I found AMAZING loot from FISHING in Minecraft Part 23





GoOoOoOOOOood morning gamers it's another beautiful day in minecraft and today we have a lot of lot of epic stuff to do im actually recording this intro after the video because i forgot to make one (giggles) so first off, i've been cheating on you guys i live streamed yesterday because i need wither skulls our goal in this series right now, our number one priority is to breed our pig army >:) and to make it as strong as possible then what we're going to do is we're gonna make our pigs fight one of the bosses of minecraft, the wither now to kill (*make) the wither, you need three (big brain) uh skull thingies which drops in the nether i played yesterday on the live stream and let's just cut to that footage PAUSE just to give you guys a summary of what happened i enchanted my axe and was crazy lucky and got a great enchantment woah :o damn (bad word smh) sksksk then i enchanted my sword and was even more lucky sharpness 3, sweeping edge 3, fire aspect 2 i think that's pretty good that's already so GOOD (laughs in minecraft) alright then there wither skull which has a 5.5 percent chance of dropping drops on the first spawns thats pretty smart to put it in a hallway (GASP) :O woah, woah, im so lucky dude already and if that wasn't enough it dropped another one right after oh my gawd dude looting three baby im a lucky boy, this live stream was lucky boy then pig explosion thing happened pigman get out of the way OH PIGMAN, PIIIGMAN :(( then I got a third one Come on, Bring it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YEAAAAAAH! then i got a fourth one! Oh my god Then I built this ugly spawner This spawner is gonna work so good When I wake up tomorrow Daaamn Dude I'm gonna get so much items Daamn Just wait until tomorrow, you guys criticized my spawner Just wait until tomorrow, like, you're gonna feel awful This is gonna work? Yea, this is gonna work. * MEME REVIEW * Tomorrow when I wake up I'm gonna have so much stuff dude And that's where the livestream ended Ooh, you hear that? Time to check the che- Wow! I got the scaffold... How could this possibly have failed? Hi guys, I guess you di- AH NO Okay, alright Alright, alright I guess they didn't die? * INHALES HEAVILY * Wow, look at that, yea Oh look, I have new friends in boat Hello new friends in boat AH, how does that make any sense? Stop friends in- Stop friends in boat Oh he's shooting his friend in his friend boat Oh no you're on fire now Alright we're going together now I don't care what you think about me, we're gonna be friends Just go in there * IKEA BIRD :( * HE KILLED IKEA BIRD! YOU! COME BACK HERE! HE KILLED IKEA BIRD >:( Once I'm through with you, you're gonna feel the pleasure- the pain- the pleasure of pain Oh my god, stop I hate you! Say your last sorry Ikea bird... (Ikea bird memories) The parrot! Oh my god it's so cute Here I'll give you my seed Oh, you like that? Or that you dislike it HE'S SITTING Is he sitting? He's blue too Yes, YES, Y E S That's so awesome! ...Was like father to me... How could this happen? It hurts It really does AHH Water sheep Oh gracious water sheep, why does everyone I love die? Oh my gosh NO, not- NOO Oh okay he's fine, he's fine How do you make pants in minecraft? Oh man it's so expensive UGH So as you can tell, it's getting very expensive to keep up this beautiful diamond armor, so what you can do in minecraft, is that you can make a villager into a librarian But what's even better, is if you cure a villager, and if you remember, if you watch series epicly, which of course you have This is intense Yo they got villagers Apparently you can cure them We have one of those We need to prepare for the wither as best as we can Okay, so to cure a villager we need one golden apple, my gosh, expensive And a potion of weakness For that we need a fermented EW Fermented spider eye Brown mushroom and sugar How do we make sugar- YOU CAN MAKE SUGAR IN MINECR- From sugar canes, okay Alright, that makes sense Hey, remember when I had a sugar cane farm and then I said I don't need that anymore Oh okay thank god I saved some Is my spawner working? Oh my gosh there's so many of them there that's awesome I feel like there has to be There has to be mushrooms in the mines somewhere Oh my gosh there is diamond here? Hahaha! What? (you never played-) How did i not see this? Oh! OH! I guess i haven't really showed, like, my mining area It's not that interesting, that's why I tried to make a spawner here... But they are poison spiders, which is just obnoxious to even try and do anything with Come on mushrooms, there has to be, there has to be... Where is the mushroom? Hello, have you seen mushroom? OOOH, kill before....Explosion! Pro minecrafter, gamer, yeah... * in gothenburg * damn it Roffan, hurry your ass hey Roff-man come on then come on- there we have it * Cute japonese noises * ROFFE! COME ON THEN ROFFE! here we go Can I put a leash on him? Or maybe?... Golden apple I need that. Maybe a fishing rod. Alright, your're coming with me Rolf. Look he is wearing a little hat. That's so cute. You are so cute, Rolf. Oh my gosh! He loves boats! That's your favorite thing Rolf. Look at him go! He loves to- He just wants to go in water. That's so nice! When its actually harder to find mushrooms than diamonds. I think we have a problem. Are you scared Rolf? This will be the first time you see sunlight. WOW! (Laughter) (Gasp), Joergen Damn, there's so many Joergans here. (mutters) Not the black one. Too bad it's dead. This is nice 'cause I can overlook my area as well, except that eyesore. I'm gonna give it one more try. Lure III, okay that has to be it. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET AWAY FROM HIM! You have your own bed. Oh, I got a book, I got a book! Impaling. Silk touch! That's pretty good. That's what I wanted to do. Could you use a dispenser in a fishing rod? Is there an automatic fish farm? I'm sure someone's figured that out. NO! NO!! NOO!!! YOU SCUMBAG! YOU ABSOLUTE DEGENERATE! HE'S SHOOTING MY TURTLES! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? The babies, they hatched! They all hatched! They all hatched! UGHHH! What is wrong with people? Just shooting turtles! Okay, luckily, it looks like most of them made it. Oh my god, so many! They're so-- haha they're so cute! Look at this, Sven! (laughter) okay we just gotta keep fishing and then we will eventually grow up and will finally finally have the helmet so we can breathe underwater Oh! It's raining dangit if we had the trident we could transform everyone right now Damnit! That would have been so good since its raining we have a little roof its so cozy heh! Honestly it's awesome right Sven? you keeping warm? come on give me good loot lowkey this is so cozy (laughter) just me and my boy fishing so I gotta keep an eye on the babies because when they grow up they'll drop the scute that's all I need oh man I forgot, I think you can feed them yeah, yeah, yeah you feed them, oh thats how you make them grow how am I feeding this tiny little things? oh my g- are you okay? are you okay? Is you k? you can barely see the babies but they're there (GASP) I got one I got a scute! I finally got one! (ANOTHERGASP) they're growing O he grew up right infront of me O- i keep hearing huh YeS! how many (GASP) oh my god how man- how many do i need? this guys a slow slow grower thats fine so was I there is no shame just because my pp got hair later, there is no shame about that no shame AT all Oh My GOsh I got them all how many I got? I got 10 I got 10 baby keep fricking don't make me stop you 11 and they ain't ever stop so now I think if we do like a normal helmet oh my gOd yeSs at last finally turtle helmet is mine ohhoh teenAgE muTanT ninJa TurtLes it matches my glasses so good you like it Sven? (woOf) he loves it do you like it? (WaF) thank you I worked hard to get it look so now I have the b- bubble enchantment on my top right actually I should enchant this right away (EPICENCHANTMENTNOISE) Aqua inFINITY! dyaamm damn look how long I can stay underwater now thanks to the helmet so apparently if I do this right? I should be able to grab it it will just take a loonngg time never mind it didn't take long at all do I have it? did I actually just place a torch on the water because I- hahahah BiG BrAiN oh it went up didn't it? there it is I feel like i'm finally umm getting pretty good at minecraft (laughter) alright I think i'm gonna end that episode there I've been playing forever and I have to edit this now as well (laughter of pain) oh my god there's one thing I wanna do before then hey there how are you? you want some food? black jeorgen I forgot how you tame a hor- oh he kicked me off ah (GASP) HE LOVES ME :O black jeorgen i'll take good care of you I promise jeorgen no no no black jeorgen please uh. come welcome home buddy welcome home... alright cow hit it this is not really the song but whatever alright guys thanks for watching another episode hope you guys enjoyed smash like if you did check out merch if you wanna support the channel and whatever be EPIC I really appreciate it thank you and uhh next episode we're gonna try and get the trident so we can turn this pig army into an actual army that's it for me for now see ya later gamers (epic outro)