I Was Framed For Murder

eleven years and nine months for a murder I did not commit I was charged with first-degree murder first-degree murder and temporary [Music] I spent 23 years of present the day I found out was I wasn't even in court I was in the yard for recreation and they told me I had a lawyer's call I called my lawyer Darren Storr and he told me to sit down I say sit off for what wine you're coming home what the you say you know you can know yourself that you are innocent of something but I can show people though cuz they happy where you been at for that point three years and isn't it true that you intentionally framed Jacques Rivera for a murder that he did not commit I assert my Fifth Amendment constitutional rights [Music] he offered them away out of their pieces [Music] and he cursed told him everything how to say what to say I was sitting outside with my girlfriend which was the mother of my child I walked about a block and a half down some of the guys are fighting down the street and then I heard police sirens and I walked back towards my house I didn't think nothing of it didn't even know somebody was killed that night came out the next morning thinking it was gonna be a great day Bernardo Guevara drove up in front of my house and say how you doing why we need some people to come in for a lineup what you coming for our lineup handcuffed me took me in and I was never released again next year nor was charged with murder I was 24 I was a part of the Humber Park Institute it was to help kids get their GED get him back to school instead of hanging out street corners and detective Guevara came in there a few times I loved his father was one of welcome lobbies come inside I mean at court he lied he said he's never been in there the eyewitness assured that the shooter had a portion of his hair dyed golden blonde in the back detective government corroborated that testimony but the funny thing is is that if this was a part of the shooters hair and he never took a picture the back of my hair and he couldn't win a step further got a judge to get a court order to take a lock of my hair but he never took a picture of the back of my hair he never got a court order to take a lock of my hair with my hair what did that kind of get busier destiny or Emmett's for that matter it was never that do you think you when you come home that is gonna be better but when I look back myself and think about the person I was back then I don't recognize that person anymore there's now I'm like really reclusive I had to get even psychological help I was suicidal for a while there's been times I had to slow down cuz I you know anxiety catch myself looking at things and it's like I don't recognize stuff life just way faster and it wasn't there and there we were used to routine come out here and it's everything changes the third day after I was out I was ready to go back if I wouldn't like I would have did the time he got out I have been providing all kind of help but because I was exonerated I'm not providing nothing so basically they just kicked me out of prison talk to you later no health care and nothing this is the video deposition of Reynaldo govert Rivera [Music] I forgive them in order for me to move on with my life I have to forgive them and I have and I'm moving on with my life they keep this pension I don't care about this money I don't mind if the state's attorney gives him immunity for all he's done as long as he comes forward and and helps these other cases so they can come home well I only got one kid and I lost all her childhood I lost almost 12 years of my life because of him my marriage got destroyed because of him I got to say life is starting to get better [Music]