I called Anthony Smith and heard his perspective on the illegal knee

I talked to Anthony Smith last night and I called Anthony up and the reason I did is I've been in his shoes and the post-fight depression if you will is a very real thing and it doesn't even matter if you won there's that there's a news flash that might surprise you it doesn't matter if you want when you have so much excitement and when you have so much purpose at anything in life and this sport could be very rare because it's just you and another guy and it's focused and it's not a tournament everybody's watching it which means all of your peers are talking about a lot of them are flying out and kind of supports you all every step of the way it's just one of these processes that can really lure you in and then you get to go off and show off your skills and either way when that's done you suffer a little bit of a depression when it's over when you're going hey where are all those phone calls where all those - I was so busy people were always had something to do I had a text message I had an interview request I had spied a way in to look for diet practice to go to I don't have any of those things the weight has been made the training is done the competition is over what do we do now and you start to suffer a little bit of that depression so then when you're coming off of a loss on top of everything else it's a really tough spot to be so I reached out to Anthony and I've been in his spot same opposed same everything and I didn't say a whole lot other than hey I'm thinking of me how you doing he said hey man I'm doing fine he said one thing about training camp I gotta be away from my family I couldn't be happier I got I got my kids around me I got plans to do with the wife he said but I'll tell you there's been a lot of talk a lot of talk coming my way that I'm not really responded but I'm seeing it out there I'm seeing headlines people are making comments about how I handled the illegal knee situation and he said chill I don't know where it's coming from somebody they're saying to me you'd be the champion of the world you would go down and your legacy you would always be the world champion or people are coming to me and they're saying to me from a business standpoint you'd have gotten a rematch with pay-per-view points and you would have made millions of dollars he goes I didn't make a business decision I didn't make an athletic legacy decision I made a moral decision he said if there's anything I'd love for people to know don't look out to solve your problems look within that's what I did I showed up I looked within my skills and my ability to try to solve the puzzle in front of me I didn't need an outside consequence to come in so I don't understand really how to respond to this and he said I'll tell you the truth I really feel if the roles were reversed and I was the champion and I was having a great night and I was winning rounds and I wrong to Jon Jones I think Jon Jones would have done the same thing for me I thought it was an interesting message I thought it was a very interesting perspective and I thought that it was worth other people hearing