I found a Nether Castle in Minecraft Part 12





GOOOOD Morning gamers! it's Minecraft time. (giggles) Every day is Minecraft day YAY I was literally gonna p- record another game And then I was like ''I just wanna play Minecraft", isn't that right Sven? Oh my god yes! Of course! Of course! Sven! Get off the melons, you crazy. Look at the glorious IKEA tower, it's a glorious new day What are we going to do today Sven? Don't go in the boat. I swear to god. Everyone keeps saying how rare these are I'm like, "I don't know what you're talking about" People are saying one of these is Joergen. That's impossible! Don't you dare say that Sven, what i really. just *punches boat* Okay, if there's one.. Sven please get out of the boat Alright, if there's one thing I feel like we haven't done. it's the nether Okay? i feel like we have not found a single freaking thing in the nether. What's up with that? I'm a make my.. you know what? I'll make two pickaxes. That's right, I'm crazy And now we can enchant them, Because i have epic bookcases. Requires level 30... Efficiency four???? Wha_A_Whaat???? (you never played tuber simulator?) How do I get efficiency four? (gasps) Level 17? Alright, I'm gonna level up to level 17 Be right back Sveeen! Are you okay?? Sit Okay, we're level 17 Listen. I may be a Minecraft veteran But, I don't know all these new hibamijibers You know what I'm saying? 17-Efficiency 3 My Gawd It's going to be the most powerful pickaxe ever picked (Laughs) Look. Look I got a- I got an iron shovel efficiency 3 And it blew my mind Let me show you I was mining out this sand, right? Normal. Okay, pretty bad And then you whip out your level 3 And you're just like, Whaaaaa??!!!! (Pewd's mind is blown) It so fast! Look at it. it so fast ITA-DI-JALUURR! (gibberish) Can you imagine level four? Can you imagine level four???? Oh my gosh Look at it! Look at it!! It's freaking- -shears through the- -My gawd- It's freaking destroying everything (normal voice) Can you imagine level four??? (deep breath) Alright We're gonna explore the nether, and we're gonna find epic loot. Isn't that right? You can't come to my house No you can't Okay fine, you can come (Ghast moans in background) nevermind OK, fine, you - alright Just don't fall down (ghast moans again) (pigman snorts) Just don't fall down. That would be really bad if you fall down Just don't- Just don't fall down (ghast moans) Just- (Ghast shoots) AHHHH (small explosion) (ghast moans) You're crazayyy!! Just don't fall down Ju-Careful so you don't fall down Oh- Damnit (laughs) Careful so you don't fall down, pig Oh god no oh god no oh gawd nooooooo!!! Rest in pork-chops Good joke Felix Alright, I know you can find cool stuff I KNOW you can find cool stuff I WILL find cool stuff Oh, Sh-freaky We haven't tried our pickaxe level 3 Alright, let's try it gamers Nothing can stop a man when he's got a pickaxe level 3 EVERYONE knows that Oh my god Oh my god! Don't fall! (laughs) It's time that we dig south Whoah! Enderman in Nether! Kill kill kill time Hey, Ender! Listen... Nothing personal But you have to-erghuh Oh Don't hit me. Swedish I have the power of god and IKEA on my side oh god, he's got that skill Watch this *hunh* Crit- attack Crit- attack Crit- attack What are you gonna do? You're not even gonna fight me? Coward You're a coward No Nether Alright You can stop, you can stop, you can stop Just stop Alright, lets go sicko mode Watch this, gamers Watch this (rapidly breaks blocks) WOAHHH!!! WOA-hahahaha (laughs in delight) Gaawwd Daaamn Boiii LEVEL 3!! (serious) Dude, can you imagine level 4?? Ow Alright, we're gonna level up to level four It's gonna be epic Alright, let's just dig this way Whooo!! Trlrlrl! Woah! Oh my- I don't have to do this It's just so cool Oh gawd, it's burning out really fast Aw That sucks I can repair it! It's fine heh, I'm just kidding okay But yeah, we're gonna just like, out here, we're digging we're having a good time it's the nether So, I need to find these Blaze guys The snoop-doggy-dogs Because uh... I need like, fire rod from them or something? I have not seen a single one Damn, that's a lot of lava I have literally not seen a single one What's happening Mr. Piggy? These are really good for leveling up And I'm saving them up because I want to build a special structure later Foreshadowing (echoes) What is he going to build, Felix? I don't know, I'm not going to say I'm not going to say I'll whisper it to piggy Gawd, I wish Sven could be here He could, like, attack the pigs It could be a good time We could all, just, like, hang out That's just what I think [bored Felix] There's too many of them I can't be bothered to get all of them Gosh [Determined Felix] But, They're eveywhere, and I need the XP Level 30 Felix, think about level... Think about level 3 Diamond Pickax Oh my good- Ahh, ahh, ahhh!! Jeebaleeba Jeebaleeba First rule of Minecraft, Felix Never forget it It's just - It's too strong My pickax is too strong I can't help it What?? WHAAT??? What is this? Pigs, Explain this. Is this your house? What is this? Woah, woah, woah, woah (Gasps) Woah, it comes to- Woah!! Woah!! What is that??!! Nan Da Kore ("What is this?" in Japanese) Wow, it's like a fortress Can I..? Oh, I can mine it Alright Alright gamers We finally found something But, what is this... thing? It looks like an evil fortress Oh, new recipe What is this? Nether Bricks That's what I poop out everyday Alright, I need more brightness I can't freaking see anything in here It's just so dark in the Nether Maybe I can turn down my lights a little Little better Okay gamers Woah What's that? Let's not get lost Because if we get lost, Jorgen and Sven is gonna be super sad Looks like a bridge Is that it? A bridge? (gasps) Oh gawd It's a bridge (Small chuckle) Anything but a bridge Damn I finally... Oh-it-it-of course It's- it goes to nothing Cool Good bridge Good joke, guys Thanks Notch Thanks a Notch (Small voice) Felix, "notch" doesn't work in the- Shhtthhfffkkk (normal voice) It was his idea Is there something up there? There's definitely something up there It's got all kinds of colors and stuff Piggy, what is that? {Nothing of consequence.} I wasn't actually speaking Alright, is there some- Woah (X9) I think we're entering something here Alright, so... I got this tip from this guy who made a YouTube Video And he said it was called "Tips For PewDiePie" And he said, "Place the Torches on one side when you enter So you know which way is out" And I'm like, "Oh my god I can't believe I never thought of that" Gamers helping gamers (whispers) Woah What is this? It's a lava pool I can drink from it? (gasps) What is this? Oh my god Ah! Sorry Ahh! What is that? Ahh!! There's the Blaze guys I need to kill them! Okay, careful, Felix Careful, careful Don't get ahead of yourself Think about... I need these for potion brewing I think Give me Potion brewing I'm gonna make potions Oh, they grow on Soul sand Why did no one tell me? Ok. Let's kill them. I have my milk I have my milk. I'm ready (battle cry) Woah They fly-OW God, they shootadoota Oh my god that's a freaking giant- -super sword- (?) -I'm out!! I'm out I'm out I'm Minecraft out Fight me coward! Ow God I'm cursed What does that do? What does that do? What does that do? I don't know what that do I do-... I'm dying? I think? Oh god Jeelaleeba It scares me Cuz I don't know what I'm scared of You know what I mean? Alright, we're fine We killed Bone Dude What did he drop? Coal? What is he a... Miner? (pff) Loser Alright. Blaze Guy Blaze Guy, I got some "Blazing" to do Where is he? I need your rod That sounds...so wrong Woah (X3) Blaze Guy Come here Fight me coward Wait, do I have arrows? I have arrows Do I have a bow? Of course not Why would I carry a bow? Dumb Alright, fine Felix, don't forget about your little trick about the Okay Alright Cool Alright We'll do this We'll do this This goes Oh, there he is! He was close! Hey, schmuck I'll fight you to the DEATH! Got him (X3) Did we get it? Did he drop it? DAMNIT! Did he not drop it? Seriously? It's gonna be ok, Felix. Just focus on the goal What is the goal again? I don't know I don't know Nether Bricks Lame-oh god! OK Come here and fight me Coward Alright, can I get over that? I can What the..? Alright, I wish you didn't do that Coward! You're a coward! And a scoundrel Nom (X7) Did he drop it? Did he drop it?? DAMNIT!! I need it So I can make potions So I can make awesomeness So I can make awesome-sauce Isn't that right? Tobuscus fans? Oh, what's over there? There's a spawner there It's a spawner! I found a spawner! Hey, Pig! Look at the spawner for me I will remember where it is Alright, let's get the mushroom let's get the mushrooms I don't need a shovel to get them ok cool More mushroom We're gonna make potions We're gonna slurp them And we're gonna... we're just gonna slurp Slurp Gang Smash like - (gasps) ffrkknn chest!? Oh my god, what can we find? Diamonds? Wooow!!! What?? (You never played Tuber Simulator?) More diamonds? Where's the- Alright, I'll take them Alright, let's ditch all this stuff Oh my god, they're gonna get so pissed off When they realize I took their stuff Alright ok-(gasps) Another one??!!! What is this, birthday time? This Nether is the best No one told me Why did no one literally tell me about the Nether? Here I am, Minding... Ahhh! Fight them like a man, Felix (high pitched) AHHHHHHHHH Go-oh god It's- ??? More than I bargained for That's more than I bargained for Jump attack! Jump attack! Jump attack! So what does he do? it makes my heart black so I can't really see my health Alright, come here cowards Alright, we'll-we'll spawn the skeleton well, I mean, we're.. whatever it's called I forgot Listen, I'm a veteran I get veteran Jump attack! Jump attack! Jump attack! Eat- Alrighty Blazers Whaddup Blazers? NFKRZ here-- Whaddup Blazers? Go back to Russia!! Cowards! Gottem! Yes!! Yes, it dropped! YES!! We're gonna blaze it Whaddup Blazers? What is this? just a wall? You just put walls in your house? Dum Dummy Dum I got a stomach ache I'm so stressed succ Oh god, come on ok There was the spawner Somewhere *sighs* Okay, so... which way is the way out? ok so, let's do it like- ok, I came up with new system Double door means The way out ok? Double torch the way out Got it gamers I'm a little low on food I'm a little scared But this is epic Alright, w-we'll close up we'll close up the places that we uh haven't been in this is a waste of time Notch Gee, thanks for nothing Notch gawd, here i was thinking Notch was a gamer... and then this happens waste of my goddamn time Notch There's a terrace? That's beautiful Ok, that looks very dangerous Alright so this is where we came from... uhm... aw I don't like these guys HIYAH You can't hit me I'm Swedish Eat- No- What did I say? First rule of Minecraft You broke it Okay, we're going deep- Ohh god Oh, there's a lot a lot of gamers here Go back to Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ *firing noise * Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah- oh he didn't like that Alright, Alright- Listen I know this is kinda mean But i'm gonna have to close you out I don't like you, you're not a blazer I want more chests Gimme more diamonds, I want money Gimme your money - Your money and your children I wanna eat them. I'm not asking for a lot here Oh my god oh my minecraft Listen, don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot * firing noise* ARE YOU NOT LISTENING, ARE YOU NOT PAYING ATTENTION??? Well, NOW YOUR'E A GONER Oh gawd, two in a row, two in a row LETS GO GAMERS * hitting noises * oh god, itS A SPAWNER They spawn them AGHGHGHGHGHHHH, O GOD AHHGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THERES ANOTHER SPAWNER Neughhh Oh, its the stairs, I fell down the stairs O my god, I thought I fell down in lava I thought I was a goner I thought- I thought I was a lava-goner I can't do this anymore dieeee blazes! okay, we got 2 blaze rods, this is good this is good, this is good oh! there's another one that i didn't loot! go away! go away blazes YASSSS YAA- OH you're all- you're all poopy pee pee poop. pee. pee... pee. oh god, heal heal heal felix don't get greedy, don't get greedy nom nom nom, chop (x100) oh yea! back in action, you thought i ran? well i ran.. from- ah, don't run into the fire, felix wooo hooo yeaa, can't spawn now can ya? can't spawn now OWWW! oh- ok they can still spawn- they can still spawn but that's that's fine, only cowards- alright. You know what? On a second thought... on second thought... i have two- uh i have two things left so i- i think uh this is it- NOO! STOP FELIX! focus focus focus! focus focus... focus focus alright... i am sweating! profusely AAH GOD it's over its over gamers! no blazes they keep spawning!!! i'm not afraid. ok. look the mining trick helped! we found the way out! and it was easy back to sven (x2) back to joergen, back to sven back to me. alright alright where did i come from? hey pigs! gee thanks a lot for the help oh i pushed your cousin down the lava? well how am i supposed to know he can't swim? whe- where is my home? it's by the glowstone. where's my home? there it is. thank you. beep beep beep beep beep beep bee- we're gonna make potions gamers! we're gonna make freaking potions! and we're going to slurp them and it's gonna be- pwqdoijw (loss of words) I wish i had that! for the water temple. *chuckle* that i.. struggled so much with! because i haven't- i didn't have the blaze rods! oh! what if we do a temple now.. also now! we can make the eye of ender and we can actually find the ender dragon? oh.my.god. we are getting close gamers we started sleeping in the nether, now we RULE the nether that's what im talking about sven! joergen, it was epic! dont talk to me. god! sven, come in here, lets talk. i dont wanna talk infront of the- i dont wanna talk infront of the water sheep, pls sven come here oh god. *sigh* oh god ok finee gee- oh look i made a table i know. i know my place is sweet lets go to sleep that was an epic journey. damn there's so many things to do in minecraft im freaking out dude level- what level am i.. 22 ohmygod sven when we're level 30, oi oh boy... don't get me started gamers we found diamonds... thats right, thats right diamonds.. why don't i use my diamonds to actually make stuff?? dont be ridiculous. Den som spar han har (Swedish for 'He who saves, has") as we say in sweden sven. listen it was epic. i found this castle and i raided it and we got a lot of gamer loot like, they're gonna be so pissed sven, sven! get down from there. get down from there right now sven! you do not- *sigh* oh god you do not belong there i dont care that it warms your feet careful! you don't even have feet. please, just- *sigh* god... nether wart.. thats disgusting alright sven come here, comehere we gotta make potion stuff! we're gonna make- dude we're gonna drink stuff! hey. come on. we're gonna make slurp juice come on!! alright how do i make a potion rack? whhaAAT? (you haven't played tuber simulator?) blaze powder? what? oh its not called a potion stand, its called a brewing stand! there it is gamers alright we need cobblestone sven do you have some extra? i know you cant carry stuff im- literally just- can you stop going there? you're scaring me. youre scaring the minecraft kids brewing staaand we got a brewing staand. and i got a spot for it that- doesnt really look good.. no.. are you kidding me? it- i cant- aghh i wasted it?!? *sighh* alright fine. sorry sven! i know that the 9 yearolds are gonna get mad that just happened but i didnt know how was i supposed to know? we put it there, now its a brewing stand(??) cool! now, we put the brewing stand here? Fine. its fine. ok. doesnt make any sense i know. ok i gotta get it here see. alright i know i- *sven gets hurt sound) SVEN!! PLEASE! you need to chill.(x2) do i have food? i think i have a lot of- yeayeahyeah alright have some milk! can you drink milk? hey sven do you want some titty mi- juice? aw thats right he came right away. *Giggles* *Groans* There you go Okay, so. Problem, right? I-I'ts going up there. Makes no sense. Problem - Solutionized Oh I have an axe. I didn't know. People got so mad, when I, I used my hands for certain things, That I could use some tools for, That I could use some tools for, (Sven hurting noise) Sven, for the love of... Sven, stop that. For the love of Jeorgen, stop that. Alright. Cool. Little extra bridge. We'll change the color late (I'm not sure?) I like that There we go! Alright, that looks epic. Yeah, I'm getting the right colors, Sven. I know the 9 year olds will get annoyed, if it isn't the right color. Plus, I'm annoyed too. But we have a lot of stuff to do, Not to worry about exact, same right (newons?) Of fricking colors, Ok? Bleep, Blop, Sven is a chop Now, we can make brewing stuff. I bought: bucket of pufferfish. Cause those are the ones that make you breathe underwater. And I think you guys told me that my respiration helmet... No it's blast protection. Everyone was like: "Oh, it's in your chest". No, it isn't. Oh I need vials? Wait, how do I do this? I can make, fire resistance? Water breathing? Night VISION?? With a golden carrot! I can buy those super cheap! Cause I'm rich. Thick potion?! Damn, alright. Turtle shell - potion of turtle master. What does that do? Ghast tears? - Potion of regeneration? *Gasps* Okay so first, we need a water bottle. Made out of three glasses. Don't worry Sven we have glasses, Just like we got nothing else. Alright, let's make some vials, let's make some extra. I guess we got to fill them with water? What is this? Minecraft? How you doing today, boat cow? Boat cow, let me drink some of your titty juice. Aw, thanks, boat cow. You're the best. Were'd the vial go?! Oh it's right there. Bleep, Blop, Bleep bleep, NOOO VIALS NOOOO!!! Oh god I gotta save them! What do I throw away? Oh! Coal. I don't think I need one oak plank. Right? You can go, too. Sven, please. It's dangerous here. Alright, maybe I should empty my inventory a little bit. Okay, so, I've literally never done this before, And everyone was cringing when I tried to figure out the enchantment table, Listen, I'm the first one doing this. Okay, I need the blaze rod. Frick. Blaze rod, uhh, I think you just do this. Boom! Boom! Okay I get four out of that. How am I holding fire? Explain that, scientists. Alright it's happening, It's happening. It's happening, dude, we're doing science here, Sven. That's right. Why are these red, When clearly, these are blue? Okay, Notch. You fricked up on this one, right, Sven? WHA - that sounds like it's brewed! Akward potion - no effects Okay. So now we have three akward potions. Huh, relatable. I'm akward, huh relatable. Uhh... So now we combine, With the pufferfish! Oh god, this feels really mean. Right? I can't do this. Right? I can't just put a puffer- it's so cute! Marzia loves pufferfishes too, She's gonna get so mad. How do I get... For once I want to get the thing OUT of the bucket. *Places water* Oh god. That was a bad idea, wasn't it. OW!! I'M POISONED!!! Stop it Sven! Stop it Sven. Sto- sit, sit, sit, sit. Alright, uhh, alright uhh... Don't panic, don't panic, uhh... AHH!!! AHH GOD I'M PA- I'M PANICKING!!! I'M PANICKING!!! I'M DYING IN MY OWN HOUSE!!! *Panicked Pewdiepie noises* AH! NO!! Oh, okay. Oh, okay, cool. *Laughs* Oh, I thought Sven would attack it. I got so scared. Alright, cool, so. I guess that's one way to get it out of the bucket (laughing). *Laughs* I'm sorry puffer, I'm sorry, You had to die. Okay, so now I think I combine akward potion, with... Pufferfish. And redstone? So I make it with, redstone instead of blaze powder? Is that correct? Listen, the instructions aren't very clear, I'm just gonna try it. Swedish man discovers dynamite, 1984 colorized. Okay, that clearly doesn't go there. What about here? I can't put it there. Did I not close my door, gosh. Get out of my house, spider. Okay, what if i just, Awkward potion, and pufferfish. I feel bad, dude. You know what? let's put awkward potions. Is this gonna work, Sven? Yes? Ohhh! *Brewing stand noises* Blup blup blup! Potion of water breathing, it worked! It worked! We invented science! Oh, Notch would be so freaking proud dude. ( resumed by A ) I bet he's crying right now. Okay, well that was a lot easier than I thought ! Why did- oh, you - I can extend it to 8 minutes. With redstone. So if I do.... blep *gasps* Okay, okay hopefully I don't frick this up Alright, did it work? EIGHT MINUTES?!!! IM A FREAKING GENIUS Where's my minecraft award? Okay, let's put a barrel there so I can put all my potion stuff next to it. That's cool, right? Yeah, that's definitely epic. How do I make a barrel? Now we can put all our- that's not...how I WANT IT! Okay, so we can put all our potion stuff here. Dude, I'm getting good at minecraft, you can't- you can't lie. So, I gotta get these pufferfishes out...somehow. *chuckles* God I don't wanna do that again... (Resumed by N) Aw frick, the water. Alright let's just... Let's just do it outside this time. Let's do it here. Ahh. I'm sorry! You're so cute! I'm so sorry! I changed my mind. I changed my mind. I changed my mind. You live. You live. You can stay. I have three potions that's... I - I - I feel - I feel bad Some people just belong in buckets. Alright so what other stuff we can do? I think night vision would be cool. POTION OF INVISIBILITY WITH SPIDER EYE?! 𝘞𝘩𝘒𝘡? Oh, the potion of healing, If i do: glistering melon. *Gasps* I can buy all this stuff, dude! I'm rich! Let's go! I'm going on a shopping, Sven. B - R - fricking - B It's shopping time! Alright Jeorgen see you in a bit, buddy! YOUUU!!! I wanna build a torture chamber for jeb_. It would be a future project. Okay, so, I think it's this way... I'm so glad we found that nether place! That really makes my life so much better. I thought potions seemed so crazy, I'm like "How am I gonna get all these items?" Isn't that right piggy? Like I don't have money... I mean I do have a lot of... Okay, nevermind. Who attacked my place? Don't attack my place. Alright Map man. You finally... Yeah, I'll sell my paper. Is that all the paper I brought? I have way more. Gosh I have more paper and I forgot - Okay I - *Sighs* (We'll get?) back. Hmm Sorry guys, sorry I'm back. I just needed paperrrrr. Paper guy coming through. *silent felix* I'm not even gonna ask what you guys are doing. No matter who you love, I don't discriminate. Do what you want, pig people Alright, I'm here for this paper, and the money, Because if i level this guy up he will trade me better maps, And more maps means more epic Minecraft adventures. And I think that's really all that matters in Minecraft. Okay, I gotta level him up. Kee- keep buying my paper, it's the... finest quality Swedish paper. It's scandinavian design pa- I literally don't have more paper, are you kidding me? Does he level up if I buy stuff? Oh, god, it hurts. I don't wanna buy this crud. He buys glass? This guy buys glass? Alright. I'll - I'll talk to him later. Oh my god, a kitty. So apparently I've been trying to feed the cat cooked fish, Sorry. Apparently number one rule of Minecraft is that... Cats eat raw fish Is it worth setting up like a rail system in the nether? So I can travel faster? That makes sense, right? You ok there? Oh, no no. *Sighs* Okay, these guys sells glistering melon, Three of them, and golden carrots. I guess I'll buy, some? Cause then we can make potion of... healing, Okay that - that doesn't sound that good. I'm sure we'll need it for the ender dragon, or something like that. If we add a spider eye, or something else, To a potion of healing, it becomes potion of harming. What does that do? And with a golden carrot, we do night vision. Night vision we do need. Cause I wanna do more water temples and I wanna do them properly, next time. Maybe next episode I dunno. I need to make PAPER! AHHH!!! Alright, you make paper out of these, for some reason. Oh god I'm full, I'm always full. Can they not make back packs for this game? You can make literal potions that will make you invisible, But a backpack, that's just too much to ask, Notch? Hey, Sven, how you doing? Do I actually no - I don't have more paper. I'm like, broke on paper. I do have a lot of these (sugarcane) though. Hold on, I need to sort out my inventory, What is wrong with me? I'm making paper! That's what I'm doing, mom. You don't understand! "Felix, we need to eat." But I'm making paper, mom! Which I'm gonna sell to - the tradesmen, And then I'm gonna... Maybe he will sell me a map, mom! "Oh, okay felix." I can make SUGAR?! What? Oh yeah, I can make potions out of sugar. What can I make out of sugar? I can make - I can make - SWIFTNESS?! I'll make a - I'll make a swiftness. Let's make some sugar. Let's make some sugar daddy. Alright Sven, I'm going on another business trip. Why would I make potion of slowness? Oh wait, I have an idea. So now, if we put sugar there, It's gonna make us faster. Okay, epic, and then if we add glowstone dust, It will make us not just 20% faster, But 40% faster! Dude, we're gonna be so fast, Sven. You don't understand. You don't understand how fast I'm gonna go. This is epic. Alright I'm gonna make the fastest business deals on the planet, Sven. I think I'm running out of inventory already. Maybe I'll... Remove that one (loom). Okay Sven, time for more business deals, be right back! DON'T LOOK AT ME! Alright no, *giggles*. No railroad recquired, Alright let me, let me go to a good spot. Okay here we go, here we go. Let's slurp it. How do I drink it? I never drank a potion before. Okay WE'RE FAST! *Sonic music on recorder starts playing* WOAAAAH!!! *Sonic music on recorder starts playing* *Laughs* Gotta go fast. *Sings sonic song out of sync* DAMN, SON! Woohoo! *Laughs* This is awesome! Yes! Oh god I'm losing speed. I need the speed momentum. First we're gonna sell these dumb schmucks my pumpkins. Hey schmucks! Do you want some pumpkins? God damn right you want some pumpkins, AHHH!!! Where's the other one? You want my pumpkins. My pumpkins, Ah, he's already out of stock? Are you kidding me? Did I just waste a potion? How long does it last? Does it not say a timer? God I'm so fast! Oh yeah you guys told me, that there's stuff underneath the bells, But I never believe it. Oh there's definitely something there. *Makes weird noises* Damn, this... *Giggles* Woohoohoo! *Laughs* I'm so easily entertained. There's nothing here, you guys keep lying to me. Keep lying to a gamer, see what happens. Whooo!!! Alright, slurp #2 *weird Swedish noise* Okay, that's annoying Alright, we gotta sell the paper Ah, God! I forgot the glass! I forgot the glass, Felix..! I have the memory of a Pufferfish No problem, I got the potion. Oh yeah! Alright! I'm fast! Pigs are like: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh no. It's Swedish boi, Running very fast! Good one Felix Alright I'm back From business trip But don't worry I'm just here for one thing And one thing only. This is how we do it What kind of drugs did I just take? I think, if anything I'll use... I'll use a 20% Cause that one lasted eight minutes. Why am I talking about all this? Oh god I can't run now. (In mocking voice) Oh, there's something cool underneath the bell. I frick you guys I frick you all Alright, map guy, You're not map guy, where's map guy? You're map guy. You want some glass? Yes! Okay, so now he'll level up next time. Hey, you want some of this? I'll sell you that too. Aw, you're out of stock? Well that's just too sad. Ok, epic. So now he can sell us le- other stuff But we have to wait. It's ok, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok. We have other stuff to do, it's fine. I'm fine with it. It's fine. Just TELEPORT! What is happening? Ahh it's making me dizzy! Just go through you're making me sick! Thank you! Oh, god I'm so slow now! This is painful! This is awful! I think that was a pretty successful business trip. *Sven barks* Thanks Sven. I made some stoink deals. No i didn't buy you a gift. Sorry, Sven. Jeesh. Not everything is about you. I know, I know! What is this? Oh. This bell is quite cute. I think I'll put it down. That bell means business. Alright I'm gonna make another barrel, Because I want it to look pretty in my house, Sorry, sue me, sue me, sue me. Yeah, we'll put all the bottles in. Oh yeah, I need to make the underwater one, which you make wiiith, The... golden carrot. Damn, we're almost level 30, oh my god, Sven. Level 30. I know. Do I level up from doing brewing and stuff? Night vision! And I can extend it, with the... redstone. (So let me see that?) I love this, this is cool! Such a cool update! Alright, while we wait, For the potion, let's pay our respecc. Almost done. There it is! Eight minutes? That's a long time. That's a lot of slurping. Okay, so we're ready, next time we go. Now, what I really wanna do is: I wanna build another house..? Y- I know I don't have to, but I want to. And I also wanna build a torture chamber for you. Maybe like in here, we could put like... Give me some ideas for torture chamber for jeb_. Uhh... *Repeatedly rings bell* What does that do? Does that do anything? *Rings bell some more* Maybe we can put it next to jeb_, and- oh yeah, that's great I like that. Hey jeb_. Is this annoying to you? *Places bell* *Repeatedly rings bell* Does that annoy you? *Repeatedly rings bell* Is this annoying? *Repeatedly rings bell* I hope you're annoyed, jeb_ because no one likes you, and this is how- *Repeatedly rings bell* This is what it's like talking to you jeb_. *Repeatedly rings bell* This is what it's like being around you. *Repeatedly rings bell* Really, really annoying! *Repeatedly rings bell* (It is actually annoying please felix, stop) Cause that's what you are! *Repeatedly rings bell* You hear me? Look at me! Oh god, it there no way to get through to you, is it? No way. I'm trying to be nice, I'm trying to be a friend, And this is how you treat me. I give you home, I give you light, I feed you, sometimes, I give you new cool skills, What do I get back? Nothing! Nothing! I know! I know, boat cow. *Whatsapp message noise* Excuse me that was my whatsapp. Okay, so let's go to the other side. Because I wanna build a- a summer house. Oh my god, there's turtle here! Turtle! How did you get here? So, apparently you don't have to kill the turtles. I know, it's awesome, right? I think I need to just- Oh my god, level three! Ooooh! I just need to find another one. Do you have a friend? Any hot chicks? That you- you like? Listen, I can't breed you with nothing. Surely there's other girls around here. Right? There's no one? You got no one? Alright, I'll find you a girlfriend, turtle. Alright, we gotta find a girlfriend. Cause then we can breed them, and then we can make the helmet. That's how you make the helmet. You don't kill- actually kill them. I swear there used to be a turtle here. A miss turtle perhaps. Oh, seaweed, perfect, we need this for turtle. Okay, this isn't- this isn't working. I swear there used to be a turtle. (was it the one you killed?) 50,000 turtles used to live here. And now it's a ghost town. Get that reference? Only gamer... Alright, how do I find you a mate? I need to find someone for turtle to frick. Oh, dude, three endermen? Alright, it's game on. Sweden! You can't hurt me! Oh, ok, maybe you can. YES! A pearl! Epic! Oh, god, I hate the tiny one. So annoying! You- You're annoying! I'll- I'll- I- I- hate- I don't like- ah, Ahh, stop moving, everyone stop moving, I need to get the other ones, I need to get the other ones. I don't have time for sand! Aw, great, he gave me the food (stat?). Alright, let's get the other ones. Oh, where's the titty milk when you need it? God, my shield is almost down I pro- *Sighs* (come, on?) Woah is that an infected villager? What? That's awesome Does everything have to be here? Alright my- my shield is almost down but *stutters* I'm down- I'm down to (?). Eat! Eat! Eat! It heals you, there you go. Any pearl? Nope. THERE WAS A THIRD ONE!!! (Speaks... Swedish? Japanese? I don't know) We didn't find a part- we gotta find, a girl. I'm your- I'm the wing man of this turtle I'm gonna find him... There you are. There you are. There you are Smash like if you're a gamer! Oh god, I'm actually really low on hearts. I don't wanna lose my levels. Oh, this is bad. Mmh I don't have a shield. I don't have a shield, aand, this is over. Oooh! Let's go gamers.! I'll find you a girlfriend one day, I swear, but I have to bounce! Uh oh. Back to Sweden! Back to Swedeen! Oh no, I lost my shield! Frick! Virgin turtle, we're gonna- we're gonna get him. We're gonna get him. Two ender pearls. I think this means, I have twelve, and I think I actually need twelve. But then again, to find the place, I need one more. What am I talking about? Well, you basically, let me see if this is correct. I think I can make an eye of ender now... Uhh... I... There you go- oh that's creepy. Oh and I can make an ender chest now as well, which, it's just like a portal chest, Okay, so, I think you just throw it up somewhere? And you see which way it goes, And that, the way it goes, Is where the portal to the ender thing is. Where did it go? There it is. So it's that way. Woah. Okay. Just remember that. So that way is the- the way to the ender portal. But we're not gonna do that now. We're not gonna do that now. Okay. I think that's it for... today's episode Isn't that right, Sven? Next time we got a lot of stuff to do, And I need to stock up on some iron, and all that stuff, Which you don't need to watch, Smash like for more Minecraft episode if you enjoyed, All the support has been just absolutely Insane, isn't that right, Sven? *Sven barks* WHAT!