target your butt more like that oh my god i feel like someone's gonna pop out it's too low cause you're like five just put a little sensor right here pixelated come on stop it come on get out of my face how's the ass that's right and then just oh my god yeah you see my leg shake people go in like their forearms try that this is a promiscuous position oh my god it's actually like really really hard yeah only experts are concerned oh my god my eyes are up here come on now it's all about the eye contact your arms look really good thank you fit girl bod achieved so let's go make french toast again shut up all right guys that's going to conclude the workout how did i do you did great honestly good i'm really late that was a great workout we're gonna do a little q a who's the girl what is this the french toast redemption that's damn right her name's brie she doesn't like the way i cook french toast so i had to try and redeem myself and clearly it didn't work so imagine oozing bread like oozing milky soggy bread and i had to eat it okay what made you want to start working out i started going with my mom but i was like so scared of the weight section just get started and you'll learn really quickly that no one really cares about what you're doing like they're not worried about you they're worried about themselves so just worry about yourself and just get better did she pass the syrup test she's she's enough she i think she passed enough just so i like it i like this here why are my workouts different all the time a lot of the time it's because i'm filming and i want to mix it up and give you guys different options to try out i do kind of go off of my program that i have on jessiejameswest.com you can cop it i run the six day workout but i change it a little bit every here and there but i keep my main like first few lifts the same every week just to kind of make some progress i always do that obviously a question you guys want to be answered is are we dating no no we're actually like we're actually just friends literally our relationship she hates my french toast but strictly french toast yeah that's about it we're just friends someone says why can't i get a girlfriend i can't i don't know make good french toast shots just be yourself don't try too hard are you ashamed for ghosting z jesse james west who said that how tall are you i'm 5'7 you're almost five five do i wear them do you wear makeup no no makeup i wear guy liner all the time i'm a little emo boy little scene kid on the inside how can i improve my french toast you sacrifice the hardness for the cat less calorie that's gonna be a q a for you that is what i call a great work a great workout that's a wrap guys and horrible french toast and horrible french toast and i have fun yeah follow her on the gram bye peace let's just say i'm gonna be a fit girl in no time my ass is popping out like never before i got a huge butt pump but yeah i hope you guys really enjoyed today's video maybe you learned something if you're a girl i'm gonna try to get more girls on this channel that way we can get some more girl content get those booty pumps get those booty games i'm gonna help you all out this channel is for everyone so make sure you guys are subscribed if you're not and uh i just want to say thank you guys right now we're currently at 71 000 subscribers you guys are literally making my dreams come true and i hope that i can motivate you to go follow your dreams and make something amazing out of your life i got nothing else to say except stay relentless and i'll see you guys in the next one