I Worked As A Bouncer At A Nightclub For A Night

- I just want to let everyone know that I hope you're having a great night tonight. (crowd cheering) Yes, but please try not to step out of line or I will not hesitate to put you in a bare naked choke. (playful music) Hi there, I'm Aria and we're here at the incredible Austin Powers-themed bar, the Electric Pussycat, where I'll be working as a bouncer for the night. (sighing) This will make sense in a moment. I know you're probably wondering about the gi. - [Robert] Yeah, what is going on with that? - You got ruffians out there, they want to shake down the establishment, extort, whatever these hooligans do but then they see someone decked out like this. I mean, what would you do if you saw someone watching the place-- - I'd possibly think twice or say what's he got? It's not Halloween is it? (laughing) It is security so you wanna make sure that people are having a good time but in a fashionable manner. You don't want any hooligans or you know, some knuckleheads getting out of line but at the same time, you gotta realize that you wanna have a good time, we've all been out but keeping it reasonable. - I've never really been a big clubgoer, so tonight, I'm looking forward to getting a fresh perspective on night life from the other side of the ropes. But unfortunately, as much as Robert admires my gi, it doesn't quite fit with their dress code. So, I have to quickly pop next door for an outfit change with one minor adjustment. If things get rowdy, what's like protocol? - So, if you're being destructive to property, you know, and being belligerent and being too intoxicated, those are signs that you're immediately out. You know, whereas you're bumping into the chairs that you'll see later on upstairs, okay, that will get a warning, but if they're like, "Okay, well, (beep) you", you know then, okay, you gotta go. - Yeah, bare naked choke time. - Yeah, yeah. Possibly, possibly. - Yes, absolutely. - If they swing at you then I would say yeah. (playful music) - I've been training like all week for this. - Look at that, look at that. - Okay. - Look at that. - [Ashton] Just for tonight, huh? - Yeah, look at that. - Alright, look at you. - Oh, oh, a fist. (both exclaiming) - [Ashton] There it is. - That's a coworker. - There it is. (chuckling) - But soon after my shift starts, I suddenly get my first taste of the dangers I'm facing tonight. (suspenseful sounds) This one lady tried sneaking in. (suspenseful sounds) The moment Ashton was like, "Oh, she's going." It's like time stood still and I was just, Hey, ma'am! Ma'am, you need to get back here! Please, Please. - Oh, oh, oh, oh. - We need you out here, please, please. - I have my I.D. - Oh! (exhaling) - I thought you guys knew who I was. - Oh, we, oh (groaning and exclaiming) It's scary to think that if she'd got in and let's say, you know, she like assaulted someone, y'kno? Who's responsible? Me! Me. But luckily, as the night goes on, I begin to find my groove (playful sounds) Wow, that's a great I.D photo. Do you have like a headshot photographer you can recommend? Oh, never mind. How you doing? Having a good night? You know what would make it even more fun, though? Is if we had some methamphetamines. - Aha! Unfortunately, that's not my game. - Oh, you don't have any on you? - Nah, nah. - No, no heroin? - Nothing. (chuckling) - Good. - I'm sorry, sorry. - Whoa, whoa, he's trying to sneak on by. - [Man] Watch out. - Aha. - [Man] Watch out, Eric's coming through. - Oh man, I got some photos that I need to show you. Maybe you'll think twice. You know what, we should get those photos-- - I don't think you need to do anything-- - I think we get-- - With those photos. - I think we do, I think we get those photos blown up and we just like put them against the wall. I'm running out of battery, you know? Like constantly having to show people the photos. - [Man] Yeah, yeah, that's gotta be rough. - Yeah. - I'm gonna take you in right now. We're about to do a sweep of the club. Austin and the go-go dancers just hit the stage right now. So, we wanna make sure that they're able to do their thing and not being interrupted by any of the guests trying to go on stage. Nobody's throwing money, trying to be obnoxious either, 'cause that does happen sometimes. And then we're gonna go up to the VIP area, take a look, make sure it's not overcrowded. We're gonna be able to guide the line, making sure our cocktail servers are able to get to our clients to be able to get their drinks as efficiently as possible. The things that I mentioned earlier, I want you to go ahead and be on the lookout for them. And if you need to take action, you can take action. - Do you like put someone in a bare naked choke if they do anything wrong? - You're so into that bare naked choke! - Hey, let's settle down here, you guys are having fun but let's play it safe. - We want you guys to have a good time but we can only have one person per booth and please try not to swing, okay? - But even though we were luckily able to avert that crisis, on our sweep, our cameras captured a suspicious-looking man who was now on my radar. But not wanting to burden Robert, I decide to launch my own covert investigation. And to help me on this task, I quickly call in Petey Plastic an actor I once hired off of Craigslist. Have you ever hooked up with anyone at the club? - Oh, many times and in (chuckling) stage rooms, bathrooms. (laughing) - So, I saw someone upstairs that was acting, you know, a little suspicious, a little borderline belligerent. Unfortunately, he saw me so I can't do an undercover operation but I'd love for you to maybe look into this for me. And if things get out of hand, I'll be there, don't worry. - Typical night out, I got this. - We could be saving lives here. (suspenseful music) With the clock racing against us, Petey begins his hunt for this delinquent. We need to act fast because who knows where he might be and when he might decide to cause a scene. But finally, Petey spots him and moves in. - He is not trying to attack anybody so we're all safe and good. - Are you sure? Did you look him in the eyes? - I looked him dead in the eyes and saw him and it's just perfectly fine. (sighing) - Close call. Thankfully, it looks like we have the situation under control and as relief washes over me, I'm able to enjoy the rest of the night, completing my duties. How do you feel the security at the bar is so far? - The security at the bar is fantastic so far. - How would you say I've been doing? - You've been doing a great goddamn job. - I took these photos for you, Robert. - Oh, is that right? - And in fact, as the night comes to a close, I'm genuinely disappointed that the evening has gone by so quickly. Thank you so much. - Well, thank you very much. - Oh! - I appreciate it. Overall, I would say good job because you follow direction and you listened and you knew what to look for, that's why you were able to find some of the things that we had mentioned earlier. You're very enthusiastic and people respond to that. - Is there any chance I can keep this flashlight? - Absolutely, it's all yours. (laughing) There you go. - I'm so happy right now. - So from Electric Pussycat, (mic thudding) Robert - And Aria. Bye-bye. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday ♪ Dear David S. Morell (laughing) - Perfect, You got it! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪