hey guys it's me Miranda so everyone's been doing this really fun challenge where they tried to do someone else's makeup challenge and no one has done mine yet so I'm like to talk about bang but I thought I would do ain't so today I'm going to be doing James to old system so I think rickey dillion already did this one but I will do it matter what did he not use consignee wait I don't know I said putting with some hurricane speaking some other language what I really thought that James Charles was American I'm surprised he's speaking in another language he never even in okay well his makeup challenge he starts off by robbing his face so I can do that until looks like things next thing then he punches himself in the face with a little red sponge I don't have a red sponge by half okay thanks what language is that is that Italian Latin I don't know what he is I really thought he was America okay now he's painting underneath his eyeballs he's using the color of like a whitish color but I only have my sink so I'm just gonna use my own this thing he's putting it right under here good under both eyes be enemies Morgan okay Ash Wednesday okay so now he's using his spongy again so I'm using it I don't always see him but that's me stop he's just padding so well now he's using a brush on his eyebrow so okay so now he's putting red in his eyebrows so I don't have blue or gold I only have rent so I'm just gonna put that underneath my eyes like he did with the bloom and in my eyebrows like he did with his eyebrows I don't have any of this other color so I'm just gonna use this hahaha okay that's looking pretty good so next [Music] you know he's painting his face freakin white but I'm not gonna do that because unlike you James I'm not gonna get myself into all that racial trouble I don't know why even do something like that after you've been in trouble for this but homework okay so now you're making it drip down your face so I will make it drip down my face now okay here's the final law [Music] thank you for watching sisters I hope you liked this I didn't have any of the makeup teams they only have red so I think I look better than hands thanks James for I'm using your makeup tutorial everyone follow my makeup tutorials I've done tons please do them and tag me in them also please pre-order my book get it off the shelves all my secrets are in this freaking thing so pre-order this bulk but do not read it just watering Thank You Elsa I'm on tour Miranda sings don't comment comes along really go places you've been reading [Music]