I got RAIDED in Minecraft Part 8





Good morning gamers! That's right, Sven is here. It's a beautiful day and we're gonna play Minecraft That's right Sven is here, it's a beautiful day and we're gonna play Minecraft How did I become a Minecraft channel and everyone is on board with it if this video gets a million likes we're gonna make it minecraft month no I'm kidding or am I? Okay So first of all, we have a lot to stuff to do today aren't we Sven? AAA I broke my ankle. Sven come on down from there I've been getting a lot of tips from you guys from on the reddit and one of them was how you Change to a Swedish banner flag. So we're gonna make that because I made a lot of epic upgrades to the house Isn't that epic Sven? He's so excited. He's leaving me look at that. That's beautiful his friend Hey, he doesn't he want to look at me. Uhm, I accidentally killed his Boat cows friend. He's like, "I'm not making eye contact with you" I'm sorry, he had to die Right Sven? Sven agrees. Okay. So we're gonna make the banner there's one thing I want to do first is because as you can see minecraft cow's lot of sound (subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom)(sorry for any mistake) Let them free. God, it's lagging There's always something else to do in this game god damn it Ehhhh- also this series got a shout-out from the god of Minecraft, Notch himself. Thank you Notch for watching Okay, I'm done. I'm done. Okay, you ga-gamers get to eat now. Here you go. Here you go You get to eat you get to eat you all get wheat you all get wheat. Just calm down I know it's very- look there plenty of space but come on space. They're moving If they had- if they didn't have space they wouldn't be moving. Am I right gamers? Oh my god - OH! *laughs* The game froze, what happened? *laughs* NO! NO! Ooo I almost let them out. Okay, so I have this new system Double gate gamers. Get out of the way cow double gate. Ok gamers, You're free You're free be free. Oh my god *laughs while being drowned by hundreds of sheep* Yeah Oh my god, there's so many of you Look there's plenty of space. I'm so generous Now where were the ones I let out I want to kill them look at that beautiful beautiful isn't that beautiful Jeorgen Jeorgen, I'm speaking to you. Hello. What are you doing? Oh God. Okay. I'll kill the mom Okay, so there is actually a reason I did all that Which we'll get to in a second. I just need to organize my inventory. Oh wow This is look good Felix, and I also built a fence. So Sven can't die from the lava Don't worry gamer. If Sven dies this playthrough is over Okay. So the reason why we need it's because apparently this is Redstone which activates stuff so if I happen to put down a dynamite It would activate the dynamite and therefore my house would blow up which is not good in Minecraft Generally, you want to avoid blowing up your house. That's the pro tip from a veteran gamer. You guys are welcome if we cut the Sheep. We can make wool which we can make I'm like doing the Swedish accent on ironically at this point chop chip chip chip Chip chip chip chip chip chip chip chip chip chip chip chicken. Come on, we would all ship ship ship ship *snip snip snip* I don't care what Peter says I don't care. You will ship your Winship (Oh god the lag 3x) This is what you created PETA if I can't kill them overpopulation will happen *sheep casually walks through fence gate* DON'T ESCAPE No one escapes if anyone else tries it That's what I thought. Okay gamers. Now we have wooL. What the Frick are you doing? (PETA wants to know you location) That's what you get and that same thing will happen to you one day If you ever make it out of there wish you won't by the way your doom there for eternity That's right. Let's also make sure we pay our respects Ok, ok gamers. Ok. So now we have a Frick ton of wool But we need to dye it obviously, I think you use flowers to dye So we need yeah We need blue and red yellow obviously and I think I want to make the carpet black, which will you get from? Why am I talking on ironically about this? And why are you on ironically my cheek? I Think you get the black from the squids, which I will kill now watch me gamers. Do you swim faster next to dolphins? I didn't realize that there used to be a million squids here. What the Frick? Stupid fish ruin my life But you get fish show me where the squids are. What are you doing Sven? (Sven: I go into boat) God fuck it Alright fine fine. You can just take over. Why are you not dead? Go away. I will frick you, I'll frick a skeleton. You have bones. I like it! Oh, yeah, and I caught a dolphin I remember is it still here what? The dolphin escaped it was down here. I swear What the hell it why did the dolphin escape - Why my dolphin not working? Lol? Ok gamers. This is an epic moment is an epic moment Uh-huh, he agrees Hello there fellow tradesmen What are you selling? Whoa, I need those God don't spit. I think I need the time but they're so expensive Shut up Jo - shut - I'm thinking I'm thinking. Okay. How much do they cost? A bucket of tropical fish dude, I can get a tropical fish I go get a tropical fish be right back Yeah, man, I can't play this game for two seconds without getting distracted. I have other stuff planned this episode They wasn't supposed to go this way Oh God get the money get the money I feel like I just ran into the ice cream truck or some thing I'm gonna get a goddamn bucket of fish and it's gonna be awesome bucket of fish bucket of fish bucket of fish bucket of fish bucket of fish Come on bucket of fish. Oh, he's still here. Thank God. I got a piece so bad weird bucket of fish is waiting All right bucket of fish man. I'm sinking as I'm talking... It's really annoying Can heat cheap gravity I get two bucket of fishes and I'll get these because I know I can do something with them two bucket of fish and Now comes the best part the murdering That's right. Give me back my money. Oh god, they're spitting stop it Stop it. I didn't do anything. I'm innocent. I am 100% innocent what you just witness was He hacked your eyes God, damn it. Why would you spit on me? Why would you spit on me? I spit on you I took Filthy collections. I spit on you and your mother Jeorgen would never spit on me. Okay, so we're gonna - I'm looking for squids. That's why I came here stupid squid DDD Where are you? I will find you squids Whoa, what is this? Whoa, this is literally in my house and I've never seen it Nunnally freaky-deaky, what is this? Okay, I'm drowing oh god I keep getting distracted we were supposed to make a Swedish banner god dammit Why is this in my backyard who put this here? I've never seen these blocks before Allah what there's people down there. Ah Water people why you live there? However, never noticed this back off water people All right, what do people got pooped on is there a chest down here or something *LE GASP* There's a chest down here! And it's garbage, although there is a treasure map. Am I actually full again? I don't need that. What was I doing? The flag Felix. Okay, fine. We'll do the flag. All right, Jeorgen you're coming with me. We're gonna pick flowers It's picking flowers with my best bro Jeorgen time. All right, I need you did. Why can't I go oh He's on the leash. I'm sorry again. I was like why is it not working? There you go Now we can go oh my god nothing like picking flowers with your best bro ain't it. Okay blue is well perfect Absolutely epic If we could find red as well, that'd be oh Yeah. Oh, yeah there again today is our day It's gaming week Possibly gaming month Jeorgen. Think about that like minecraft is probably the only gaming where I would actually enjoy picking flowers But it's so nice, isn't it? You ruin everything Don't ever look at Jeorgen again. Okay, we got plenty of red dye. This is perfect. Stop stop in the name of Lord You don't want to go to my prison. I did you a favor. Oh It's Enderman. Oh It's no dammit. I know I'm supposed to kill them because of the ender dragon But that's all I know the pearls are something. Anyway, I think we have our stuff we'll head back It's gaming week. I thought they looked cool. Okay, they're like glowing stuff. It's epic carpet Right, so how do we okay just like that cool We're making the dye youtube de monetization bought just picked up me saying the bad word. Okay, cool So now we have red wool. This is epic Do I know how many I need absolutely not we'll just go buy the floor bing-bam-boom bing bang bong Bing bong You know, I need your knee when BIM BAM boom next we make the banner. Okay, so I have to follow the tutorial you guys made First, we make a banner And it has to be blue. So we need six of the blue light blue No dark blue Frick it I need three more. I have two more Frick it. Oh, yeah, the reason about the shells because I know you can combine it with heart of the sea That's all I know clearly all I know. Oh, yeah. These can make blue dye. Perfect. Ah That's not a design flaw. That's a feature. Thank you. One two three Epic gamer can't you see I make me a blue flag-ie epic Okay, so we do one two, three one two, three and then stick BAM We got ourself a banner now we have to do Ruling what is it called? Ruling. Yes looming Okay, we need ship chop your horse. Nope, Oh loom, I told you loom Okay, we can loom here this will be looming station very epic I need to see well to do looming Epic we need a yellow dye. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay yellow dye *quality sound effects* We got it all gamers Swedish flag time so we put this here and we put this here and we click the key and BIM BAM beem beem boom. Boom. Boom go away ugly banner by the way, ugly what banner go away shoosh shoosh Banner, uhhh There it is. Okay, it's gone and it's gone and boom Yea-yah *happy noises* Oh, that's epic, I love it that's cool. Oh God, I should have gone with you. I should have done yellow here that oh my god. I got it. Alright gamers Then no I did not just do with a diamond pickaxe. Don't worry about it. You guys have to worry about every detail Whatever I use a shovel Bing bong Bing Bing bong. Damn. This looks good Damn, that looks good Okay. Alright, I Think we should do blue here actually, this is what minecraft is all about color coordinating something only gamers will understand Bing-bam-boom Yeah, it's got to be like that gamers. We got to make the bed match of course and Sven's sleeping pad Throw my old bed in the fire. No big deal Man Dark wood bed that might be epic Alright, there it is. I'll hide when you hold that. It's so tiny and then BAM beautiful Let's not forget about Sven's sitting cushion bean bomb Cute! If Sven leave the boat? You could actually enjoy it So the reason I kept this is cos it's a burek and it's a very Swedish famous tree, I think Maybe not. I think every country has a killer. Okay. Well, whatever gamer. Oh, right. I forgot about my bucket of fish There's too much happening in this game I can't keep up Where should I keep my bucket of fish? Maybe here in the little pond. There you go bucket of fish All right. I'll find a better use for you later. Oh god, don't tell me this runs out in the water. No, it isn't I Don't I don't trust you guys Now now now now but now tropical tropical tropical tropical tropical No, I punched a fish. I'm so sorry. What do you have the one go come back here you tropical son of a snake I pay good money for you fish. I will do with you as I please All Right, I won't go here for now. Okay, so if you thought that was it that was not it, okay we have many epic things to do because I'm so obsessed Jesus Christ AAAAAA They're attack-onizing (?) They set up a trap You go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep it's really cool Easter egg Just click on the bed just click on the bed ha ha he did it idiot a pig on top Ok, so I'm a I figured out since you guys told me But there's eight blocks in the narrowed around in IRL that I can make a portal to new places that I want to go to I know IQ 5,000 as long as I don't get attacked here. We should be alright, so we have this portal which goes to *portal sounds* Epic place. Hello. Thanks for welcoming me So I found this city. I never explored it yet, but it looks so cool. They got like houses in the mountains and They are all depressed It's awesome. They're just like me. We're totally fitting in. Hello Okay Hippity-hoppity your money is my property as we say in sweden. This is why they depress everyone's taking this stuff. I didn't do anything I swear I didn't do anything. All right, what else more money? It's poor people. Oh poor people. Don't worry if you're matter, but if you're mad at me Oh, they have Jeorgen. Is there no one to trade here. There's really then there's no reason for me to Build that portal thing, but I spent so long Hello, does anyone that want to trade they're all just a bunch of poor people oh my god It's a tiny alcohol - a creepy notch would not have come up with us. Not saying I don't like them all I'm saying It's not should not have made them. All right, what about the ones in the mountain? Maybe that's where the epicness? You guys do anything any day all day pop-pop. Yep Hippity-hop Vinny. Hey, look I have the bucket. I don't have the bucket. All right you win this time cat? You win this time. Look how cute they designed it that ones have a hat. Maybe that one can trade. Hello hat man. Ow Broke my leg. It's fine hat man hat man trades wheat! I have so much wheat. I'm gonna be rich Okay, the portal was worth it. There's one thing I thought about Because I always have to look for them. Right is it mean if I lock them in? So I don't have to look for them all the time, right? Okay, cool. So now I'll find him easier more easily Perfect. You just stay there epic. All right, let's check the top. Hippity hoppity Hippity hoppity Whoa. All right Better not be a trap Okay Flowers for Joergen. It's actually a nice house Like I would like to live here. Maybe we'll will emigrate with Jeorgen one day to a new place All right We're going to sleep because there's another thing around here that I have never seen before and that is my gamers We'll get to it in a sec It's got oh, it's a is that a church does I mean that there's a god of Minecraft. Of course. There's Notch must be inside here Notch-ie. Hello? What is this? Brewing stand? They got colored gLaSs? What? (yOu NEvEr pLayED tubEr SimULATOR?) They got torches. This is awesome. The city's cool. I like this city Oh epic I want to Lock him in as well actually when I just dig underneath him. No stop Don't escape. There you go. Enjoy enjoy the whole since but this here so we find you enjoy the whole have fun I'll trade with you later I'll let you out if you trade with me hippity hop with a hello Jeorgens Here you go have Apple There you go. Enjoy. See they have a road and stuff It's awesome as gamers know whenever there's a pretty utopia. There are other people that want to take part of it Where is it? There? It is. See they have the this is I never seen this But it's an enemy camp look at them. So we're gonna go absolute sicko mode right now I'm gonna set up a little Defense maybe here. Oh God, they're coming Don't shoot don't shoot you will never get past my defenses. AAA. Frick *most intense minecraft battle* How can you shoot backwards? Oh, they keep coming Wow, ok easy. There's a lot more of them though Come on gamers Like I just try to 360 This is gonna take all day, I should just go for it Sicko mode sicko mode. Oh you're charging Oh the cactus ha ha gaming week gaming week. I'll kill them all I don't care what it takes You're all gonna die Gaming week Gaming week Too slow - OW ok all right If you guys get along then maybe you can kill me but you can't because you suck Yeah Should we blow it up. Do I have TNT I'm tempted to just go back and get oh God there's more this must be the leader Where you from Lidl? Dude he dropped the crossbow. I never had them. Look at me. Haha. Oh, I hear more of them I think they respawn Okay, we've got it we've had our advance our way inside alright pirates bring your A game Or your B game actually don't think no think just kill bye. Oh Whoa, Bottle o' enchanting. What is that? Okay. I'll take a game. Oh damn they all respawn Oopsie, I think they're angry. Can I blow up their place though? I legit want to oh, he's getting dangerous. Oh, oh, oh Time to bounce later gamer Home Sweden home okay, so I Have all this rotten flesh. I knew I hain't knew saving up all this useless stuff. What's gonna be worth it? I Just realized I googled how to make dynamite FBI is gonna find me guys oopsie gunpowder, which I have Oh my god. Oh my god No wonder my game is lagging All right. I just needed to do a dynamite test. So I think if I remember you could use redstone that's like a fuse do I lit it or Hmm Maybe I can is it one of these the torch and I hit it with the torch Oh Yep Okay Wait what what is happening? Read I think I'll read a comment about this I didn't think it would happen. Oh god guys were raided what is happening? Is it hard? I think people said it was hard. You guys will help me, right? Now they're all freaking out. They don't want to trade with me now Frick I'm not ready for this. I'm ready to pull up. Oh, there they are. There they are Oh, wow, stone guy is killing it Duke Don't worry guys. Don't worry eye protection. Oh, sorry. I almost hit him Don't kill the hat man Get out of the bed Did it Wait what it continues? Oh God charge my crossbows. Oh god, they mean business chief says, oh my god, dude They got axe people. Oh my god. Oh my god. I'm dead. There's only one way out. This is not even my city oh god, I Swear I had so much food God the iron golem is not helping. Well, thank God. I protected them Yeah, what'd I say you thought it was cruel bring it it's gone that deuces Lauda Tammy It's a leader Bring it Thank God the baby made it I'll barricade him. So no one can kill the child. Oh My god, he's alive thank God. All right. Goodbye the last oh God it's another raid. I can't deal with this We're gonna have to get the big guns out. Oh, they're coming from the other side. Holy freaky Mickey. What is that? Oh, It's gonna have to go boom Whoa, whoa relax I'm not I didn't sign up for this. I did not sign up for this. I did not sign up for this This is not my city. This is not my battle. No one said anything about giant freaking bulldozers. Just want me to Come on Raiders. Oh, it's only the bulldozers are left. Oh god, how how how Okay range range battle Oh God it sees me I'm sorry. Sorry poori Oh god, it's got a lot of help And I'm gamers a Holter. Oh, this is bad. Jeorgen where are you? AAAAAAAAA I'm out of arrows freaky. Okay. I have a gamer plan. I have a gamer plan Oh God Gamer oh Wow, you're really angry, aren't you? Ah Oh my god, yeah. Oh My god Oh Ooooh enchanted Oh he died God it keeps going I can't do more they got wizards and stuff this time. I'm sorry wizard Actually gonna die how long does his last how do I cure poison? This is the most intense battle I have ever done in my life NOOOO Damn it Why am I here? Oh because I slept in the bed. Oh my god. I'm an idiot or a genius question mark Freaking one shot at me dude. Oh My god, that's where it went Oh No Are you kidding me? These freaker's are correct. They're crazy. They one shot you go. Oh he went through two that's Kidding me my stuff is right there Jesus Christ Luckily I do remember the way home. It's just very far Oh Boy, what a day. It's not over yet. The battle is still on. All right, I have to make so much new stuff. Oh God if only the pigs could help me. Okay, they should be over there. Oh my god. They are look at that butt, dude Okay, maybe I can push him off You kidding me and I respawn here because I forgot to sleep Oh my god, yes. Yes Ye-he-he-essss That's the best thing that could ever happen. Oh no, I'm so out of logs, dude He's blowing up my bridge D I E Want my stuff back Yes No another I can't do another I'm done How long this is keep going? Oh My god what they're writing them now They really want they really want blood I'll give them that This is a bit more than I bargained for Jesus Lord It's over Anakin I have the high ground Don't do it we can be friends don't shoot *Intense focus* If I stand really low He shoots himself. Yes. Yes Gaming I did it. I did it Oh Free you're free to go you're free to live. You're free to you're free. I save your people. Ow The child Oh No, well Jeorgen is - Jeorgens are okay What the Frick is this I'm fun in hell. What the Frick? And we're back home very Epic that's it for me for now smash like for more minecraft, and I'll see you guys next time Bye! What you never played 'tuber simulator??? You know, it's fun, right? I'm not supposed to give my opinion But give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not not convinced yet. Okay I'll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that's a great price