I finally unlocked the FREE CORDITE in Call of Duty Mobile


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and i see that nuke from the sky you don't get b boys boom awesome hey what's up guys johnny here back with more call of duty mobile in today's video we're gonna do maybe my last ever 1v1 duel on saloon guys well in the event for the three core diet i've been don't want to say lazy because i'm not lazy but not really motivated to grind these events uh because i already have a core diet so i didn't feel like grinding the wins but i'm almost there just doing a few every day and uh i'm one short but my next duel could be my last one i don't think i'll be doing duels 1v1 ever again after that unless we have to for other events but seriously it's not something i particularly enjoy but let's do it guys and let's get that free court eye and guys before we go into the action subscribe to the channel for daily cut mobile videos let's get into it and then we'll try that free core diet see how it feels compared to the legendary one all right duel a saloon we're gonna go back with the shotgun guys it's my number one weapon dudes i really love the shotgun in 1v1 that map is super small luff man the the ping i think hope it's not gonna be a problem the guy's using a pistol where's the dude where did he spawn oh i see him oh all right no pistol this time all right 2-0 i see the dude over there all right all right 3-0 we're doing okay guys we're doing okay good start good start this shotgun is so much fun nope oh i mean i don't know maybe i was a bit too far you're not using the whole site bruh [Music] he's probably up somewhere camping okay he's gonna do that he's gonna do that for sure what are we gonna do now he's probably using a little fire also i'm gonna have to push him all right we need one more dude this guy's gonna be annoying uh where is he gonna spawn now don't go up there again i should have gone up so he doesn't spawn out there oh crap he went right behind me i never saw him coming all right let's go boy i hear that oh no i forgot to change my loadout totally forgot about these trip mines brah all of a sudden he's back up all of a sudden it's a one point game come down boy yeah he's there there you go i had to work for that one oh pistol oh i like that let's go let's go i'm down for it maybe i should have changed my loadout probably i have like uh hardwired a little doubt i don't want to die to trip mine again let's just do it real quick ah i died because i changed my little dog all right at least i have the right one and i have a hard wire this time okay one one it's a new brand new game let's do this we got this he spawned inside the cell phone show your face dog sure face dog brah it's probably crouch in a corner somewhere oh yeah [Music] yeah i got that i got that he's there ouch again [Music] don't don't don't no he changed pistols like he was using the j358 to decide to switch for the mw11 i saw that trip my look i'm immune now wait where's the dude [Music] no no no no no no no no no let me read though dog he's up somewhere there you go guys one more one more we got this we got it freaking pistol duel there you go guys we got this at least it was not pistol versus sniper the guy actually chose to play with pistols so hey let's check out that freak or that guys we're gonna try it in domination all right so we're done with all the seasonal challenges and that's the freak or diet guys let's check it out okay guys we got domination on nuketown perfect map for cordite i think lots of close range action should be fun and let's go cap a and i'll go middle capture i'll go behind the truck or something and make sure they don't get me at the start oh bro it looks like i had a little bit of ping look at this guy reloading i should have gone extended mike maybe you guys type in the comment are you using extended mag with the core die the sniper is dangerous also i mean i don't know i want to go for that so i don't run out of ammo here bro this is dangerous as hell man i don't know why i'm here dudes nobody i think i want to get out of here man i get sniped yeah i got him where's my team they all dead they all responding right now i don't want to get caught on the right side yeah that sniper i told you is so dangerous dude where's the smoke please don't want to choke veto yeah we're going to keep it for second and half i guess roddy all behind we lost b we're capturing bravo wow okay 50 28 at the half we got vito on standby let's just see if we're close to a nuke though oh one kill from the nuke okay we're gonna try to go for the nuke first we're gonna cut c we're gonna go for a kill and then we're gonna go nuke and veto my teammates gonna get definitely gonna get that nuke is ready let's go right now guys so my teammates can get b hopefully we're gonna get veto oh we died well whatever did i use my nuke at least oh my god no i should have hide like in the building well at least it resets and then let's go vito and i see that nuke from the sky you don't get b boys boom awesome so hopefully my teammates can get b while i slow them down here come on guys get b now if they don't have b when i'm done from my beetle i'll be pretty mad and when we get back we got predator there's no way to get that all right so we can go predator we can go uav double kill here and we got double predator by the way might as well use it now over kill much this guy no uav assist all right that machine whatever let's just use everything now i mean i don't have enough time for another nuke anyways right so might as well use everything all right respawn boys probably get rage quick no way dude the only time i died was while using my nuke you go for the triple cap i'm covering you boy veto again bruh this is over there's no way they're getting b now need another angle here alright it's over game over wow this game dude anyways core died smg feels pretty much the same as the legendary one seems like it's the same sound iron sight's pretty much the same it feels pretty much the same it's a great weapon guys if you don't have it yet go for it it's a great great smg very versatile i love it and i use it in ranked that's it guys that's it for today hope you enjoyed the video thank you for watching that was the free-to-play chord smg go get it now leave me a comment below if you're done already but yeah that was probably my last 1v1 duel on saloon so yeah i'll be back later guys don't forget to subscribe see you guys at the next one take care [Music] you