I Went On A Date With An Olympian Vertical Video




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- Hi, I'm Liz, I'm here working the Olympics. It turns out that Tinder is a really big thing here, so I have made it my mission to go on a date with an Olympian. - How's it going? - Ugh. - As it turns out, matching with athletes is easy, but getting them to actually meet up, is not. They all just want me to come and like, visit them in the Village, if you know what I mean. Some profiles are not even really people. - What sport does he play? - Australian bobsled. He's not on there. - He's not on, he doesn't exist. - [Alex] What just happened? - I think I got an Olympian to go on a date with me. His name is Robby. He's an Olympic skier from Mexico. - [Alex] He's very cute. - He's very cute. I decided it would be fun if he met me at the ski resort and taught me some sort of trick. Alex. - [Alex] What? - He wants to meet tomorrow. = [Alex] Okay Liz, we really need to go. Are you almost ready? - Yes. I can't believe this is actually happening. - [Alex] Liz, your shoe. - My stomach is like churning. Best case scenario, it goes really well and he's super genuine and down to earth. Everything's in Korean, I don't know where to go. Worst case scenario, he's super cocky, he just wants to show off, and I break my leg. My phone is ringing. Oh shoot, okay, I think he's here. And this feels very much like The Bachelor. Oh my God, I think I see him. - Hey, hey, hey, how are you? - I'm good, how are you? - Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you. - Right on, so are we gonna go do some skiing today, is that the plan? - I think that's the plan, yeah. - Awesome. - Let's do it. - Right on. Tinder is pretty much a legend in Olympic Village. The body is obviously like what you look at first, but then you want to see someone that's like actually going to captivate your attention longer than two seconds. People that are like outgoing, smiley, cute, fun, like interesting. - I wouldn't doubt it, I suck. - So when do you compete? - Tomorrow morning. - (laughing) Oh my God. I thought he was super cute. He looks just like he did in Tinder pictures, which when does that happen? Never. - I think Liz is great. She's beautiful, she's cool, so. We'll go see how she is on the hill, and just have fun. - Yeah, please. - That was perfect, way better! What a babe. - The gap in my goggles has been reduced, so let's go. What is wrong with my skis? - They're upside down. - The first trick he decides to teach me, is skiing down backwards. I'm starting to struggle at the end, and he swoops in and helps me, which I thought was like super, super cute. - Go opposite side, here we go. - (squealing) Oh my God. We get to the bottom of the chairlift and he does this thing where he kicks the pole up and catches it in his hand, and I think it might be the most impressive thing I've like ever seen. - There it is! (both cheering) - Being an Olympian is difficult. We're trying to find the other open lifts, but they all appear to have closed, so we walk over to a snowmobile and I get on as a joke, but then Robby's like, yo let's turn it on. Yeah, but what if we get kicked off the mountain? No, oh my God, I'm scared! I can't believe you're competing tomorrow and we're doing this right now, oh my God. - The life of an Olympian, yolo! - Oh my God. - Good day? - Good day. - Yeah, walk away. You might want to put your skis on. Here, put your skis on, fast, hurry, hurry, hurry. Cause they're trying to call security. - (bleep) Here we go. (laughing) Oh my God. We like skied the (bleep) away. Can you imagine if you we had gotten like arrested? Would your coaches have been happy about that? - No my coaches would not be happy. They'd be like wait you were on a Tinder date, you decided to rob a snowmobile and drive it around during open hours of the mountain. This is really what I needed the night before I go compete in the Olympics. - Like I'm actually really helping you get ready by calming your nerves. - You're way cooler than I expected, so I'm glad that it worked well and I hope we can do it again. I'm like going to go dancing and be like spinning, before you know it, you'll be like, oh. - So we're leaving the lodge and I'm really not sure what's going to happen. - Thank you for like coming out and doing this, it was awesome, I had a great time, and I hope we can do it again. - Me, too. - Awesome, thank you. (cheering) See ya. - Bye. - This might be the best Tinder date I've ever been on. If she's with me now. She's off the market. We'll probably go skiing sometime. - I'm shocked, shocked at how well it went. - Yeah, I'd love to go on a second date with her. - I would be interested in seeing Robby again.